This Yellowstone-style Cardigan is a Winter Favorite

  1. RORY says:

    Love your look today. It looks wonderful on you. I live in NE Ohio and I would wear all of that under a down jacket! Love those boots too. Have a fun day.

  2. Susan Nuccio says:

    The bag and the cardigan are to-die-for. My only hesitation on the cardigan is that although it is beyond perfect for Yellowstone/Western looks, I live in the heart of downtown Chicago, and once I got home, the cardigan would work less well with my overall wardrobe. I suppose I could always by a charming ski chalet in Aspen . . . .

  3. Cindylou says:

    Love the Yellowstone look but I especially love the interiors of the house. Is there any chance you could do a post on the interior design? On the clothing front my husband, son and I went out to dinner one cold night and we all wore Pendleton, my husband in a heavy patterned sweater, my son in a new coat he got for Christmas and me in my three year old ivory Glacier Park ( the old Hudson Bay stripe) coat. We called ourselves the Pendletons!

  4. Susan says:

    I love Yellowstone, but the language! Haha, but that doesn’t stop me from watching it! I live near where the series is filmed and I hope to see Kevin Costner strolling downtown the street one of these days!! Not likely, but a girl can hope??

  5. Music Lover says:

    Gorgeous pattern. Looks so cozy.

  6. Gloria says:

    That cardigan is amazing! What a beautiful pattern.

  7. beautiful sweater and outfit.
    The way you put things together is amazing
    Thank you

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