the sunday brief | 10 winter wardrobe staples

  1. DriftwoodLover says:

    Just love how you take staples to a new level with color and pattern play. Bu tthen that’s why I’m here! You are teaching me so much how to up my style. I did a direct copy of an outfit you posted a few months ago … wore it last week for the first time and received two compliments.

  2. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Beth, ALL of these photos of you wearing these wonderful outfits leaves me speechless. What a beautiful, beautiful collection. The double breasted coat, to DIE for. Your boots..awesome!! Each and every one, but my very favorite, is the picture of you seated wearing jeans with the silver belt buckle, sweater over blouse, and jacket. You look absolutely AMAZING!!!

    • DriftwoodLover says:

      Love that one especially and also the houndstooth jacket over the blue polkadot sweater.

  3. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Some great winter looks to keep us warm and stylish – thanks Beth!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi rebecca! are you staying warm up there? NYC has had some cold temps blow through. and a bit of snow that may already be gone. if you blink the weather will change. wishing you a very merry christmas.

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