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all right, ladies, we’re continuing our mission to bring you a fashion distraction, no matter what is going on in the world around us.  it’s hard to believe that July came and went and August has arrived. to be certain, 2020 is a year to go down in the history books and time, or the keeping track of time seems to have disappeared altogether. isn’t it crazy that we’re more than halfway through the year?! i don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the days, weeks, and months are crawling/flying by.  so before we step into August, let’s take a moment to recap your favorite blog posts of July. are you ready? here we go.

favorite post #1

i am always amazed by and so very thankful for you, my readers. the outpouring of love you showed with the post dealing with grief one year later leaves me speechless. please know that i read each and every comment with a thankful heart. this past year hasn’t been easy in so many ways, but the love you send my way has made the journey a little bit easier.

what i learned after 35 years of marriage

favorite post #2

on my quest for summer dresses, i discovered this cute little number from J.Crew. the ribbon dress has pockets and also comes in black. it looks perfect on its own but the hot pink jacket also from J.Crew looks casually chic thrown over your shoulders.  read the post my quest for the perfect summer dress

favorite post #3

we like breaking fashion rules over here on the blog.  we’re not afraid to try new things—some work, and some don’t.  however, we’re committed to not putting ourselves in a fashion box.  in that spirit, we’re talking the three most controversial summer fashion items for women over the age of 50.  these are the items that create, well, “buzz”—both good and bad.  granted, these items aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine.  but if you find yourself wanting to give them a try and integrate them into your wardrobe, today’s post for you.  it’s our goal to show you that you can in fact, break fashion rules and still look good doing it! here’s how we do it three most controversial summer fashion items.

favorite post #4

while i am on my quest for the perfect summer top, i decided to head to the archives to find a few of my favorite matching separates. as you’ve seen here before, i love to pair matching separates together. you get more bang for your buck when it comes to outfit combinations because you can easily create the look of a dress, romper or a jumpsuit. i know many of you avoid jumpsuits and rompers due to the extra time spent in the bathroom. but pairing matching separates together is a perfect way to create the look without the hassle. here’s how to wear matching separates

vince camuto separates

favorite post #5

all right, ladies! summer is in full swing and with it a plethora of sleeveless tops, shorts, skirts and summer dresses. if there’s any time of year to get it in gear and get into tip-top shape its summer. many of you know i had a total knee replacement on April 6th. the months that preceded surgery were sedentary, to say the least, so i definitely had my work cut out for me (again) to replace the layer of fat that moved in with lean muscle and shed a few pounds. is it easy to lose weight after menopause? no, it gets harder every year due to changing hormones and a slower metabolism. is it impossible to lose weight after menopause? absolutely not. so if we are determined to age with grace, strength, and beauty and want to lead an active and vibrant lifestyle after menopause then diet and nutrition are of utmost importance. read the full post how to lose weight after menopause.

before you go check out the top ten favorite items you loved in July.

side tie sleeveless blouse

three-quarter sleeve sweater

ribbon dress

tie waist seaside pant

sequin pencil skirt

sequin top

embroidered tank

plisse top

raffia tasseled tote

palm print pencil skirt



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  1. Hi Beth- I love all of your blogs and just swoon over your summer clothes! Love them all!
    I’m getting a bit tired of the humidity however. Am I the only one who feels better and has more energy When free from this extreme heat? Don’t throw things at me, please! Lol! Love your blog!

    Posted 8.2.20
  2. Margarita Wilson wrote:

    Hi Beth! I recently joined your blog and wanted to thank you for the inspiration and motivation.
    I am in my 60’s and very fashion conscious. I love to dress up even to go grocery shopping. This Covid 19 social distancing has been very difficult for me since my kids and grandkids live in the states and I live in Puerto Rico, making it impossible for my husband and I to travel and visit as we normally do a couple of time a year. In addition, all my usual outings at home have also been put on hold. No book club meetings , no knitting gatherings, no dinner dates, etc. I am finding ways to keep busy at home and as a result my dress code has changed. I have turned to shorts as my go to daily attire. But realized when I saw your blog that I was not putting my personal touch in my daily looks, just throwing on a t shirt with my shorts and the same sandals. Your blog motivated me to re-evaluate how to add some flair to wearing shorts. I have added new top combinations, sometimes add a belt, use different shoes. (sandals, flats, sneakers) and gone back to wearing my earrings and necklaces!
    Thank you so much for getting me out of my rut. I feel ( and look) so much bettter!
    Looking forward to you next post.

    Posted 8.2.20
  3. Andrea wrote:

    My favourite musician, Stephen Hauser, renowned Cellist from Croatia, has been doing solo music posts from different beautiful outdoor spots. The series is called, ‘Alone Together,’ dedicated to Covid19. Watching his passion as the music moves through him and his fantastic abilities to play both classical and rock on his Cello calms me when the world seems too much to bear. But when I need to get up and shake off the blues, your posts do the trick every time. Hauser recently posted this, ‘what you do today, echoes through eternity,’ and you are both doing an immense service to the hearts of the world.💝

    Posted 8.2.20
  4. Love nearly all your choices, but would love you to do a post on shoes for those of us with ‘difficult’ feet. I have a high instep, flat feet, and a very pronounced and inflamed ball of my foot (not a bunion). I nearly always wear ballet flats and loafers but that is now presenting its own issues because of the flatness. Glammed up, I would love to wear small heels, but…
    My bet is there’s a plethora of women who would welcome your reveals. Many thanks.

    Posted 8.2.20
  5. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Lots of good posts and elegant looks. I look forward to SAACA posts to keep my mind off the stressful news. Thanks for all the efforts you put into your posts on a daily basis.

    Posted 8.2.20
  6. Nadine wrote:

    Beth, I love your posts and great outfits. I wanted to tell you how much I love your hair shorter. When you had it longer, I kept seeing that photo of you with the brown faux-fur coat, thinking how much younger you looked with shorter hair. it is always nice to try something new, but I like your new cut.

    Posted 8.4.20
  7. Eileen wrote:

    I just love all your posts. Yes, this has been a terribly difficult year! I have survived chemo, losing all my hair…head didn’t bother me as much as eyebrows and eyelashes. Anyway, had surgery after chemo and just finished radiation. You are my inspiration to stay grey/white and not color my hair again! So, of course, I’m looking at all the colors you style with. Thank you for being my inspiration!

    Posted 8.8.20

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