summer wardrobe staple the summer dress

it’s time to step into summer, ladies! what better way to do that than with a wardrobe staple – the summer dress. with memorial day weekend just within our grasp (how did that happen?), it’s time to lighten and brighten our wardrobe. every year i’m on the hunt for easy-breezy summer dresses. some brands do dresses well, and some not so much. of course, opens in a new windowDiane Von Furstenberg spoiled us with jersey wrap dresses that are feminine and flirty and have reached cult status. opens in a new windowsundresses are a perennial favorite opens in a new windowmaxi dresses are oh so fun to wear. take your pick; there is a dress silhouette suited to your body and your taste.

dresses always make it into my suitcase when it’s time to travel. why? they’re one and done! and easy to accessorize. so it was a no-brainer that this cute linen dress came along with me to Tybee last week. it was purchased several months ago from opens in a new windowBoden in anticipation of my beach vacay. what caught my eye was the embroidered trim around the neck and hemline that adds a splash of color without going over the top.

wardrobe staple the summer dress

table for one. yes, that’s me taking baby steps to travel and dine solo. many of you asked if i went to Tybee all by myself. to which i answer yes. while i love spending time with friends and family, their schedule doesn’t always align with mine. nor should it. but if i want to live a vibrant life, i have to figure out how to be on the go all by myself. do i want to go on vacay with just me, myself, and i? not really. life is so much more fun with a partner. and i loved being married to mr. style loved being part of a team. and i will always cherish all the memories we created together. but now it’s time to learn how to create new memories, even if that means a trip all by my lonesome. guess what? i had fun at the beach! how could i not. and don’t worry, there will be a full recap of the beach vacay starting Sunday. stay tuned!

nothing better than an lwd that’s a wardrobe staple summer dress that will be on repeat all summer long. this cute little number is as comfy as it is cute. since it was purchased several months ago, it is no longer in stock. i know, i know y’all hate when that happens. but i’m happy to report there are similar dresses opens in a new windowhere, opens in a new windowhere, and opens in a new windowhere. many of you have asked about this opens in a new windoworange tote from opens in a new windowMark & Graham that’s back in action today. it adds a splash of color and can hold whatever you toss inside with ease. opens in a new windowgold metallic sandals are the perfect companion to this summer dress but honestly, pick a color any color of shoe, and you’ll be spot on with your choice.

dress similar opens in a new windowhere, opens in a new windowhere, and opens in a new windowhere | opens in a new windowsandals | opens in a new windowhandbag | bangle bracelets | opens in a new windowearrings | opens in a new windowsimilar necklace | opens in a new windowwatch band | opens in a new windowbracelet

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dress similar opens in a new windowhere, opens in a new windowhere, and opens in a new windowhere | opens in a new windowsandals | opens in a new windowhandbag | bangle bracelets | opens in a new windowearrings | opens in a new windowsimilar necklace | opens in a new windowwatch band | opens in a new windowbracelet

happy Wednesday, ladies, time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.


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  1. Dottie Willard wrote:

    Thank you for your honest post today. I recently lost my dad, and my mother is also trying to find a new normal after 67 years of marriage. I have always appreciated your wonderful blog. You bring such great ideas. Love and prayers to you as you navigate your new life.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    BEAUTIFUL dress worn by a beautiful lady, inside and out. You are lovely in every picture today, Beth. You inspire me to try a dress such as yours this summer! Thank you!~

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  3. Love this dress on you. Have given us many other choices, so need to see if one is for me, Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Bravo for you that you went by yourself and are enjoying your life. I took lost my husband of 30 years, 9 years ago, but life does go on, it does it easier, though not the same. I found someone else after 5 years by myself and we are enjoying life together. God Bless you.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  4. Susan wrote:

    I love summer dresses! White adds more pounds than I like, so my preference is for linen in summer colors, or navy. This post encouraged me to wear one today!

    I am so happy that you advocate for women to take on solo adventures. I had a professional career which offered transfers to different cities. Because I didn’t know anyone socially upon arrival, I explored sites, restaurants and even the theatre on my own. Labeled these dates with me.
    Of course adventures are often more fun with likeminded others, but don’t skip them because partner’s aren’t possible.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  5. Pat wrote:

    This dress looked SO cute in your recent video. I wish it was a tunic without the band by the bust. The neckline is incredible. I just can’t wear empire style. You look lovely.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  6. Meg wrote:

    You look great in that dress. I am glad you tried the solo vacation. I remember after my husband passed (4 and 1/2 years ago) I took a four day cruise by myself. It was hard at first but it made me realize I had to be able to have fun without him. Loosing a spouse is tough but some how we survive and hopefully thrive.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  7. Sandra wrote:

    Love the inspiration! And now I know about Boden — so thank you Beth! As for traveling alone, well, the best trip of my life was Dublin, alone.
    The city is poetry and it was my companion.
    P.S. You look great!

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  8. Connie wrote:

    Beth, you are SO inspirational in all ways!
    The Boden white linen dress looks fresh and fun on you; perfect for early summer.
    Thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to your vacay recap.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  9. Andrea wrote:

    Summer dresses – never enough🌷

    I’m glad you are stepping out, Beth. It takes a little getting used to, but just pretend someone else is sitting across from you. It helps to take the edge off, as we often feel we are in a spotlight when flying solo. I particularly like, and actually need, alone time. No time lines, expectations to hold us back. I take a small pretty journal to put me at ease, make wish lists, draw – whatever. Before you know it, you are completely at ease. Sudoku is also a fun pocket book.

    Be comfortable in your own skin, Beth. 🌷

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  10. Sangita M wrote:

    You look absolutely lovely Beth and definitley ready for the steamy temps!
    I do appreciate your honesty about going solo. I am learning to do the same….I really look forward to your posts, they are always informative and uplifting!!

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  11. Sharyn D wrote:

    Beth: You look lovely, as always. Love your dress and pixie cut. Your words about doing things on your own resonated with me. I booked a trip last year with my daughter and SIL and one with a friend. Both were cancelled but the past year gave me time to
    consider if I would even enjoy a holiday without my husband. But I know I have to chart a new path and I am encouraged by your words and supported by two friends who are also willing themselves to live life to the fullest.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  12. Anne wrote:

    Bravo Beth! I have been watching you on YouTube since March, you have really inspired me! Coming out of 2020, I realized I hadn’t taken the care of myself as I should have…all that has changed now thanks to you, Sweet Lady! Thank you for caring and sharing your knowledge and style !

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  13. Julie wrote:

    Hi Beth,

    Today’s post really struck a note with me because this week I attended the wedding of a friend who was widowed a few years ago and is now in her late 70s. Many of the guests were recent widows and widowers. I was struck by how many of them had found love and companionship by getting out and doing things on their own. Btw, the happy couple are off on an African safari.


    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  14. Lyn wrote:

    I felt my eyes tearing up reading this post. You have such a wonderful attitude about life – not to mention fashion! We have been married 51 years and it seems like yesterday. I know our time together is getting shorter so I try to make each day exciting and fun. I’m not sure how either one of us will fare when we are left alone, but you a real role model. Regarding taking dresses on vacation. We went on a family trip to Italy in ’19 and all managed to travel for 2 weeks with just a carry-on bag. My daughter and I both took several dresses – they kept us cooler in the hot Italian summer but were more upscale than wearing shorts. We took sneakers and a pair of dressier sandals for dinner wear.

    Posted 5.27.21 Reply
  15. Sharon wrote:

    That is a very flattering dress on you Beth.

    Posted 5.28.21 Reply
  16. Meg Knox wrote:

    It is always such a joy to keep up with your daily activities. Your “news” feels like it is directed just for me! No doubt others will agree with me. It gives me a laugh to see you sporting the latest dresses etc for summer while we in upside downunder land are ploughing into our winter. Thank you Beth for all you do for so many ladies xx

    Posted 5.31.21 Reply
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