a few good summer bras

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a few good summer bras. is there such a thing? when those temps heat up and we bare a little skin, we wonder what intimates to wear with tricky summer silhouettes? today, we’re talking all things lingerie from opens in a new windowWarner’s Bras at Amazon. if we’re wearing the right undergarments, easy-breezy sundresses, slim fit tees, and open-knit sweaters, can be worn with confidence and ease. it all starts with the right bra. think of your outfit like building a house – the foundation is laid first. this is an important step. even the most spectacular outfit can go awry if we’re not wearing the right undergarments. a well-fitted bra makes any outfit look so much better. don’t worry, i have you covered as i’m sharing three opens in a new windowWarner’s Bras at Amazon with uplifting solutions.

whether your lingerie drawer needs an overhaul or you’re looking for a wire-free bra opens in a new windowWarner’s Bras has something for you. this past week i had the privilege of putting three different bras in three different colors to the test. one thing i know for certain is that opens in a new windowWarner’s is obsessed with delivering comfort-first designs, ground-breaking innovations, the perfect fit, and unparalleled quality at an affordable price. can you say thank you! it can be a challenge to find a comfortable bra that looks fantastic underneath a white tee. since opens in a new windowWarner’s knows real bodies, they’re obsessed with thoughtful design details that speak to the common pain points on a woman’s body, such as underarm smoothing, no-dig bottom band, natural lifting, and no dig wire engineering. amen!

a few good summer bras

one of the features i look for in a bra is comfort and durability. bras are one of the hardest-working items in our closets with daily use. never underestimate the power of a good bra. wireless bras that smooth without squeezing or squashing is a must-have in my lingerie drawer, especially during the hot summer months. but i also want a sleek silhouette and a bra that gives support. enter Warner’s Bras at Amazon that offer an elevated take on traditional wireless bras. get ready to say goodbye to bulges with zero discomforts!

opens in a new windowEasy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra. sizing is as expected based on the tag. i chose a size medium. overall great quality, adjustable straps, comfort, and support. the cups are soft with full coverage. love the V-shaped cut that’s deep enough to wear under a casual dress or V-neck tee.

what’s makes opens in a new windowEasy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra different? it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, but it could withstand a workout too!

opens in a new windowNo Side Effects Wire-Free Back Smoothing Bra. say buh-bye to annoying underarm bulge. extra side and back coverage panels eliminate excess spillover, while the elastic-free sides and back provide all-over smoothing. this is the bra that looks fantastic under any garment as the cups are lightly lined. it doesn’t have adjustable straps, so this could be an issue for you, but if you’re looking for a comfortable bra that offers good support, this is it.

what makes opens in a new windowNo Side Effects Wire-Free Back Smoothing Bra different? it doesn’t give that muffin top effect under your arms. it’s comfortable with good support.

opens in a new windowCloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra. if’ you’ve been hunting for wire-free bras with oodles of comfort at a great price, this is it! if you like your bra to feel as if clouds envelop you, this is it. but the light contour provides shape and support. love the pale pink color that can easily be worn under whites. the strap adjustments are on the front of the bra instead of the back but truly aren’t noticeable.

what makes opens in a new windowCloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra different? it offers comfort, support, and shape.

a big thank you to opens in a new windowWarner’s Bras at Amazon and ShopStyle Collective for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas.


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  1. Julie wrote:

    I discovered Warner bras last year and am sold on them for comfort and LOVE that the strap adjustments are in the front. So much more convenient and imo this is where they should always be placed. Why are women expected to be contortionists when getting dressed!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  2. Glad you are back from vacation, Hope you had a wonderful time! I am sure you did. lol I missed you too last week.
    I am going to look for these oh so comfortable looking bras at Target or Kohls. I am not an Amazon shopper at all.
    Thanks for the tips on them though. Have a great day!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  3. Anne Morris wrote:

    It was truly a public service message to all women to address their undergarments. One thing I would like to add is to get an unbiased bra fitting once in a while. Nordstrom and some other lingerie shops do them and it makes you realize maybe you don’t wear the same size bra you once wore. Things change!! I see so many women in our demographic who are wearing unflattering, ill-fitting undergarments. Sad to say, things change up there and we need to make sure we are cutting a great figure while we are sporting those fashionable clothes from your blog.

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  4. Eva Popovich wrote:

    Great post! My one question, as it is every summer: I notice that bra straps and sleeveless blouses do not correspond. Is there any bra, or some sort of device, that keeps the bra straps beneath the blouse? Racer backs are often too high in the back of the neck area, and strapless bras are too high on the sides. Has anyone figured this out? My Walcol with an optional clip to hold the straps together in back is very awkward, and stick-on bras are STICKY.

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  5. Karen Diller wrote:

    Try a bra like Wacoal or Chantelle. They give lift and shape that a larger busted woman needs. Warner is for smaller-medium breast. I’m a 34 DD and can never wear a flimsy bra!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  6. Barbara Lacy wrote:

    Thank you for discussing this area of foundations. Future segments would be great. I really like your Under/:Over pieces also.

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  7. Please do a blog post for women with larger breasts. I’m a 36DDD and the struggle is real!!!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  8. Lauren wrote:

    I stopped considering Warner bras about 35 years ago when some smartypants wanted to get their hero badge for a cost savings and got Warner to shorten all the straps on their bras….I am sure it saved them thousands of dollars in fabric and elastic costs but I wonder how many customers they lost. I have checked back periodically to see if the straps had lengthened again but not so far….some of us need that missing length. Since this post is sponsored maybe Warner will read it

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  9. Mary wrote:

    Thanks so much for this post Beth! It’s so hard to find a bra that fits right and is comfy.

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  10. Jan wrote:

    Easy does it, no side effects, wire free and affordable! Warner bras check all the boxes and better yet, my local Walmart carries them too. I added three to my summer stash for a total cost of $45.00! I could easily pay that for one bra! As you noted, there are several styles and gorgeous colors available.
    Thanks for bringing attention to an awesome product!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  11. Janet wrote:

    HI Beth!
    Thanks for once again emphasizing the need for good foundation garments—it always bears repeating! Warner’s isn’t a good fit for me personally (I am a Chantelle and Wacoal devotee), but these do look very comfy.

    On another note, I really appreciate that you disclose to your readers that you personally receive a commission whenever they click on a link to purchase one of your featured/sponsored items. Thanks for being upfront about that.

    I am eager to read about your vacation and to see your new bathroom reveal!! Hope everything went well and smoothly—renovations can be a nightmare!

    Best…and many thanks for your daily post!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  12. Lyn wrote:

    I am a smallish gal that had breast reduction done about 30 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I went from a saggy dropped 34C-D to a B cup. Fast forward all these years and I am now a completely different size. I wear Wacoal and either take a 36D or a 38C depending on the bra. I think wearing great undergarments is the foundation (no pun intended) to any outfit. Even if I wear old jeans and a tee while gardening, underneath it all are pretty well fitting undies. My latest purchase is a Wacoal tee shirt bra. The one thing I don’t understand is why a good bra is still in the $60+ range.

    Posted 5.25.21 Reply
  13. Irene wrote:

    I love the purse in the pictures, where did you get it?

    Posted 5.25.21 Reply
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