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hello, summer pixie! many of you know my amazing hairstylist cut my hair into a summer pixie several weeks ago. thank you for all the positive comments and love! there have been so many requests for photos of the ‘do’ from all angles so that you can share them with your hairstylists. you asked, and i’m delivering! today’s post is devoted to all things hair.

every few months, i post photos of my haircut because questions about my hair are the most commonly asked at Style at a Certain Age. and i’m happy to share the products i use on a day-to-day basis especially anti-aging hair care products. this year i turn 63, so i’ve a thing or two about taking care of aging skin and hair. recently, opens in a new windowNioxin reached out to me to put to the test their hair care products on Instagram and YouTube. i used system 1 for natural hair; there are six different systems created for six different needs. but i know my blog family is interested in hair care products that help thinning hair. over the past year, i’ve introduced opens in a new windowHair Biology products, and y’all have loved them. i have a sneaking suspicion you will be just as thrilled with opens in a new windowNioxin.


for those who have read the blog from its inception, you remember i had an amazing stylist in san francisco! when we relocated to georgia, it took me months and months to find a replacement. karmen’s shoes were tough to fill. if you’re interested, you can read all about this talented woman; yes, she’s a musician to boot with several albums to her credit on my Over | Under series here.



my boyfriend's back


blue jean mama


day and night


but nothing lasts forever. after our cross-country move, the dreaded search began for a new hair salon and a new stylist. can anyone relate? there have been a few hits and misses along the way, but my search ended with a hairstylist located in athens! lucky me. a short haircut can be tricky to style. and it’s always about elegant layers. but Lyric knows his stuff, and i leave the salon looking and feeling my best which is what a great hairstyle should do for you. a fantastic haircut is your best accessory because it keeps you looking at the top of your game day in and day out.

there have been lots of renditions of my short haircut through the years. i even grew my hair out to a short bob thanks to Covid and no salon visits! take a look.

good to go

January 2016

the pink and the black

January 2017

ann taylor double breasted tweed jacket, sailor all day skinny jeans, ralph lauren pussy bow, mark and graham clutch, gucci pumps,

January 2018

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a camel blazer, grey cashmere crewneck, white denim, and leopard shoes

January 2019


January 2020

summer 2020

January 2021


summer pixie

now that my hair is in good hands with lyric, i rely on her expertise to keep my hair healthy and vibrant. did you know there are special products made specifically for aging hair and grey hair? that’s where opens in a new windowHair Biology steps in. as we age, our hair ages with us. many of us have noticed our hair has become thinner, drier, and more brittle. oil glands shrink as we age, so our hair slows down on the natural production of oils. many of us might notice significant hair loss. losing hair is natural at any age, but as we age, hair follicles get smaller producing fine hairs and lose strength. yikes! this is where opens in a new windowNioxin steps in.

summer pixie

so how do we combat the effects of aging hair? first and foremost, healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. this resonates with me as nutrition has become a top priority for me. aging with grace, strength, and beauty is so important if we want to stay modern, fresh, and relevant. travel plans, chasing after grandchildren, celebrating milestones, and leading a vibrant life day-in and day-out takes energy. am i right?! lean protein is important; adding the good fats, eating the right carbs, and drinking lots of water is key.

don’t forget to get a regular trim every six to eight weeks to keep your hair healthy and growing. washing your hair removes natural oils, so skip a few days. since i work out regularly, i alternate wash and conditioner with conditioner only. and since we’re on the topic of washing hair, remember that wet hair is fragile. instead of wrapping your hair in a towel after your shower, just blot with a towel. chemical treatments like bleaching, straightening, and dying cause the hair to become stiff and dry, causing it to break. one reason i choose to keep my hair au naturel. if you decide to color your hair, you might want to consider highlights and lowlights that require fewer touch-ups than dying. or if you continue to color your hair (lot’s of choices in the 21st century, ladies, don’t you love it?!), just make certain to use the best products for color-treated hair.

here are the products i use daily, weekly, monthly to keep my hair in tip-top condition. hair masques are a key step that adds moisture to my hair.

shampoo. opens in a new windowKerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste. conditioner. opens in a new windowKerastase Discipline Fondant Fluidealiste. once a week: hair masque. opens in a new windowKerastase Discipline Maskeratine. opens in a new windowColleen Rothschild has also come on strong with hair care products. love, love, love her skincare, and i’m loving her hair care too. if you want to test out opens in a new windowColleen Rothschild hair care, there’s a opens in a new windowquench and shine travel set. and i’m loving the opens in a new windowmicrofiber towel that helps cut down on damage and dry time.

i alternate opens in a new windowKerastase, opens in a new windowHair Biology, and opens in a new windowColleen Rothschild with opens in a new windowKevin Murphy Young Again products made specifically for aging hair.  opens in a new windowYoung Again Wash, opens in a new windowYoung Again Rinse, and opens in a new windowYoung Again Masque are all excellent choices.

last but not least, i use shampoo and conditioner that specifically keep my grey hair from looking dull and lifeless. the Silver & Glowing opens in a new windowshampoo and opens in a new windowconditioner are must-haves!

happy sunday, ladies!


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  1. RORY wrote:

    Thanks for a great post. I have been having difficulty with my hair and have been trying different products. I have used Nioxin, too drying, and the Hair Biology. Now I am using Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell, it has ketatin in the shampoo and conditioner and no sulfates. Have a great day.

    Posted 5.23.21 Reply
    • you should try Keratase. i think you’ll like it.

      Posted 5.23.21 Reply
  2. What is the difference in, for colored hair or chemically treated hair?
    I love your hair the best when you had the longer swept down and over bangs, though your new pixie style is cute too on you. I haven’t wore really short hair in years. I prefer the medium layered look I wear on me the best. Thanks for the tips on hair products.

    Posted 5.23.21 Reply
    • chemically treated hair is typically bleached rather than a dye.

      Posted 5.23.21 Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:

    I’m making a comment after looking at your first picture. Wowie your complexion and hair are beautiful!

    Posted 5.23.21 Reply
    • thank you! skincare has always been important to me. it’s our first line of defense to looking good.

      Posted 5.23.21 Reply
  4. Eve wrote:

    You have lovely flat ears. I always tell them I want a pixie but cover my ears. LOL

    Posted 5.23.21 Reply
  5. Anne H wrote:

    Beth, I love your pixie haircut! So cute and stylish. Accentuates your features perfectly! Anne

    Posted 5.23.21 Reply
    • thanks for the compliment! it’s a nice change.

      Posted 5.23.21 Reply
  6. MaryLynne wrote:

    Hi Beth
    Good to see your post today. I didn’t get an email from you for a week. I was worried about you. I look forward to your blog every day. Where did you get the puffy sleeve blouse in last Sunday’s blog?

    Posted 5.23.21 Reply
    • thanks, marylynne! it’s good to be missed. i was at the beach last week enjoying blue skies and sunshine! the blouse is Ralph Lauren about three years old.

      Posted 5.23.21 Reply
  7. Peggy wrote:

    I have loved most of your hairstyles (not the COVID bob!) but this pixie is perfect for Athens summer heat and humidity. Your stylist is a keeper!

    Posted 5.23.21 Reply
  8. Jacki F. wrote:

    You are one of those beautiful women, with just the right head shape, facial features, & bone structure, who looks great with super short hair, as not all of us can (or want) to pull it off. You look like you still have a LOT of hair and I never understand why women with great thick hair– especially fairly straight hair– cut it off! I find longer hair much more flattering and feminine in general. The photos of you with the longer top/bangs look especially great.

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
    • why not? i chopped my long thick hair off at 17 and never looked back. i feel spunky and sassy and it suits me. so why not? hair is just like
      style – find what works for you. long hair, short or something in between. it all works.

      Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  9. Laura in NJ wrote:

    Beth, what lipstick are you wearing in these pictures? It’s a great color! Thanks!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  10. Susan Molinelli wrote:

    Hi Beth, I just love your new look for the summer. I can relate looking for a good stylist. I have had so many cuts that were not flattering. I love both short and longer hair. I am currently growing my hair out to get the dye out…long process! I am going the natural way and have some nice salt and pepper happening which I love. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions and guidance. My goal is to get a good stylist and show her the pictures your shared…you look great! Merci!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  11. Anon wrote:

    When we went into the third wave and salons were about to close down yet again, I asked for an eight-week haircut. My stylist didn’t want to take it that short, but she listened. It looks like I timed it right. I think I’ll be much more attentive to timing my haircuts now, and will always ask for just a little bit more off the top. Home haircuts are not the greatest for this mop.

    Posted 5.26.21 Reply
  12. Lynda R Schram wrote:

    Oh PLEASE PLEASE Beth, What make is the navy plaid blazer with the yellow reverse collar that you are wearing in one of your pictures above! I have been obsessed with it since I first saw you post it. I would love to try and find it on Poshmark or Thred Up if you can only give me the maker; I am guessing maybe Talbots or J Crew?
    Hoping you have time to respond.
    Thank you,
    Lynda – 66 and LOVE your site!!

    Posted 5.27.21 Reply
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