white denim for summer

have you heard the news? skinny jeans are dead. ding dong, skinny jeans are gone. or so they say. in my book, skinny jeans have become a timeless classic that looks fantastic with flowy tops or bulky sweaters. the good news is that other silhouettes are stealing the spotlight. what’s trending? what’s flattering? what’s caught my eye? let’s dive in and take a look at white denim for summer.

over the years, i’ve spent a lot of time writing about opens in a new windowhow to wear white denim.  it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet and one with which i’m not afraid to break all the rules. yup. you guessed it:  i wear white jeans year-round.  guilty as charged. and if you’re a fashion rule-breaker like me, then today’s post is for you. we’re going to walk through 5 ways to wear white denim. i’ve even got an accompanying YouTube video for you, so make sure to check that out.  


white denim for summer

opens in a new windowcropped flare jeans continue to trend this year. love this pair from opens in a new windowTalbots recently featured on the blog. the reviews suggested to size up, which i did, but i wish i had stuck to my usual size 8. my advice is to try two sizes then decide which fit you like better. petites have the option of purchasing a regular size which adds length.

opens in a new windowRalph Lauren straight-leg denim. y’all know how much i love opens in a new windowRalph Lauren, and that includes opens in a new windowRL jeans. the straight-leg silhouette is flattering and comfortable and true to size. wear these jeans with a sweater or a tee or a blouse. it can take anything you throw at it. add a denim jacket too!

opens in a new windowFrame jeans are a favorite of mine, but they are pricey.  recently, i added a opens in a new windowhigh-waist straight leg to my repertoire. the fabric is oh so soft and breathable, and they fit like a dream although i tend to size up with Frame jeans. this is white denim that can be worn all summer long and look fantastic with flowy, flirty tops.

give opens in a new windowwide-leg crops a chance. try it; you’ll like it! it’s a forgiving silhouette that’s on-trend and perfect to wear when the hot summer temps roll into town. sleeves are having a fashion moment this year so add a puffy sleeve to add balance and proportion. but don’t forget a wedge sandal that gives height.

cropped white denim, striped linen shirt, cornhusk handbag, and wedge sandals

opens in a new windowJ.Crew is a brand i can count on for denim. the fit is perfect with a nice price point. plus, they always carry the current silhouettes as well as the oldies but goodies. want boot cut denim? opens in a new windowJ.Crew has ’em. skinny jeans, too. one of my favorites is a opens in a new windowbutton placket with a straight leg. wear these comfy jeans with a graphic tee or a chambray top. 



five pairs of white denim. five ways to wear them. but don’t forget a opens in a new windowwhite denim skirt looks fantastic with a tee or sweater. and a opens in a new windowwhite denim jacket is the perfect travel companion. opens in a new windowwhite denim shorts? i love them especially when i’m bumming around the house.

adventures in atlanta

happy Sunday, ladies!


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  1. Melissa S Nixon wrote:

    Love the demon jacket you have on in this post…what brand, still available?

    Posted 5.16.21
    • the white denim jacket is Ann Taylor about three or four years old.

      Posted 5.17.21
  2. Susan wrote:

    I have longed for the day when skinny jeans and leggings became off trend. They are very unforgiving on me, especially in white. So, I celebrate wider or straight legs in pants.

    Posted 5.16.21

    Loved it.

    Posted 5.16.21
  4. Kim wrote:

    I love the white denim jacket with the ruffle! Where is that from?

    Posted 5.16.21
  5. You look great in everything ! I feel that talker mire statuesque women have that advantage. As a shorter 5 ft 3,5 (lol) I can’t wear these wider leg pants and feel good about myself. It just doesn’t work. I’ll settle fir narrow or slim straight legs in my pants .

    Posted 5.16.21
  6. Nancy wrote:

    Just joined you recently and am enjoying your posts! I love this one about white denim! It’s very helpful. I love the wide leg crops. Not sure about wide legs just yet on my 5’2″ frame. I love skinny jeans and I do hope they are a “here to stay” classic!

    Posted 5.16.21
  7. Phyllis S. wrote:

    I’m right with you Beth re wearing white denim all year! And for me, ‘skinny’ jeans a la Audrey Hepburn are always classic. I did get a pair of trendy wide leg cropped, & proportion is important with them,so thank you for showing us how to wear them!

    Posted 5.16.21
  8. excellent video!!
    Love white denim
    Love eye make up also

    Posted 5.16.21
  9. Janet Hurlbrink wrote:

    It’s good to see you on your knees post knee surgery. I’ve been encouraged by your honesty on your progress as I consider my options going forward.

    Posted 5.17.21
  10. Emma wrote:

    Wow, great post
    thanks for sharing

    Posted 5.18.21
  11. Beth I am missing are you
    Are you doing all wright?
    Hope everything is fine

    Posted 5.18.21
  12. Martina wrote:

    Hello Beth,
    I am an absolute fan of white jeans.
    I admit, I wear them most of the year, too.
    Just today I presented white jeans in a casual business look on my blog.

    And by the way: what is IN and OUT, we Lady 50plus determine for ourselves all by ourselves – what do you think about that?

    XO Martina from Germany

    Posted 5.20.21
  13. Renee wrote:

    Beth after seeing your most recent video and this blog entry I took the plunge and bought my first pair of white jeans! Thanks for the terrific ideas for outfits!

    Posted 5.22.21

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