check pants and burgundy sweater

  1. Edith (Edie) Brown says:

    Once again Beth you rock it. I’m in Penn State country – the Nittany Lions.
    Thank you for inspiring us daily to step up our game in what to wear.
    Love following you.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Beth,

    In the fall, I love apple crisp and made it for my book club this week.

    Because I was on a shoestring budget when I was in college, I lusted after preppy outfits like your perfect football game outfit today. Probably explains why I still love the look 6 decades later. Ha!


  3. Gloria says:

    I just love this whole outfit. The colors are rich, the palid pants are fab, the shoes are super cute and it just screams “Fall” college town. Looking good, Professor Fashionista!!

  4. Sangita M says:

    Love the fall colors in your ootd. Thanks for the sizing up tip, makes perfect sense.

  5. MaryLynne says:

    Hi Beth
    Fall is my favorite season also but it is too short. Those pretty leaves don’t stay on the trees long enough. It’s not the best color palate for me as I am a winter but I wear those colors anyway in the fall putting colors like burgundy near my face. I have a similar outfit in my closet with the pants and jacket fabrics reversed. I think I’ll wear it for a zoom meeting today. Covid is on the rise in Michigan so I haven’t gone anywhere for over a week. Love love Apple or pumpkin anything but must be careful or I won’t be able to wear that outfit. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather!!

  6. Janet Reading says:

    HI Beth and happy Fall! Yes to apple crisp! It has been my Fall go-to dessert since my three grown sons were little guys—and continues to be a hit and I just made one yesterday. As for today’s outfit, I love the sweater and pants, but am not a fan of the corduroy blazer. I get the size-up idea for use over heavier sweaters, but to me this just looks baggy and schlumpy and not up to your usual tailored look. I’d prefer a vest over the sweater for the added layer, but that’s just my opinion. Keep up the good work encouraging your readers to up to their fashion game! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog.

  7. Gladys O Collazo says:

    Beautiful outfits in this video.
    What brand and store is the short (Peter pan collar?), dark (navy blue?) jacket you wear in this compilation of outfits?

  8. Gloria says:

    I am new to your site but enjoying it very much.

  9. suzi says:

    Is your hair short again or are these photos from the past? Love the burgundy outfit, so fall looking and great for football weather. Roll Tide Roll!

  10. Very classy sweater and fall slacks! Love the colors! You look quite preppy! Enjoy the football games. Loved going to games as a younger woman screaming for my team! Lots of friends around…those were the days!

  11. Hi love the short style clip, except, possibly my tablet but can’t tall if little jackets are cloth, leather, wool or cord as they are dark and can’t see fabric. Your site has given me the kick in the pants that I need especially at this time so that we get up, get dressed and get out there safely, there are no regulations about what we wear with the mask……so brighten up the day by putting together a great outfit, we all have one waiting to be worn tp the cafe for friendship and coffee – yes???

  12. Sandra says:

    Thanks to you, as of this afternoon I now have a pair of checked trousers! When I saw this look with the burgundy sweater and brown loafers I just fell in love with it. The last time I wore checked trousers I was 12 years old (think big green plaid check dungarees – I thought I was the bees knees!) and since then I’ve always shied away from anything other than plain dark colors. But I LOVE my new checked trousers…thanks for your inspiration, Beth! xx

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