we started the week remembering Thanksgiving with a guest post from my daughter-in-law Kelly.  my oldest son remembered Christmas.  what an outpouring of love we’ve received:  you’ve made both Kelly and my oldest feel most welcome over here on the blog.  we end our holiday memory week with New Year’s holiday memories as told by, well, me.    

we’re bringing you a new addition of fashion flash this week.  make sure to check it out above and leave a comment telling us what you’re favorite outfit is.  

outfit of the day

i’ve saved my most fun outfit this week for today.  how cute are these plaid ankle pants paired with this turtleneck sweater?  i’ve paired them with two pairs of shoes today, starting with these pumps from Banana Republic.  i’ve shown off several faux suede moto jackets this fall. 

make sure to catch our latest episode of the list to catch up on the top fall and winter coats this year.   

turtleneck sweater | faux suede moto jacket | plaid ankle pant | leather hobo bag | lug-sole loafers | pumps

New Year’s holiday memories 

well, when you reach the age of 61, there are lots of memories floating around in your mind. some are crystal clear. and some need to be dusted off. but new year’s eve memories are fresh in mind and for well over twenty years went something like this. you see mr. style was in the hospitality industry for forty years.

and running a hotel, whether it’s 1,000 rooms or 300, is somewhat akin to running a family. the size really doesn’t matter. and when you’re in charge, there’s a responsibility to make certain everything runs smoothly.

turtleneck sweater | faux suede moto jacket | plaid ankle pant | leather hobo bag | lug-sole loafers | pumps

so mr. style’s new year’s eve was always booked as he wandered the hallways, kitchens, ballrooms, and specialty restaurants making certain his staff and guests were happy campers. every year the boys and i would pack a suitcase and traipse along to the hotel with mr. style. sometimes we headed straight to the presidential suite, ordered room service, and movies and settled down for the evening.

if my mother was in town for a visit she’d tag along and order a vodka tonic or two. i always brought along a stack of magazines to flip through. mostly home decor magazines because january was always the time of year to refresh my home. but other times we would join mr. style for a delightful dinner then head up to the presidential suite for what was certain to be a quiet evening.

when we lived in Guam, there was always a fireworks show at the stroke of midnight on Tumon Bay with the ocean as the backdrop. other hotels had live bands playing, or dj’s spinning their tunes, and the new year would be ushered in the traditional way with auld lang syne playing in the background. but no matter if we lived stateside or overseas i always looked forward to the low key djalali new year’s eve tradition.

tomorrow i’ll dust off a memory and share how i celebrated new year’s day while growing up. since i lived in cornhusker country, it always involved football!

paint it plaid

for those of you that have been following closely the past few weeks, i’ve modeled these lug-sole loafers several times.  i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, they’re comfortable and go with just about anything.  make sure to pick up a pair. 

turtleneck sweater | faux suede moto jacket | plaid ankle pant | leather hobo bag | lug-sole loafers | pumps

headed into the holidays

we’re heading straight into the holidays.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and before you know it, we’ll be welcoming in  a new decade.  how quickly time passes.  (i wonder what New Year’s 1919 felt like.) 

we hope you’ve enjoyed our tour through the holidays and my new year’s holiday memories.  how are you celebrating the holidays this year?  let us know in the comments below. 

turtleneck sweater | faux suede moto jacket | plaid ankle pant | leather hobo bag | lug-sole loafers | pumps

if i could go back and give my younger self some advice, it would be this:  be bold, be strong, and don’t be afraid to step outside the mainstream and make your own rules.   after all, how much time did we spend in our youths feeling insecure?  afraid to speak up and voice our opinions?  how many of us were paralyzed by the potentiality of being wrong? struck by the fear of articulating an unpopular position?  how many of us have daughters or granddaughters that are currently struggling with these insecurities?  so let’s all throw on a fall glen plaid jacket and a pair of suede pumps and remember, “be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”  

as any woman of a certain age will tell you, age begets wisdom, and wisdom begets confidence.  it’s one of the perks of getting older, really.  and as any woman of a certain age will tell you, none of this can be rushed.  a 42 year old can’t transfer to a 22 year old the wisdom and knowledge a successful, mid-life career change brings with it.  a 64 year old can’t make a 34 year old understand the tears of pain and joy raising three children brings with it. 

but what we—the older generation—can do is this:  we can tell our daughters—our granddaughters— it’s OK to be bold.  it’s OK to be confident.  it’s OK to take risks.  it’s OK to make your own rules in this crazy, mixed up world.  because—and here’s the secret—everyone is makes up their own rules.   and if we, as woman with wisdom, are not afraid to instill confidence in our children, then conversations like this will become the norm.  

you want to leave your job as a lawyer and open up an apothecary?  do it!  

you want to forego college for an apprenticeship as a chef?  i’m behind you 100%!

you think your team at work could improve if they just tried this?  tell them!  

when i was younger & now that i’m stronger

last week, we talked about self-expression through style.  a lot of you reached out to me over my various social channels and told me how over the years you’ve gained the confidence to take fashion risks.  so inspiring!   and as you all know, we’re no strangers to those sorts of risk over here on the blog.  yesterday, we showcased flared jeans, last week a skirt and knee-highs, and a few weeks ago, wide-legged jeans.   

blazer (Ann Taylor)sweater (Everlane) | similar denim (J.Crew) 


but today, i’m showcasing my go-to style:  modern preppy.  it’s a fashion sense i’ve developed over 50 years.  and to me, nothing says “bold” and “confident” more than a blazer and a clean pair of denim.  whether i’m headed to a meeting or just grabbing drinks with my daughter-in-law after work, i trust in the style i’ve worked my entire life to develop.

breaking all the rules & suede pumps

oftentimes, when we think of “breaking the rules”, we think of societal rules imposed on us either implicitly or explicitly.  but sometimes those rules are self-imposed.  whether they be fashion rules, or professional rules, or general how-i-live-my-life rules, it’s always good to step back and reevaluate how and why we do what we do. 

shoes | shoes (similar Ann Talyor) | handbag 1handbag 2 | handbag 3 (similar)


what fashion rules do you live by?  and are they worth breaking? 

fashion confidence with age 

depending on the year; depending on where i’m living; and depending on who i’m with, modern preppy may be “in” or it may be totally “out”.  doesn’t matter to me, though.  it’s my go-to, and i’m sticking to it.  i might spice up my style with frayed denim, a pair of suede pumps (but see also) and a statement bag (but also here and here).  but i’ve been shopping at Ann Taylor and J.Crew for years.

blazer (Ann Taylor)sweater (Everlane) | similar denim (J.Crew) 


alright, gang!  the week is in full swing.  i hope you played hooky yesterday and are fully rejuvenated.  we’re gonna need it, as we’re heading into the holiday season.  now, before you go, let me know in the comment section one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self.  i’m not a big believer in regrets.  but i am a believer in learning, growing, and evolving through the ages.  what words of wisdom do you have for the next generation of women?  


when was the last time you played hooky and took a day for yourself? went to a movie? got a massage or a mani-pedi? called up your daughter for an impromptu lunch? self-care is one of the most important things and something we’re all guilty of not investing enough in. today, i’m throwing on on a pair of fall flared jeans, a suede jacket (similar here), and my snakeskin boots and heading out for a day to and for myself. come join me.  

when my kiddos were growing up, i would periodically let them stay home from school and take a “mental health day”.  my mother was the first to coin that phrase and it stuck like glue. thanks, mom! a mental health day was always unannounced—a total surprise.  to get to sleep in late on a monday. to get to go out to lunch with your kiddo or mom on a tuesday. to get to watch a movie in the early afternoon on a wednesday. theses are all little things, but go such a long way to rejuvenate ourselves. in this crazy mixed up world, the weeks can feel like and oftentimes are an endless source of anxiety. there are now entire industries built around mindfulness and centering to help us combat the stress of modern living. no doubt these are good things—extremely helpful to be sure. but sometimes the simple act of playing hooky helps just as much. 

some kind of flared blue jeans

i’m stepping into monday with high waisted flared jeans, a suede jacket (similar here) that screams fall has arrived and an affordable pair of affordable snakeskin boots. but i would be remiss if i didn’t point out the adorable sleeveless blouse that keeps this ootd on its toes. the blouse from Nic & Zoe available at Nordstrom is appropriately called mark your calendar. guess who couldn’t resist adding it to her wardrobe? the neutral color scheme has versatility written all over it. and i loved the addition of a ruffled collar that adds a hint of femininity.

who thinks the flared blue jeans are the star of this outfit? besides me?  i’m just so happy to see a variety of denim silhouettes available this year in addition to our long-time favorite straight legs, boyfriend, or skinny jeans. there’s certain to be a pair of denim that suits you to a T.


walk all over monday (in snakeskin boots)

last week on the blog, i showcased a variety of different purses and luxury bags of varying price points.  there’s no need to break the bank with the sticker shock that comes with a luxury handbag. don’t forget luxury handbags retain their value and are so well made that they’re worth every penny. but a few of my favorite brands’ Coach, Tory Burch, Brahmin, Michael Kors or Patricia Nash also produce well-made handbags that will last a lifetime.

denimblouse(similar) suede jacket | snakeskin boots(similar) belt | (similar) handbag


in our first episode of style secrets over on YouTube, i first showcased this wonderful snakeskin boots from JCPenney.  (video below.) animal prints, shoes, and bags are a big part of my fall wardrobe. i can’t get enough of them. snakeskin is big, big, big this year. but leopard or zebra print are shown in abundance. so lots of choices this fall and winter to add texture to your outfit and give it a one-two punch.

heels are the perfect combination with flared denim—not only from an aesthetic perspective, but a functional one as well. this pair of high rise denim flares from Frame run loooong so heels are a must unless you want to visit your local tailor to alter the length. i’m wearing a size 29 which translates to my typical size 8.

suede operator  

this suede jacket (similar here) has been a go-to of mine for the past several years. take a look here, here and here for different styling ideas.

denimblouse(similar) suede jacket | snakeskin boots(similar) belt | (similar) handbag


all right, gang!  the week is officially underway. i hope you had a wonderful weekend, and i hope that if you find yourself stressed or anxious, you will carve out a little bit of time for yourself this week. before you sign off, make sure to say “hi” in the comments below. let me know the last time you played hooky. where did you go? and what did you do? 



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