monday, monday

  1. Donna says:

    Love your style Beth. I start my days with a cup of coffee and your blog. You always look “put together” in a chic but casual way which I love!

    • beth djalali says:

      thanks, donna! lovely of you to stop by. now, how do you take your coffee? with a little cream or straight up? my nana told me that in her day there was only way one way to drink coffee – black. i’ve diverted and always add a little coffee to my cream…
      xxoo beth

      • Donna says:

        I come from a long line of black coffee drinkers, but since I’ve lived in Venezuela for many years l like an espresso with just a touch of cream…thanks for asking Beth!

  2. Beth I love this look SOOOO much… You do winter wear so well, it all looks so effortless and super chic – I do hope you come link it up to #iwillwearwhatilike (that coat…!!!!!!!!!)

    Catherine x

  3. la Contessa says:


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