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can you believe spring is four weeks away? yep, it’s time for spring cleaning, and i’m not just talking dusting off the furniture. it’s time to clean our closets, evaluate our wardrobes and begin to transition from winter to spring. that includes our lingerie drawer, which many of us neglect. today, i’m sharing a video that helps your wardrobe transition from season to season, and we’re going to talk how to shop for lingerie. because if we’re not wearing the right undergarments, even the most spectacular outfit can go awry. it’s somewhat akin to building a house – the foundation is laid first. this is the most important step, which is why we’re about to dive in and tackle a brief overview of lingerie.  

summer lingerie 

easy steps | how to shop for lingerie

bra fitting

how to shop for lingerie? under normal circumstances, i suggest a twice-yearly bra-fit session. all reputable department stores have trained bra-fit specialists that will equip you with proper measurements–it’s a service they offer at no charge to their customers. why twice a year? because in the space of six months, our bodies may have changed. weight fluctuates, ladies, and as we age, our bodies can morph. take heart; this is when wearing the proper lingerie will help! 

but if that’s not doable right now in your neck of the woods and you’re looking for alternative means to find your fit while staying at home, check out opens in a new windowThird Love’s online fitting guide.  it’s great and will serve as a safe alternative until you feel like venturing into opens in a new windowNordstrom or opens in a new window Neiman Marcus again. 

summer lingerie

choosing a brand

once you know your correct bra size, then it’s a matter of deciding what brand you like. in my opinion, bras are like jeans – we’re always on the hunt for the perfect one. so don’t be afraid to carve out an afternoon and try on every brand known to mankind. once you find the perfect match, the hard part is over. remember, the band should be snug when hooked on the first row. then over time, as the band stretches, you can fasten it on the next hook for a tighter fit. opens in a new windowSimone Perele and  opens in a new windowWacoal are my top picks for bras, with opens in a new windowChantelle pulling up the rear. recently i discovered opens in a new windowThird Love, and i’m quite impressed. their bras are incredibly comfortable with tagless bands and no-slip straps. the Third Love website offers loads of information about opens in a new windowfit issues & solutions or opens in a new window lingerie care. yes, we should hand wash our bras or at the very least run them through the delicate cycle securely fastened inside a lingerie bag, then line dry. i have the cutest opens in a new windowbeadboard drying rack mounted on my laundry room wall that’s perfect for line drying.

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how often to buy

i shop for new bras every three months. why? because bras are one of the hardest-working items in your closet. we need lift and support every single day – yes, even A cups. as such, bras have a shorter lifespan. at all times, i keep three styles of bras in rotation and two colors. 


here are the three styles of bras i have on hand. first is a push-up or plunge bra that is perfect underneath special occasion or evening wear. this is the bra that gives a nice lift and adds a bit of cleavage. and many times, we need a  opens in a new windowstrapless bra too.  opens in a new windowWacoal red carpet convertible bra gets rave reviews. next on my list is a  opens in a new windowminimizer. many of you may not need this type, but if you are a C cup or larger, this is the bra to reach for if you wear button-up shirts. it keeps you in place, and your buttons fastened without tugging! a opens in a new windowracerback bra is perfect for summer halter tops. last but not least is the  opens in a new windowt-shirt bra that gives smooth coverage with its molded cups and fits beautifully underneath my beloved tees and sweaters.

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pattern mix

how to shop for lingerie


as for bra colors, i keep a nude or skin tone bra at my beck and call. it goes underneath a sheer blouse with ease. next, i add a black bra. once these basic colors are tucked inside your lingerie drawer, then it’s up to your individual aesthetics as to what additional colors find their way into your line-up. it’s fun to wear a red or black bra underneath a white blouse for a little oomph. try it; you’ll like it.

how to shop for lingerie


next, let’s talk about panties, i have  opens in a new windowbikinis on hand,  opens in a new windowcheekies, and opens in a new window boyshorts. for everyday panties, my favorite brands are opens in a new windowHanky Panky, opens in a new windowWacoal, and opens in a new windowNatori. don’t forget to look for panties that give a ‘no visible panty line’ underneath snug-fitting pencil skirts or pants. my favorite nvpl brand is  opens in a new windowJockey. also, i have several sets of matching bras and panties in my lingerie drawer. i always feel like a million bucks when i wear a matching set. and they’re sexy. sometimes, when we reach a certain age we through sexy out the window. don’t! do! that! you’re welcome. your husbands will thank you.


once you’ve tackled the basics, shapewear is a nice addition to your lingerie drawer. A slim-fit  opens in a new windowone-piece bodysuit is a dream to wear underneath a curve-hugging dress. or try a opens in a new windowlonger bodysuit, opens in a new windowslim-fit slip, or  opens in a new windowcamisole. personally, i prefer to wear opens in a new windowsmoothing shorts underneath dresses which give coverage even when the wind blows. this shapewear is lightweight but gives a smooth silhouette. it’s pretty much up to your personal preferences as to what area you like smoothed and controlled. believe me; if you need an area of your body sucked in, there is shapewear made just for you.  a opens in a new windownude camisole with slim straps is a must-have to wear under sheer blouses. but don’t forget to add a opens in a new windownude tank camisole. i also have white and black camisoles tucked in my drawer and opens in a new window lace camisole. don’t forget a cami looks great all by itself underneath a cashmere cardigan or v-neck sweater.

how to shop for lingerie

how to shop for lingerie

all right, ladies, are you ready to find your perfect bra? you won’t be sorry. once you have the right foundations in place, you’ll look and feel your best every day! i hope you enjoyed how to shop for lingerie.



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  1. Janet wrote:

    Lingerie is the most difficult for me to find so thank you for this suggestion list. What I really like to wear is a light support bodysuit. The problem being is almost every one has thong. and isn’t no padding, can’t have that either. Im 67
    Any suggestions would be appreciated
    ❤️ Janet

    Posted 2.21.21Reply
  2. Tricia wrote:

    I am very much enjoying the content of your blog and have been inspired by your suggestions. But I struggle to read the long paragraphs and lack of capital letters that typically help to break up the text. I understand that this may be a personal style of writing, but for me it definitely diminishes the ease of acquiring information.

    Posted 2.21.21Reply
  3. Carroll wrote:

    I also like Third Love. They have beautiful colors and styles and switch up their inventory often.

    Posted 2.21.21Reply
    • i think third love has done an amazing job with their brand.

      Posted 2.22.21Reply
  4. Julie Wallace wrote:

    I recently went to a boutique store and was fitted. I would highly recommend doing this! The size I ended up being wasn’t close to what I was wearing. I bought a Prima Donna and Freya and love them. I recently discovered and their sales are amazing.

    Posted 2.21.21Reply
    • it’s definitely worth the time and effort to be properly fitted for a bra. most women are wearing the wrong size.

      Posted 2.22.21Reply
  5. j wrote:

    3 months time frame is rather more often than I had thought but will take your advice in that regard. Love that naby jacket with the trim. Stunnng. Stay well and safe

    Posted 2.22.21Reply
    • i will mention i pick up one or two bras every three months to keep my collection fresh without breaking the bank.

      Posted 2.22.21Reply
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