SunSync Elite | VSP

  1. Regina Jones says:

    I know your blog is about the eyewear today, but you just gave me a fantastic idea for my upcoming weekend excursion! I’m going with neighbors to an historic hotel in Parkersburg, WV. I’m going to take my picnic basket along with my adult beverage case. I’ll make sure to have all i need for a picnic-utensils, napkins, bug spray and drinks! I love the yellow and white combo too. Thank you so much for my weekend inspiration! Take care, still lifting you up in prayer from North Carolina.

  2. Christine Illius says:

    Looking fabulous! I also agree with Regina Jones! Great ideas Beth! Also keeping you still in my prayers!

    • Katie says:

      Lunch with the bunnies! So cool!

      Your outfit is really cute and cheerful. Your glasses are awesome on you.

      Are your shoes like the ones Jackie Kennedy use to wear and are now again dernier cri?

      My husband just got SunSyncElite glasses and is really, really liking them.

  3. Lenore says:

    Those frames are perfection on you! I love the yellow and white, also.

  4. Pam de Barros says:

    For Regina. I grew up in Parkersburg. Guess you’re staying at the Blennerhasset Hotel. Good choice. The Ohio river is very nearby and u can drive to the river just behind flood wall. Great time of year to go.

  5. Deborah L James says:

    We have had VSP for years. It really does save on exams and glasses or contacts. The glasses I got at my most recent appointment look just like those you are wearing in this post. I got hooked on the light reactive lenses a couple years ago and this year got the Sun Sync Elite lenses. But, I still get a pair of really dark, polarized, prescription sunglasses to keep in the car. The lenses on the light reactive glasses do not get dark enough while driving. Apparently, my windshield has a special coating that makes the glasses think it is not so bright out. I saved about $1200 on my glasses and exam thanks to VSP. In addition to what my husband will save, VSP is definitely the way to go.

  6. Madlyn Powell says:

    You look adorable, Beth. You are looking a little thin to me – I hope you are doing OK.

  7. Jacalyn Nelson says:

    Tell us about your top! Adorable!

  8. Betty (SC) says:

    Love the glasses! Love the yellow top! …and love those bunnies!! 👓👚🐇

  9. Gail says:

    I hope and pray you are doing well, and healing.
    Where did you get those bunnies?
    God Bless you!

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