HSN March favorites

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can you believe we are halfway through March?! spring has officially arrived, so it’s full steam ahead with spring cleaning, gardening, and wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses. which means our pasty white legs need some attention. don’t worry, i have you covered on all fronts. today, i’m sharing my opens in a new windowHSN March favorites.

home shopping at opens in a new windowHSN is still going strong not only with live-streamed television but with an online presence too! it’s never been easier to shop your favorite brands at opens in a new windowHSN. looking for top spring fashion items like opens in a new windowhandbags, opens in a new windowloungewear & sleepwear, or opens in a new window jeans? opens in a new windowHSN has you covered. and they carry a few of my favorite brands opens in a new windowKitchenAid, opens in a new window Shark, and opens in a new windowIman, to name a few. and i love to buzz over to watch opens in a new windowThe List with Collen Lopez to see what caught the eye of this style maven.

so i decided to round up a ‘List’ of my own to share with you – opens in a new windowHSN March favorites. it’s a little bit of this and a bit of that. since spring has officially sprung, it’s time to spring clean and tidy up around the house and garden. but i noticed my legs are pasty white. yikes! so it’s time to add opens in a new windowTan-Luxe into my routine to get ready for skirt and shorts season. and, yes, my teeth need a little brightening too. opens in a new window IntelliWhite to the rescue. since my garden is ready for planting season i’m gaga for opens in a new windowgardening tools, including a opens in a new windowhat to keep the sun off my face. a pair of opens in a new windowgardening clogs is a must-have in my book. simply rinse the mud off after a day of gardening. voila! don’t forget opens in a new windowHSN offers FlexPay and free shipping. does shopping get any better? who can resist their opens in a new windowsmart deals and opens in a new windowtoday’s specials

HSN March Favorites

HSN March favorites

opens in a new window Korres Body Butter & Firming Spray | opens in a new windowIntelliWhite Platinum White | opens in a new windowThey’re Real Benefits Mascara | opens in a new windowTan Luxe the Butter

HSN March favorites

opens in a new windowGreen Base 3-in-1 Rake | opens in a new windowAnchor Hocking TrueSeal | opens in a new windowShark Corded Stick Vac | opens in a new windowBissel Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner 

HSN March favorites

opens in a new windowBellport Gardens UV Protected Hat | opens in a new windowBellport Gardens Tote with Knee Mat | opens in a new windowBellport Gardens Ergonomic Garden Tools | opens in a new windowBellport Gardens Garden Clogs

a big thank you to opens in a new windowHSN and ShopStyle for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas. what caught your fancy from HSN March favorites?


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  1. Thanks Beth. I am going to give the luxe tanning butter a try. I have not tanned in the sun for years and my legs need the attention.

    Posted 3.22.21Reply
    • i definitely wear loads of sunscreen when i’m on the beach or lounging by the pool. but i also love tanned legs so i’m thankful for tanning products!

      Posted 3.22.21Reply
  2. Polly wrote:

    “Pasty white legs?” Really? I am certain that you only meant to make a joke, however I must gently object. I have very fair skin and I do not tan. I choose to accept my skin tone for what it is and I choose not to use self-tanning products. That someone else would refer to my natural skin tone or indeed, their own, using derogatory terms…”pasty white”…makes me saddened. If others wish to use self-tanning products, by the way, by all means, go right ahead and enjoy. But please…don’t use insulting and frankly, demeaning language to describe the skin tone of those of us who do not.
    A Gentle Reader

    Posted 3.22.21Reply
    • thanks for stopping by Polly. not certain why pasty white is considered derogatory, demeaning, or insulting. and, please, continue to be you. if tanning lotions aren’t your thing i’m behind you all the way. others, like me, love to have tan legs without going into the sun. aren’t you glad we have choices these days? gotta love the 21st century!

      Posted 3.22.21Reply
  3. NaryLynne wrote:

    Beth, your legs always look so good. I wondered if you used a tanning product. I always wore panty hose until my pasty white legs got tanned. Now they are partly discolored from bouts of cellulitis. I ordered the tanning butter and will be interested to see if it blends the discoloration or makes it worse. I have been reluctant to try a tanning product so thank you for your recommendation. I consider you my personal shopper as I don’t get out much

    Posted 3.22.21Reply
    • i do use self-tanner. not all year long but definitely when skirt and shorts season arrives. the tanning butter builds a tan
      over time. i think you’ll like it.

      Posted 3.22.21Reply
  4. Eve wrote:

    Nice list. I have cut back on my gardening. Just a few pots will keep me happy. Basil will be in one along with cherry tomatoes and petunias.
    Just walking back and forth outside to get things done and feeling the sunshine and breathing fresh air. It’s garden therapy.

    Posted 3.22.21Reply
    • basil is my most used herb! isn’t it fabulous to be outside again enjoying the sunshine.

      Posted 3.22.21Reply
  5. Shon wrote:

    Remember that not all of your readers have white legs. Some of us that love you have beautiful black legs 😊

    Posted 3.22.21Reply
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