hostess with the mostess

  1. nina_d says:

    Hi, Beth.

    The directions in the first recipe call for cheese but there is no cheese listed in the ingredients.

    Love the “vintage” photos!

  2. maja majic says:

    Great food! Will try some of it in the next days. Children table? We don’t have this in Europe. Kids should not eat separated. Inclusion. And learning hot to behave at the table. I can not even imagine not having all the kids with us.

    • beth djalali says:

      yup, there was a children’s table years ago. from the era that thought children should be seen and not heard. how times have changed! but i have fond memories of the children’s table because it was much more fun, and relaxed. once you graduated to the grown-up table you had to put on your best manners!
      xxoo beth

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