shrimp scampi linguine and sex on the beach

  1. Rhonda says:

    Eyebrow raising headline! I immediately thought “too much sand!” Haha! The drink sounds yummy, and your outfit is adorable!! Talbots has a few pair of lavender slacks, both cropped and jeggings, if anyone is interested. I happen to have on girlfriend shorts in lavender today; now I just need your blouse!! Enjoy the weekend!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      ha ha! got your attention didn’t i? thanks for the Talbots tip. i’d forgotten they had lavender pants too. love the color combination of this blouse. it’s bright and subtle all at the same time. xo

  2. Judi Hume says:

    That looks DELICIOUS! Thank you for posting these recipes. I look forward to them every Friday! 🙂

  3. Suzanne Smith says:

    It’s raining here, too, so I’m doing lots of de-cluttering today. Your meal sounds yummy.

    Happy Weekend to you and your gang as well!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      that’s the best project for a rainy day. i should be in my closet trying to make sense of it. yet again! hope your knees are better than before and you’re on the mend. xo

  4. Lisa says:

    Was looking forward to seeing Oscar today, Beth. Just lost our sweet, gentle giant of 13 years, Damian. So hard. Enjoy every minute you have with him.
    I love that cocktail. Memories of the 90s 😍.

  5. Sue P. says:

    Love the blouse and also love Friday’s so I can see pictures of your pets!

  6. Can’t wait for book club chat!!!!! Thanks for mentioning The Southern Side of Paradise!

  7. Carol Jablonski says:

    We’re drowning here! The linguine and cocktail look delish and your outfit is so pretty! I so love seeing Oscar and Ollie on your posts. I’ve had several shepherds and my last one was white. I now have a long haired tortoise shell cat named Kahle who looks a lot like Ollie! Have a great weekend.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      cats have such great personalities too. so different from dogs, but ollie has been such a great addition to our family. definitely try both recipes, carol. they’re soooo good. xo

  8. Susan says:

    Beth you look gorgeous as always. Ollie and Oscar look like they are enjoying the nicer weather. If you want a good beach read, try Mary Kay Andrews. She has a home in the Tybee Island area. She even wrote a cookbook which includes some of the recipes featured in her summer reads. Enjoy your summer!

  9. Elaina says:

    It’s raining here too, that said if it isn’t ☔️ raining then you must not be here in Northern Ireland..hehehe.. You too! enjoy your weekend with your beautiful four legged friends, a new book and cooking for a good friend, and if you on the beach!

  10. Linda says:

    Thank you! It is good to see Oscar! And Ollie has gotten so big and a lot more furry, too.. I’ve been making shrimp , lately.. it’s so quick. Yes! I will have to try zucchini in it, too. The drink is so healthy.. hmm.. brunch drink? Yum 😋

    • Beth Djalali says:

      maine coon cats are huge! but when ollie returns home from the groomer she looks as if she lost ten pounds. that cat has lot’s of hair that’s for sure. xo

  11. mary r wesolek says:

    Your cat’s rear end is on your table where you feed your guests? Disgusting!

  12. Sandra says:

    I love sex on the beach!…the drink is pretty good too.
    The Shrimp Scampi looks amazing; I can’t wait to try it.
    Your place looks wonderful and I love your two partners in crime!

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