style tips to elevate your outfit

  1. Susan says:

    Beth I love all ootd! I do not wear blue jeans, but can substitute with colored jeans or chinos. You sure do give me lots inspiration , I like to look put together! Susan

  2. Stephanie Bailey says:

    First Sunday of June, a beautiful day near Valley Forge, PA

  3. Patti Rauth says:

    Beth all these outfits are great.
    You are the fashion Queen.
    Love your blog.
    Happy Sunday evening.

  4. Bobbi Jo says:

    Love all the looks. You look fantastic! I also love bright lipstick on you.

  5. Jeanette says:

    I get daily inspiration from you in working my wardrobe to my lifestyle and how I wish to dress, thank you, much appreciated.

  6. Terri Bowman says:

    Terrific clothes and ideas. I love how you draw the eye with colored accessories such as the yellow bag!

  7. Suzi says:

    Enjoy the last Sunday in June? Sort of confused! But love the tips—

  8. Lisa says:

    Happy Sunday!
    All these great outfits are why I’m a fan.
    You have wonderful taste and keen fashion sense.
    I love mixing new finds with pieces I’ve had for years.
    Thanks for all the inspiration

  9. Gray says:

    I have great hats and I love wearing them. But then there’s hat hair. Do you just leave your hat on and never take it off? Advice!?

  10. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    I, too, end up with hat hair. Advice?

  11. mariann says:

    Hello Beth,

    thank you for this article, i tend to get into a style slump in the summer. with the heat and humidity in central florida during the summer it’s hard to stay stylish and cool. i absolutely cannot wear layers during the hottest months of the summer, but i can wear statement earrings as you suggested, stylish sunglasses, hats to protect me from the sun, and tie a scarf on my purse. simple suggestions that make a big impact.

    i do have one question though, how do you keep your rolled up cuffs on shirts and coats/blazers in place? i feel like whenever i roll up sleeves on outfits that i end up fussing with them the entire time i’m wearing the outfit. any advice would be appreciated.

    i love reading your blog, and follow you on Pinterest and Instagram. please keep these type of informative articles coming, they really help me. thank you

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