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good morning, laides! for the next few days i am in Savannah, GA with a dear friend from my Houston, TX days in the early nineties. what’s on our agenda? shopping, dining, and walking throughout this city that’s a visual feast. follow along on my Instagram Stories. with that in mind, today I’m sharing fridays with oscar reader favorites. can you believe we are almost halfway through 2021? fourth of July is three weeks away… so let’s start at the beginning of the year when the cold winds were blowing and gray skies swirling.

zucchini fritters and cranberry old fashioned

happy friday, ladies! who else is looking forward to the weekend? it’s time to dish up a tasty appetizer and shake a cocktail. fridays are the day we kick off the weekend, slip into something comfy, and relax. for those of you who ask about ollie, she’s making an appearance today. some of you noticed my former office chair now resides in the corner of my living room. i’m loving the addition, and so does ollie. it gives her a comfy perch to gaze out the window and watch oscar chase the squirrels. speaking of oscar he’s here for his weekly gig, but he was sooooooo not into smiling for the camera this week… it’s okay, buddy, everyone, or should i say everydog has their off weeks. guess he needs to go to the groomer for a nice bath and clipped nails. he’ll feel like a million bucks afterward. am i right?! opens in a new windowread the most here.

snacks for superbowl 2021

who’s ready for friday? and superbowl sunday? whether you’re into football or not, this year is a historic year as the oldest quarterback to date will take the field. and i’m rooting for 43-year-old Tom Brady. what a testament to personal excellence and his love of the game he plays so well. some say he’s cheated father time, but i think it’s his devotion to clean living (no booze, clean foods kinda life) which has given him the stamina needed to walk onto the gridiron week after week, year after year. and you know what? we still need a few superheroes in our lives. so go show ’em how it’s done, Tom Brady. go Bucs! opens in a new windowread the post here.

tuna potato salad and italian greyhound

happy friday, ladies! the gang is all here today, oscar, ollie, and yours truly. and the screen porch is open for the season. yes, i dusted the furniture, mopped the floor, and decided to rearrange the floor plan. spring fever has hit big time, and with it, spring cleaning. nothing better than chilling on the screen porch, watching the birds flit to and fro, and dining al fresco. speaking of dinner, several readers requested a meatless entree, so i’m dishing up a delicious tuna potato salad today. opens in a new window read the post here.

lemon parmesan stuffed artichokes and aperol tequila swizzle

can you believe it’s time for cocktails and appetizers? yep. it’s time to put our feet up and relax. another week is drawing to an end. five o’clock can’t come soon enough. today i have yummy lemon parmesan stuffed artichokes and an Aperol tequila swizzle cocktail. come on in and stay awhile. opens in a new windowread the post here.

fridays with oscar intro to aperol

do i have a fun fridays with oscar today! and a very special guest star, lisa from the opens in a new windowSilver Stylist. swing by her site and say hello! lisa is also on opens in a new windowInstagram and  opens in a new windowFacebook. yes, it’s friday time to kick up our heels and relax. what better way to do that than sharing a cocktail and a ladies’ lunch with one of your besties? lisa and i have been gal pals since i moved to Georgia five years ago! she’s a silver hair sister, blogging buddy, and truly one of my dearest friends that i love to spend time with, whether chatting on the phone, texting, or in-person. the commute from door to door is forty-five minutes, so we have to plan our get-togethers ahead of time. but we try our best to squeeze in a monthly lunch, whether in Athens, Atlanta, or somewhere in-between. opens in a new windowread the post here.

Tik Tok Pasta and Caesar Salad

happy friday, ladies! can you believe it’s June?! the year is zipping by as it typically does, but it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact 2021 is almost half over. Memorial Day has come and gone, and now it’s onto Fourth of July. well, not quite yet. the first blush of summer has arrived, so let’s enjoy every minute. thankfully, the weather has been on the cool side the past week, to which i say thank you! temps in Georgia are bound to heat up, so each and every day below ninety degrees is a blessing. opens in a new windowread the post here.

happy friday, ladies! oscar, ollie, and i wish you a lovely weekend!


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  1. Marcie W. wrote:

    Enjoy your visit with your friend. Savannah is a beautiful city.

    Posted 6.11.21 Reply
  2. Klandi wrote:

    The older I get, the more I love those ‘old timers’ like Brady and now my always favorite golfer Phil Mickelson. There’s something so special about their wins this year and I know at least in Phil’s case, he was absolutely glowing. But back to fashion… I’m from Houston, also, and by now we are in the hot, humid portion of our year (which isn’t the majority of the time, although it can seem that way). I’ve learned to wear whatever I what that I feel looks good, even if it’s not the lightest weight, thinnest of materials. I go from A/C house to A/C car etc., so a summer linen sweater or a cute denim jumpsuit makes me feel better than the typical summer clothes.

    Posted 6.11.21 Reply
  3. nedra wilson wrote:

    Hello, I have always learned so much from you. Could you tell me about the denim jump suit you are wearing? I love it!


    Posted 6.11.21 Reply
  4. Andrea wrote:

    Oh Beth, what a refreshing post- pun intended 😉

    Now warm weather is here, I tend to nibble as full meals don’t always agree with me on hot days, so these appetizers are right on time. Well, and of course, a good cocktail, virgin or experienced, is always a perfect way to bid the day goodbye and welcome in the evening.

    Hope you do more of these & pics of Ollie 🌷

    Posted 6.11.21 Reply
  5. Very nice jumpsuit Beth
    Love that Oscar!!!
    What a face that dog has.
    Have a nice weekend

    Posted 6.12.21 Reply
  6. Connie Pereira wrote:

    I love your denim jumpsuit too! Where did you get it?

    Posted 6.12.21 Reply
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