Tik Tok Pasta and Caesar Salad

  1. Pat says:

    Looks delish…need photo of finished dish please !

  2. Eve says:

    Cheerful is the first thing that comes to mind with this pretty outfit. You rock this patchwork skirt. I love the look. Patchwork is as American as the Fourth of July. Buying this for that special day if the bank allows.

  3. RORY says:

    I have been waiting for the tic toc pasta! Sounds delicious, looks delicious. How do you think it would be on spaghetti squash? I’ll have to try it. I love your skirt. Hi and pats to Oscar, Ollie too.

  4. Sandy dunn says:

    I look so forward to reading your blog everyday. One of the highlights of my day!

  5. Ellen Potter says:

    Not a fan of Feta what other cheese could you use?

  6. Mary says:

    Just wondering if another kind of cheese would work as well ??

  7. Very pretty Beth
    I love Oscar!!
    He seems to be quite a character!!
    Have a nice week end

  8. Tricia says:

    I’m definitely going to make that pasta dish! Just disappointed that you didn’t show the finished product.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i hear ya! that’s why i have a photographer on staff. but i took the photos in real time and completely forgot to snap a pic of the finished product.

  9. Suzanne Smith says:

    You look great, Beth. and Oscar also looks very happy it’s Friday! I’ve made that pasta and it is really good. I haven’t done this, but I also thought it could be good on toasted baguette slices (sort of like bruschetta) sans the pasta. With basil leaves and maybe some asparagus tips or something similar? Yum. Happy weekend!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      hi girlfriend! always love to hear from you. isn’t this pasta delicious?! my crew licked the bowl clean. enjoy your weekend.

      • Karen says:

        Love ❤️ your look for today! Going to try the salad, too.
        I have been wondering about the cushions you have on your rattan group in your sunroom(which I am having one built much like yours). Found your set but not the cushions. Thanks for any help and as always thank you for all your work you put into your site for us.

  10. Suzy says:

    What a shame you didn’t have a photo of the finished dish!! My mouth was watering. 🍝🍝

  11. Robin says:

    I’ve been wanting to try that recipe! I’m glad to hear it is delicious.
    Cute outfit.
    I hope your June is off to a good start.
    It’s raining here in Charleston today (Sat. June 5) but I did get some pool time before the clouds arrived.

  12. Cathy Dickenson says:

    Oh my goodness the pasta dish was divine- a real keeper.
    My husband and I thank you!

  13. Barbara Lacy says:

    I made the Tik Tok pasta Monday and we really liked it. Something different!

  14. Jan says:

    Beth, you look absolutely gorgeous in your patchwork (Madras?) skirt and hot pink sleeveless ribbed sweater. Positively smashing!

    I love the photo of Oscar licking your face. To be sure, I love all the photos of Oscar.

    Also love the looks of the baked cherry tomato and block of feta cheese dish!

  15. Jan says:

    I came back to this thread to say I just love the upholstery on your chairs. So cheerful!

    And…could you please give your cuddlebug Oscar a hug for me? Thanks! 🙂

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