shorts stories

  1. I do love this blouse with the black shorts, but not too sure about the long sleeves in the hot 90 degree weather. It has been hot here the past couple of weeks. High 80’s and 90’s. To be 96 today. I know it is hot there in Georgia also. Aren’t you hot in long sleeves?
    Did miss you yesterday. Glad your glitch is fixed. Have a great day!

  2. Rory says:

    Glad you were able to get up and running again. I LOVE that blouse it looks great on you with the shorts. Have a great day.

  3. Linda D Bell says:

    Love this ootd! You always give me great ideas! Thanks!

  4. Susan says:

    You look terrific in this outfit, Beth. I own and wear black shorts and have an identical bag (as far as I can tell), so will get the top!
    As far as shorts go, in my mid sixties, I’ve earned the right to wear neat and appropriate shorts. If someone doesn’t like the look of my legs, then don’t look at my legs. I am not going to risk heat stroke on a hot day because someone else thinks my knees are ugly.

  5. Linda M Dickey says:

    Beth: You are without a doubt one of the best looking talented stylist anywhere. BUT I must share a funny story from years ago: My friend Ruth called and said “whatever you do, do NOT stand straight, lock your knees, bend over and look at your knees”. Even then in my 40’s I realized my knees are not my best feature and I find long shorts to almost point at them. That’s my two bits but I think most folks look trimmer in a crop, or even shorter tennis skirt. Thanks for all you do. I wonder how others feel about this??

  6. I haven’t seen ric rac since I was a little girl…absolutely love it!! I too will always wear shorts…..your shorts today look very dressy and appropriate for many occasions! So sorry you had tech problems…..I love your blog so much…thanks for keeping it going ❤️

  7. gloriasutton says:

    I am 73 I break a few
    T one that is hard for me to do is wearing bold colors. Other than that a do brake a few!!
    Thank you for sharing the video with very good advise.
    I nice day

  8. Jeanne says:

    Glad you like shorts, but I have never seen you wear capris or crops. Do you not like them?

  9. Alison Barwick says:

    So strange, Beth, reading about summer clothes, as down here in Aotearoa/New Zealand we are in early winter.and not in that groove at all!
    Still, one can store up your ideas for 6 months hence. At 82 I love my shorts and favour the tailored fit of the Sportscraft brand. As I am quite tall and slender, their shorts are almost made for me.

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