monogram and personalize your life

Monogram and personalize your life….

My theme for this week’s Guest Post from MMK –
Hope you enjoy and have fun!!

This June, many of us may be selecting a special gift for a friend or loved one’s New Baby, Shower, Wedding, Graduation, or important many “Fathers” in our lives!! After so long a time at home, we now are out – about and actually shopping for ourselves as well!
Monogramming is a charming way to personalize many of these very special gifts!! Our names and initials are uniquely ours…so personal and fun! When combined with design, items, or colors that are meaningful to us, they become very special gifts indeed! There is an intimacy to a monogram…an artistic element. Each letter combination becomes a design or almost a personal Logo…its color also expresses and reflects our own personality. 


Creating a monogram is exciting! There are many, many options. Some etiquette definitely applies. Due to my years as a lover of all things Monogrammed and Paper, and as a former Gump’s Stationery Buyer and a bit of an Emily Post…here are a few simple guidelines to get you thru a little or a lot of shopping this month and on into the future!

FYI – Monogram Examples usually make things easier, sooo….and here are some possible gifting suggestions along the way! Hope you enjoy!! I have made selections a lifetime career and passion too! Hopefully helpful! A single initial is the woman’s first name; for a man, it is typically the last name.

When the Monogram Letters are all the same size – for a man or woman – the initials go in order… This is true if she is or is not married. The middle initial can be a middle name or maiden name. i.e., mine is…. MMK – Marlene Meccia Kristoff

A Script or Block letter Monogram, the center letter is larger and is the last name – whether for man or woman.

This is also the format for a Couple Monogram as well…imagine Mary and Martin Kane. Lovely for their Wedding Thank You Notes, Cards, or top center of their Wedding Announcements

opens in a new windowCrane Stationery

Wonderful Block Monogram for a Couple Christine and Adam Mott or Birthday Boy or Dad, Claude Alexander Masterson! You get the idea! 

This could be a Birthday or Graduation present for Lucy Adams Edwards…special from opens in a new windowCrane & Co. (They have printed the US Currency…for a million years and are the gold standard of engraving and 100% cotton paper!! I have loved opens in a new windowCrane & Co. for a lifetime! Start your stationery wardrobe for yourself or one you love.

Beautiful for new Baby Catherine, Charlotte, a Female Birth Announcement, or Personal Stationery – cards or notes …. or for the entire Charles Family’s stationery!!

opens in a new windowElegant engraved notes for Maria, Mercedes…or the whole Martinez Family to use!! If for a man…it is his surname: Masters or Mott. 

Lovely quality Sferra monogrammed hand towels for Thomas Lipton Peterson or L for the Lipton Family – housewarming, shower, birthday gift…for Lily!!

opens in a new windowSferra Guest Towels



opens in a new windowCharming Bracelets!! Great Single Monogram…for Maid of HonorBrideBirthday Girl or Graduation!!


opens in a new windowElegant Pearl Necklace – Gemstone of the Month – for Bride or Birthday Girl with the initial K – think Kelly or Katrina.

opens in a new windowSignet Rings are fabulous and timeless for women or men….

opens in a new windowLeather Toiletry Bag or leather goods are terrific for the Man or Dad in your life… i.e., Kevin Leif Black.

opens in a new windowBeautiful Leather Bound World Travel Journal for Graduates, Groomsmen, Dad…or Female explorers!! Monogram is straight – logical, spoken order.

Man’s best friend should have a opens in a new windowspecial monogrammed treat too!!

opens in a new windowThis throw a wonderful Shower, Registry, or Housewarming gift for a Couple or Family– i.e., Adam’s last name. It is great for the graduate whose name is Alexandria… or if a son, nephew Richard Adams is graduating!

opens in a new windowTerry Towels – great for housewarming, shower, wedding…or to refresh your bathroom!! Cotton from Portugal!! I.e., for Christine and Sam Winston or Christine Samantha Winters

opens in a new windowFun Monogram Pillow for the Eldridge Family 

opens in a new windowTurkish Travel Treats and Hand-painted opens in a new windowMonogram Straw Bags for everyone!!
Mark and Graham are all things Monogrammed!! Enjoy!!

Hope examples are helpful!!
Have fun…till next week and personalize away…for you and those you love!!
xoxo MMK


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  1. Sandra wrote:

    Great guest post! I have recently started considering getting some select items monogrammed and I found this post to be very helpful. I want to be sure to do this right and not come across as tacky! Thank you for the post and have a nice weekend.

    Posted 6.12.21
    • marlene kristoff wrote:

      Hi Sandra –
      I am thrilled that you found my post helpful…
      Yes, it is chic and charming to use your very own monogram…custom design it for each specific item. Enjoy!! MMK

      Posted 6.14.21
  2. nina wrote:

    hi, what sort of monogram do you recommend for a married couple where the bride keeps her maiden name?

    Posted 6.13.21
    • thanks for stopping by!

      Posted 6.13.21
  3. marlene kristoff wrote:

    Hi Nina…
    It could be fun for them to create their names…ie Nicole and James engraved or printed top center on cards … avoiding the Monogram jointly….unless the bride uses her married name personally and keeps her maiden name professionally….as many do. The joint mono could still work. xoxo MMK

    Posted 6.14.21

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