fridays with oscar

  1. While this outfit is fab (you already know that!) I just wanted to comment on Oscar. What a fine specimen of a dog he is. So fit and so alert. I love that you are keeping him city socialized…very important that a dog of his obvious physical ability is trained well.

    • beth djalali says:

      awww, thanks shelley! oscar is such a great dog in so many ways. he loves city life as much as his own back yard. and you are so right about keeping him socialized!
      xoxo beth

  2. Nikki G says:

    I love your city jaunts. We live out in the country (sortof) near a small suburb of Birmingham and it only takes 20 mins or so to get to the city, but I’d love to be able to walk city streets, parks, shops more often. Anyway, I do enjoy your photos. I am not just eyeing your clothes but also your backdrop.

  3. Charlotte Peck says:

    I don’t think I have ever commented but have been following your blog for a while now. I just wanted to tell you I love you blog, your style and Oscar. I think I pin nearly every outfit you post, which has inspired me in getting dressed. I take my iPad with me in the morning and pick one of the pins I have from your blog, adjust to what I have..and voila -I’m ready and stress free! Thanks for the inspiration and beauty.

    • beth djalali says:

      hi charlotte! thanks so much for taking the time to write. you are so welcome for the inspiration. that’s what the blog is all about. isn’t the 21st century great? now we can connect in ways we never dreamed of 20 years ago.
      xoxo beth

  4. carol hether says:

    I am a new subscriber and love the outfits you put together but I was wondering if you have ever done a makeup tutorial. I would love to know what brands and colours you wear, especially your eye makeup. Thank you!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi carol! thanks for stopping by. i have not done a makeup tutorial to date, but i have been thinking about it. for my eye shadow i wear dior (brown palette) with a black nars eyeliner.
      xoxo beth

  5. donnanance says:

    I always enjoy seeing Oscar out on his adventures. He seems to be a very well-behaved fella. I totally agree with Miss Charlotte…pin almost all of your outfits (and get lots of repins!)… xoxo

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