5 Must-Try Hairstyles This Spring

  1. Violet O'Brien says:

    Hello Beth, You look great in every shot. Unfortunately I don’t have hair the quality of yours and have a really hard time getting a style that I’m comfortable with. I also hesitate to change stylists since I may hurt someone’s feelings. I must try harder in my endeavor. Have a great day!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      don’t worry that you’ll hurt someone’s feelings. if you don’t like a haircut that’s perfectly fine. but in the end, the only one that will suffer is you if you keep going back for one more haircut you’re not happy with.

      • Lesley C says:

        I agree! I have never regretted changing a stylist – only the time it took to do so! It’s also worth paying the money for a good cut. My husband struggled with the idea of me embracing my grey hair because his mother and sisters considered grey hair to be the sign of ageing. Now he sees that with a great modern hair cut, well chosen clothing and make-up, including a red lip, I am the best version of myself and my self confidence is attractive.

  2. Cal says:

    You have great hair but look a lot older in number 4. I guess it’s true that the right cut can take years off!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      honestly, those just are not the best photos. lighting has so much to do with great photos and this was a very sunny day and the photos came out harsh. my wish is that we don’t associate haircuts with adding years or taking off years. a haircut either suits us or it doesn’t. but nothing wrong with changing things up!

  3. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    I have been using Hair Biology because of your suggestion. I really like it, and it is available at Target! You are right. When I am having a good hair day, all is right in the world. My husband’s grandmother said that, too. It is so true.

  4. Kathleen McDermott says:

    You have fabulous hair to work with and fabulous bones. I like #1 and #3 best. The thickness and texture of one’s hair, along with where it lies on the bone straight to super curly spectrum, dictates what will work. My hair is straight and fine, but much thinner than in my youth. Sigh. I keep it short, layered and face framing. My bangs are longer at the sides so that they touch my cheekbones – which, sadly, are nothing like yours. We work with what we have! P. S. I think it is impossible to not notice a cut that “takes years off” or is “youthful”. We see what we see?

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i think the conversation needs to change when it comes to “adding years” or “taking away years” when something is good it’s good. and if not that’s okay too. not sure how and when age got attached to clothes or hair. but it did somewhere along the line. there’s far too much emphasis on “looking younger” and not enough on “looking our best” make sense? i am all about being the best version of ourselves because we all age in different ways due to many, many factors.

      • Kathleen McDermott says:

        I think we mean the same thing – I just used politically incorrect, though honest, words. I know from my own hair that once it gets too long anywhere, it drags my face down, makes me look droopy, tired, and in my opinion, older. I have no issues with age – I’m 68 because I was born in 1953. I am old compared to many others because they were born years after me. It’s math, nothing more. I’m glad to be alive and well and will always want to look my best however old I am. 🤗

        • Beth Djalali says:

          a great haircut just like a fantastic outfit will make us “feel” great. that’s the point we’re both making. i just want the “boomers” to take a look at many of the ageist comments we make without even knowing we’re making them. “mutton dressed as lamb” “you look like a grandma” “gray hair makes you look old” and so on and so forth. my hope is that the conversation about aging (and every single person alive is aging) begins to turn into something positive rather than negative. aging with grace, strength and beauty is my mantra.

          • Paula says:

            Beth, this is very good and I need to remember what you said about aging with grace, strength and beauty. I have white hair and always feel older than I really am. I’m 71 but feel at least 10 years older. So I’m always looking for a new hairstyle. I was told by my hairdresser to look for something that has a modern look. I have an appointment in a few weeks so these pictures are very helpful.

  5. RORY says:

    Hello, Thank you for your hairstyles today. I like them all! I am in the process of growing out my brown colored hair to a gray! My hair is short. I am unsure of having the process to have it turned to a light blond that takes 8 hours in the salon. Time is not the problem. Any comments or suggestions?

  6. Kathleen McDermott says:

    Must add to my previous comment! Nothing is more impactful on our appearance (and feeling pretty) than a good haircut and color. No amount of skincare or makeup can remedy an unflattering style or color. Our hair is, as you said, our number one accessory. It frames our face and there’s no getting away from that!

  7. Lisa says:

    You look beautiful in every hair style! I love them all and you are beautiful ! Your inner beauty shines thru also 😇. Have a blessed day! Thank you for all you do!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      what a lovely comment! thank you.

      • Eva Popovich says:

        Hi Beth,
        I have fine hair — although hooray that you have been blessed with thick hair. However, my hairstyle is similar to your usual hairstyle, and I have learned quite a bit by watching how you blow your hairstyle out and then finetune it at the end. Thanks a lot for the video you did showing that.
        I also have learned that, when I’ve just had my hair cut, it won’t work to vigorously blow it out; it just refuses to do what I tell it! So, when I’ve had a new haircut, I wait for it to dry a bit, put on some light styling mousse, and comb it into a reasonable facsimile of how I want it to go. Then I let it dry and comb it again when it is completely dry. I get a lot more cooperation this way! I keep my hair dryer put away until the new cut has grown out a bit, and my hair and I are much happier!

  8. Kelly says:

    I struggled with my hair from the time I hit adolescence until about 10 years ago when I learned about keratin treatments. It was literally life changing (and I know how silly that is but it’s true!). Living in the south with fine, curly hair just made my hair a frizz bomb most days. No matter how much I paid for a cut, it would revert to a curly mess. Don’t get me wrong, curly and natural hair can be beautiful; mine just wasn’t and I didn’t like it. So I do an express type Brazilian Blowout which uses milder chemicals and have my stylist start an inch from my scalp for safety and to give my fine hair some height. I get silky hair that I can curl if I like or blow dry straighter. No more frizz and crazy curl patterns! I grew it out to shoulder length and I actually get compliments on my hair for the first time ever. I love a curly do on others it just wasn’t for me.

  9. Susan says:

    Hi Beth:
    Your hair looks stylish in all the photos. I’m 64, still highlight my hair and wear it long. The simple look is best on me, and suits my preppy style. It is also great to be able to throw up into a pony tail for a run or bike ride or to work out. I think women our age should not be afraid of long hair. As you pointed out, it is just important that no matter the length, it is cut and styled well.

  10. Nancy says:

    Hair!!!! Arrggg!!! My nemesis! Yours looks great and it’s fun to see all your different cuts. I love the first one; the color and the cut. It would be nice to have a style. My hair is fine and most hairdressers have no ideas for me. I’ve worn it long, to my shoulders, for so long that I don’t feel like myself with a short haircut, and being in my late 60’s believe me, I’ve tried over the years. Approaching 70, though I’m feeling that this long style isn’t suiting me…maybe I’ll start to experiment again. At least my hair still grows back in pretty quickly. This is a very informative post. Thank you!

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