Winter Essentials You Can’t Live Without

  1. H i Beth Beautiful combinations, I do no nt get tire of say it.
    Where is the pretty scarf from?
    The Blue one is very nice also
    Have a nice Sunday

  2. Michelle McDonald says:

    Love your blog and look forward to it each day! I went to UGA 1979 – 83 (now live in Los Angeles) and love hearing about and seeing your pictures of beloved Athens, GA. Would you consider a post or series on how to care for suede boots and leather belts/handbags? Believe it or not, it’s damp in my closet (close to the beach) and I struggle to keep mold and mildew off my suede and leather accessories :-).

  3. Deborah A says:

    Can tights be worn with ankle pants and boots during the cold winter months to ward off frozen ankles?

  4. Like this post. Great inspiration, I have so many sweaters but still like to see the ones you show with an outfit. Because I have so many sweaters, some are cashmere, I cannot justify paying $400 for one, and my pocketbook cannot afford that price range. I would like to see more 100-150 sweaters shown. Thanks

  5. Mary says:

    Hi Beth,

    Love your style! Where can I get the black combat boots you are wearing with your puffer jacket?

      • MaryLynne says:

        Hi Beth
        I enjoy your posts so much especially now that I’m snowed in with Covid I think a scarf is the one item that can turn an ordinary outfit into a fashionable one. They were so much better than turtle necks in the hot flash years. They can be taken off and on easily as needed . I’m looking forward to the snow cleared and my quarantine over so I can put together some of your great outfit ideas and go out again

  6. Andrea says:

    I think scarves are an underrated wardrobe staple, too. Silk scarves are really a 4 season go to for me, even in the depth of Canadian prairie winters. Silk is surprisingly warm. I love their versatility too, as in spring an fall, or cool summer evenings at the lake, they can be easily stashed in or on your bag.

    Merino wool is a great go to , for bundling up during winter walks, without the bulk. Great post, Beth.

  7. Judy Holmes says:

    Great information! I love scarves! For a minute there, I thought you were going to talk about the sweater you always grab to wear at home – ha! I have 3 sisters & we all have a “house sweater” – well-worn & much loved. One of my sister’s husbands mentioned that she was living in “that red sweater.” She & I traded “house sweaters” just to tease him.

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