2022 Denim Trends that You Will Love (and Hate)

  1. Susan Sebok says:

    Could you advise on laundering denim? My favorites are bootcut Ralph Lauren dark wash. I want to keep them from looking worn. I have several pairs of other jeans that take lots of wear and tear, but I want to keep these for several years, as I am not sure I could find this fit again. It amazes me that the same jean in the same serial number or lot number will fit differently. I did spend about three hours to find three pair that fit well. Thanks Beth for your expertise.

  2. Peggy Lazarchic says:

    Wow! Thank you for giving me so many ideas about jeans. I live in the northwoods and I wear jeans all the time. Even if no one will see me I still like to look cute. I love seeing your blog every day. Heading to my closet to “shop”!

  3. Susan Iseman says:

    EEK! Not sure why anyone would let their pants (or full length skirts or dresses) drag on the ground? Never got that!

  4. Gloria says:

    Hi Beth,

    Your hem of the dark denim skirt hits just at your knee, and looks great with the sneakers and sandals. I have a similar skirt (petite length) that hits me in the same place. But when I pair that skirt with tights or leggings and booties for winter, the proportion looks wonky. Am I seeing a problem that’s not really a problem? Or should a denim skirt worn with leggings be a little shorter? Thanks!

  5. Kathleen McDermott says:

    Fun pictorial jeans style review. You look good in all. Straights and Skinnies remain my favorites, and at 68 I’ve worn them all. No lowrise, as I’m long-waisted, and flares and boot cuts don’t appeal. Have really enjoyed adding relaxed/baggy jeans to my wardrobe – so darling and comfy. Patched and embellished jeans darling too. The barrel jeans are cute on you – make me think of beautiful Barbara Eden. LOVE having choices of cuts and styles – hope we never lose that.

  6. Lisa says:

    I love all the jeans including the barrel which are generally not my favorite. Great styling Beth and fashion forethought. Love your blog.

  7. Nancy says:

    Wow! This is great! I just had a “try-on” session last night of all my jeans. I’m struggling with the correct length. It’s cold up here in the NE so I’m wearing socks everyday and discovered that most of my jeans are too short to wear with socks and flats.
    So… now I am very conscious of the inseam measurement on any future jean purchases. I hate to get things hemmed, so the adventure is to find the perfect jean without having to hem. This post is helpful in my quest! Thanks!

  8. Nancy Nixon says:

    I’m so glad to hear that low rise jeans are coming back – I love low or medium rise pants. I’m 5’1″ tall and the have long legs and a really short waist so the high rise have been a real problem for me to wear – both due to lack of comfort and style. Tucking in a top just makes me look so out of proportion. High rise are great for tall women or those who have a long waist & shorter legs.

  9. Sherry L Poore says:

    Hi Beth!
    You’re doing a great job on your blog – love the new layout and information. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think of you as my own personal shopper. You do all the legwork by providing us ladies with what’s in, retailers, sizing guides and where to get it. You save us so much time!
    I’m grateful that you love to share your styling tips and tricks. Keep up the great work!

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