winter essentials that keep you warm and stylish

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh my gosh, girl – stunning. That scarf and coat over a black background is beyond chic. I think it would look good even over a dark navy, too. I’m in love with that scarf, it’s a perfect match to your coat. 🥂

  2. Eve says:

    I knew I forgot something. Kay has a video up about this same coat and I meant to go watch it. I’ll catch both while I’m there. It is a beautiful color. I live on the Coast so I couldn’t justify buying another coat but I do love the way you styled this. A scarf can really bring it all together in such a nice way.

  3. RORY says:

    Thanks for showing the beautiful coat. I am always looking for warm clothing because I tend to run very cold and I live up here in NE Ohio and 2 weeks ago we had 18 in of snow!

  4. Franchelle says:

    You look great in the bright pink and black. I now feel more comfortable with wearing my fuchsia raincoat.

  5. joyce Kennard says:

    Love the new hairstyle. Also, the coat and color are good for you. Cant really need a coat like this in FL, but doesn’t hurt to look and wish, lol Stay Safe

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