age with grace, strength and beauty with Celltrient

  1. Gray says:

    Intrigued! Been trying to boost mitochondrial health for a while now.

  2. Andrea says:

    I don’t often write negative comments, but Nestle is not a corporation you want to be involved with. Their global history is filthy. They convinced third world mums not to breastfeed and gave them a ONE month supply of Se women have no safe water to mix it with, and couldn’t afford to buy more formula so they watered it down. They had no choice by then, which led to huge numbers of malnourished and dead infants.

    They purchased lakes from impoverished countries and then Eve lakes dry for their bottled water industry, leaving a trail of devastation behind. Not to mention their palm oil antics.

    You are too too much a beautiful soul to promote their product, which may be no better than snake-oil in reality. 💔

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i am not here to defend corporations their decisions or actions. what i am interested in is a healthy body. and i’m always eager to discover
      new products that help us build a healthy mind and body which celltrient is doing. in that vein i am happy to test products and share my findings
      with my readers.

    • Lindsey A says:

      Andrea, I share your distaste for Nestle – I’m in my early 40’s and have boycotted them since my teens, for precisely these reasons. When I was at Uni, they gave a talk to try to reassure students (they were struggling to attract educated talent, because there were many of us that didn’t want to work for them) and their corporate responsibility leadership turned even more people off – the pre and post event surveys showed that even fewer people would work for them!

      Beth – love you and your blog and totally respect your choices and decisions – we live in a free world. My comment is simply to let Andrea know she is not alone, and to pass on my experience of that talk.

  3. jackie says:

    I too am intrigued by this product and would be interested in how you use it in recipes as well………. Will keep a look out for it in Australia. Stay safe and well and have a great Christmas. I was hoping that you may repeat your Christmas entertaining book as I cannot seem to find mine. It was a great read with loads of ideas

  4. Debbie says:

    Beth, thanks so much for the information. Are you using both of these at the same time? Oh I noticed that the strength product also comes in a pill. Have you tried that? I’m looking at ordering both of these but I wasn’t sure if using both of these at the same time was advised. Thank you

  5. Henrik says:

    Very informative

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