how to wear plaid after the holidays

  1. Rita Johnson says:

    I had no idea that plaid was considered a “just holiday” thing!

  2. RORY says:

    Love your look today. I have had my eye on that sweater. I like the flats too.

  3. Andrea says:

    Love that outfit! I wear plaid from October to end of March on the frozen prairies 😉.

    I love that jacket – collarless! I find vests and that kind of jacket really annoying with a collar, as they usually won’t lay flat and bother my neck. Very difficult to find these days – yours is perfect 🥰

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love the post! I’ve been trying to come up with a way to wear a Stewart tartan shirtdress so that it doesn’t look like I missed the Christmas parade. I’m going to take your post as a green light and bust it out tomorrow with navy tights and a denim jacket.

  5. Cindy Culton says:

    Just ordered those pants Love the look Will wear with denim shirt and black cardi
    You look TERRIFIC Beth

  6. Lauren says:

    There is no confusion about the difference between a plaid and a tartan in Scotland unless that person has had their head in the sand. Tartan has specific requirements and each one is registered…often for a Clan but also for other purposes. Each “Set” that repeats must be the same number of threads, the colours of the threads following specific order in the Set (square) and the colours are also exact. Each Set is balanced side to side and top to bottom evenly. If you want to learn more look up Tartan and lear about all the Clans.
    A Plaid on the other hand is not registered, can vary in colours depending who makes it, are often not an even thread count, can be unbalanced in a square….but inspite of all that kind of looks somewhat like a tartan to the untrained eye. Plaids can be made of more wild or fashion colours.
    Both Tartans and Plaids have a place but they are not one and the same and not to be confused.

  7. Kathleen McDermott says:

    I’ve always loved plaid and like to wear it in any form. And definitely not just for holiday season. Especially love my various pairs of plaid ballet flats and pumps acquired over the years from Talbots, primarily, but other store too. It’s such a classic and always looks wonderful grounded with neutrals. Your outfit is adorable.

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