faux leather pants for the holidays

  1. Joy says:

    Love both of these- the casual so nice it could do night duty too

  2. Annie L. says:

    WOWEE ZOWEE, Beth! How about
    your uber festive earrings? 😍

  3. Sharon Olsen says:

    Great outfits for the holidays!

    Could you please tell where Kelly’s recipes can be found? I miss them. I had made several and my family really enjoyed them.

    Thank you!

  4. Priscilla C Herrera says:

    So Classy!

  5. LouAnn says:

    Wow! You look stunning! And your hair is perfect! I always enjoy your content.

  6. Francesca B. says:

    Love the look Beth! Please tell me where did you find the plaid throw? I like the look of the one you have! Thank you.

  7. Jacqueline Thomas says:

    I just love everything you wear! You are always stunningly stunning❤

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