summer slides

  1. Susan blue says:

    Love your style. You inspire me tremendously. Thx for you posts

  2. Susan blue says:

    Love your style thx for your posts

  3. Cathy says:

    Beth thanks so much for your post. I have been following you for about a year. I’ve learned so much about putting outfits together. Loved your five tips on utube. My closet use to intimidate me, now I look for all the wonderful possibilities. I appreciate your time and willingness to share.

  4. Lisa Sraders says:

    beth, I am sure I am the last person on the Internet to ask, ‘what does ootd mean’? 😉

  5. Cindy L says:

    This is genius, Beth! I have the same white jeans, but never thought about pairing with a safari jacket in a neutral shade. I will go digging for my jacket — thanks for the tip, as always. You look fabulous.

  6. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Casual but polished look for this time of year. You always put the perfect finishing touches on your casual outfits with great accessories. (I also love Madewell and will check out this jacket!) Enjoy your son’s birthday.

  7. donnanance says:

    Happy Birthday to your son! The time does fly, whether we want it to or not. I love this outfit…the slides are perfect with it. Wish I had saved some of my slides…used to wear them a lot. xoxo

  8. Sue Smith says:

    Neutrals just sort of balance the universe on those days when I just don’t want to figure out what colors I’m in the mood for! Looks great. Those slides are perfect with this.

    Happiest of birthdays to your son!

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