An Easter Outfit for Petites

  1. Jana Stelmack says:

    The outfit is very nice, but it could have been elevated to a more WOW factor with some jewelry (perhaps a longer statement necklace), sunglasses (always a staple in Beth’s wardrobe), perhaps an embellishment on her shoes, and maybe a hat.

  2. Liz says:

    I adore this fashion style!! and I’m glad to see there are more.

  3. Celine Stanasolovich says:

    Great suit – I love the flexible sizing and styling options of separates. You look great! My favorite is the shoes – fabulous!!!

  4. Sally says:

    Very nice looks great on you.

  5. Nancy says:

    That outfit is terrific on you Kelly! Love it!

  6. Love this outfit! So classy looking, I don’t like orange or look good in it, so I would change it to red. Love the shoes! Too bad they don’t come in red.

    • Hello Sherry, That’s the beauty of a suit, right? You can change up the top and shoes to whatever color you like best! The shoes have been around all year, with new color releases each season, so keep your eye on them, they may release red! Thanks for stopping by! xo Kelly

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