My Results Using Collagen For Her

  1. Lindsey says:

    Reading while working on my morning pot of tea – with collagen supplement stirred in. I started using it after reading your raves about it a while ago. The first day I could tell a slight difference in texture in my tea, the 2nd not so much, the 3rd onwards I was used to it. And wow what a difference! I traditionally have fine hair, and even my husband has commented that it is looking thicker and healthier. That’s where I’ve seen the biggest difference, though also in my skin and nails too. I used to have my collagen just at work and would use it M-F, now I WFH 2 days a week so I have some here too. And because I can see such good results, I keep a tub at our vacation home now too!

  2. Susan Kelley says:

    Beth: Thank you for this post. I’ve been using this product since you first posted it. It is amazing. My skin, hair and nails look amazing.

  3. Paula says:

    I have used Collagen for Her for awhile now and really like it because I don’t even notice it in my morning coffee. I have a question though about what is the difference between the pink container and the blue?

  4. Gail says:

    I switched from another brand toI this a couple of months ago. I like that it dissolves and no clumps, no smell! My nails are stronger & I’m hoping it helps with my hair loss. On a different note, I really liked the top you were wearing in the post yesterday and am wondering if you would please share where you purchased it? Thanks, & I look forward to seeing your blog every day.🙂

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