spring makeup and skincare roundup for mature women

a very happy Wednesday to you! since this blog and social channels are dedicated to aging with grace, strength, and beauty, i thought i would share my spring makeup and skincare roundup. these are products i use over and over again from a variety of brands.

many of you know in recent months i have had the privilege to partner with beauty powerhouses L’Oreal and Estée Lauder. ladies, it’s a very good day when brands recognize our demographic! for so long, over 50 women have been adrift as fashion and beauty brands have all but ignored us. take heart! slowly but surely, we are pushing the needle. little by little, our age group is becoming a force to reckon with. and i am so very proud to represent our age group! when i first started blogging, very few of us embraced gray hair. let me tell you, for years i fielded lots of negative comments on how “old” i looked with gray hair, which is an ageist attitude btw. i’ve always wondered why “looking younger” is a compliment and “looking older” has a negative connotation? let’s embrace our age and look the best we can, whether we’re 32, 52, or 72! but my oh my, what a difference a few years makes. on Instagram alone, there’s a new “going gray” page that springs up every day. that’s a victory as we have choices nowadays regarding our hair color or fashion choices. 

so what’s on my radar screen for spring? well, my makeup typically goes lighter – i love tinted moisturizers instead of a heavy foundation. lately, i’ve enjoyed a lighter lip as well. and my eyebrows are tinted gray! here’s what i’ve loved lately. my spring makeup and skincare roundup.

spring makeup and skincare roundup

i’ve shared Age Perfect Makeup from L’Oreal many times on the blog. read the opens in a new windowfull edition here. but a primer is a must-have in my makeup lineup, and i love the opens in a new windowBlurring Face Primer infused with caring serum. opens in a new windowAge Perfect Lash Magnifying Mascara in black or brown is also a favorite.

Nars is another brand i can count on year after year. their opens in a new windowOrgasm Blush is a perennial favorite, perfect for any skin tone. once spring and summer roll into town, i like to add a bronzer. the opens in a new windowBlush Bronzer Duo is convenient. opens in a new windowNars Air Matte Lip Gloss is a winner if you like a matte lip, and the opens in a new windowAir Matte Blush is creamy and dreamy.

an all-time bestseller is opens in a new windowMac Ruby Woo, a red lipstick that is universally loved. if you think an over 50 woman can’t rock a bold lip, think again.

continuing with my spring makeup and skincare roundup another lip gloss that’s infused with collagen is opens in a new windowitCosmetics Pillow Lips that comes in a myriad of colors. love their opens in a new windowCC Cream, but if you want a lighter look for spring, then try opens in a new windowYour Skin But Better Foundation.

recently, i changed my eyebrow color to gray. yes, opens in a new windowGimme Brow from Benefit includes gray as one of their eyebrow colors. it doesn’t look gray when applied rather, it has a cool tone that compliments my gray hair. they carry ten different eyebrow colors in all.

if there is one product that has made a difference with my lashes and brows, it is opens in a new windowRevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner that has lengthened my lashes and opens in a new windowRevitaLash Eyebrow Conditioner that’s given fullness to my brows. it is a game-changer for those of us who overplucked our brows in the 70s! 

opens in a new windowfresh beauty brand is another favorite of mine. if you are interested in trying any new skincare line, i suggest you purchase a opens in a new windowtravel-size kit. first, travel will come back, and you can throw the set into your travel kit on your next trip. but a travel size allows you to try something new without breaking the bank. i also love the opens in a new windowfresh Mini Mask Set. build self-care into your nightly routine by applying a mask, brewing a cup of tea, and drawing a hot bath.

Elemis is another brand i have had the privilege to partner with several times over the past few years. love the fact i can count on this brand year after year. the opens in a new windowElemis Pro-Collagen Hydra Eye Mask keeps our fine lines in check. and for a weekly one-two skincare punch, i use opens in a new windowElemis Resurfacing Pads then follow-up with opens in a new windowElemis Pro-Collagen Pro Acid Peel. recently, i added a opens in a new windowPro-Collagen Neck and Decolletage Serum into my routine for a little TLC to that area. i also like Prai Beauty.

spring makeup and skincare roundup

last but not least, a favorite beauty brand since i raided my mother’s beauty chest is Estée Lauder. for the past two months, i partnered with this iconic brand on Instagram and YouTube to put to the test opens in a new windowAdvanced Night Repair. it’s a keeper! you will definitely notice results like plumper, firmer skin. i also like their opens in a new windowTake Away Makeup Remover and opens in a new windowPomegranate Cleanser.


okay, gang, that’s my spring makeup and skincare roundup. let me know what you’ve loved lately. don’t forget; it’s Wednesday, so it’s time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours!


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  1. Linda D Bell wrote:

    Thanks for all the product ideas. Who knew when we were young eyebrows would be such a big deal as you age! I can’t wait to try the Gimme Brow!

    Posted 4.7.21
    • eyelashes and eyebrows disappear at an alarming rate once we hit a certain age. but thank goodness there are new products that help!

      Posted 4.7.21
  2. Thank you for sharing with us your skin products.
    Learn a lot about products.
    Some times you go to the store counters and you do not know if what they are telling you is the truth about the product. .
    Thank again

    Posted 4.7.21
    • there are so many products to choose from these days!

      Posted 4.7.21
  3. Cheryl wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    It’s interesting that you’ve included Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair.
    I’ve always thought it was a dinosaur, but just about every beauty blog I follow as well as woman’s magazine, has been singing its praises this Spring!!!! Will have to give it a try! Again!!!!
    Love your suggestion for makeup and lotions and potions. Nars “orgasm” has been my go-to blush for years. Just the name alone…….
    One product I recently discovered and love…Clinique’s Moisture Surge sheer time hydrator. They took their Moisture Surge deep moisturizer and made a tinted version. Comes in 7-8 shades, and if you’re like me..someone who hates to wear foundation…this is a great solution. Covers just enough, but gives my skin a glow! Doesn’t leave it greasy or prone to breakouts. Really like it and can’t say enough about it.
    Thank you for your great columns..always…happy Spring!

    Posted 4.7.21
    • Advanced Night Repair has recently been overhauled including a new recyclable glass bottle. Gotta love all the names Nars give their products.
      I’d like to be on the team that comes up with the names! Thanks for the Clinique suggestion. I will definitely try it out.

      Posted 4.7.21
  4. Andrea wrote:

    Less is more should definitely be our mantra in makeup. Cake face doesn’t even do the 20yr olds any Justice, unless of course, a woman has a condition or has scaring that makes her feel less than she would like.

    I have tinted my brows for a good ten yrs now (72) and when it starts to fade, I rely on the Benefit Give Me Brow, too. It never budges or smudges – even when I’m doing laps in the pool. I didn’t realize they have a grey now, so thanks for the heads up. I often buy two mini size ones for the purse/travel. They last for ever. Thanks again, Beth 🌷

    Posted 4.7.21
    • good idea about the mini’s! always love to hear from you.

      Posted 4.7.21
  5. Mary wrote:

    What’s your go to for treatment of dark spots?

    Posted 4.7.21
    • the IPL treatments i went through addressed dark spots caused by sun damage.

      Posted 4.8.21
  6. Anna wrote:

    Thanks for a good article. I’ve been searching and searching for a grey eyebrow color without success.

    Posted 4.10.21
    • i’ve been quite happy with Benefits!

      Posted 4.10.21
  7. Thank you very much for all the product ideas that you have shared with us through this article. I amazed by the products that you have shared with us. I can’t wait to give a try to Black Tea Overnight Mask.

    Posted 5.3.21
    • that mask is one of my favorites! enjoy!

      Posted 5.3.21

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