Age Perfect Makeup from L’Oreal

many of you know that i have proudly partnered with L’Oreal Paris for the past nine months. what an absolute privilege to be an ambassador for their new line opens in a new windowAge Perfect Makeup from L’Oreal, designed specifically for mature women and mature skin. although i have a feeling women of all ages will love opens in a new windowAge Perfect Makeup. if you’re interested, L’Oreal has an opens in a new windowAge Perfect skincare line too. today, on Instagram, i share their newest product in the lineup opens in a new window Blurring Face Primer infused with caring serum. but i didn’t want my blog family to miss out!

what’s so special about opens in a new windowAge Perfect Makeup? it’s formulated with vitamins, minerals, and serums that keep our skin hydrated and luminous. women’s skin tends to get drier as we age and loses its natural vitality. now we can put together a flawless look with moisturizing formulas and lightweight coverage that evens skin tones and doesn’t settle into lines.  love, love, love that this makeup line is infused with skincare. the opens in a new windowAge Perfect line includes all the necessities for a full face: complexion, lips, eyes, and brows.

Age Perfect Makeup from L’Oreal

armed with a bare face, i started with the opens in a new windowRadiant Serum Foundation with SPF 50. this lightweight foundation glides on seamlessly. it’s loaded with skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin B3. i used opens in a new window Radiant Serum Foundation in beige rose 30; that feels as if i’m wearing nothing at all. yet the formula looks supple and leaves my skin with a glow. my kind of foundation. and it doesn’t settle into fine lines. less is more as we just want to even out skin tone, so blend, blend, blend.

next, i applied the opens in a new windowRadiant Concealer with Hydrating Serum under my eyes and pinpointed any pigmentation or blemishes that needed extra coverage. choose a concealer shade that matches your complexion. i used  opens in a new windownude beige 210.


age perfect makeup mature women

for the eyes, opens in a new windowL’Oreal La Palette Nude created a soft smoky eye. the pearl shade is under the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. the soft taupe shade is on the upper lid. and the darker brown as the defining shade in the outer corner of the eye. make sure all edges are blended to create a soft but glam look.

age perfect makeup mature women

using the brow brush on opens in a new windowThe Age Perfect L’Oreal Brow Magnifying Pencil with Vitamin E, i gently brush my brow hairs upward. then i use the tip of the pencil to fill in the brow with feather-like strokes. make sure the brows don’t look heavy, so use the brow brush to blend. i like my brows to look full but natural. i use my natural brow shape as a guide. i’m using opens in a new windowL’Oreal Brow Magnifying Pencil with Vitamin E in soft brown.

to add definition to the eyes, use the black shade of opens in a new windowL’Oreal Age Perfect Satin Glide Eyeliner with Mineral Pigments. push the eyeliner into the upper lash line to fill in the root of the lashes. the opens in a new windowformula is waterproof, so it stays put. no smudges. next comes lashes with opens in a new windowAge Perfect Lash Magnifying Mascara with Conditioning Serum. first, i curl my lashes with an eyelash curler. then i apply a generous coat of mascara starting at the root. apply two coats or until you get the desired effect of full alluring lashes.

age perfect makeup mature women

now it’s on to blush. using the opens in a new windowshade 415 Peony L’Oreal Age Perfect Radian Satin Blush. the creamy formula is made with camellia oil for a luminous glow. use a blusher brush to apply the blush to the apple of the cheeks, blending up. 

the lips are lined with an opens in a new windowAnti-Feathering Lip Liner in 20 Flamingo Carmin following my natural lip line. then i apply  opens in a new windowAge Perfect Luminous Hydrating Lipstick in the matching shade 110 Flamingo Carmin. hydrating lipstick is a non-negotiable for me, so i was pleased with how supple my lips felt.

age perfect makeup mature women


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  1. Maribeth conklin wrote:

    I never know what colors to choose in the line. What blends with my skin tone? Any advise on choosing colors?

    Posted 3.7.21
  2. Laura wrote:

    Since your last post on the Age Perfect line I have bought most of the products. They are fantastic! I especially like the lip liners and lipsticks. Also, I am now the biggest fan of the mascara. The eyeliner goes on smoothly and is easy to apply. I appreciate having great products for my age.

    Posted 3.7.21
  3. Lisa wrote:

    I’m going to check out some of their products because the look great. You’re beautiful blue eyes are the shining stars!
    Please know I think of you daily and I hope you continue to find peace and comfort after the passing of your husband.

    Posted 3.7.21
  4. Andrea wrote:

    Timely post. Spring just brings out the playfulness in makeup and fashion and it’s a bumpy road for ‘us.’

    Love the Carmine lippie on you – also the colour you wore in the post wearing the peach/pink dotted PJs. My personal fav, non bleeding, non drying lipsticks are the YSL Couture, which is the parent company of L’Oreal, so will definitely have to give that Carmin a go as it really does look great on you. It’s good to have backup brands in case our favs get discontinued. Have fun experimenting and thanks for passing on your experiences. 🌷

    Posted 3.7.21
  5. Cathy Ogi wrote:

    I sure like the pearl necklace. And the red shoes. Lived in GA for three years when my son, Paul, was small. Now in Japan.

    Posted 3.7.21
  6. Sangita M wrote:

    I have used Loreal over the years. I look forward to trying this new line. Love your tutorials as always. Have a great week!

    Posted 3.7.21
  7. Jackie wrote:

    I absolutely love the lipstick

    Posted 3.7.21
  8. Paula Kopczynski wrote:

    So pretty, Beth! I love the L’Oreal make up and face cremes. Thank you for showing us what you applied and how! Love your blog, too!
    God Bless!

    Posted 3.7.21
  9. Kathleen McDermott wrote:

    L’Oreal is excellent. I rarely bought department store brands in the past, never now. So many reliable products in the drug store and supermarket. I have many, many L’Oreal products in my “beauty arsenal”, both makeup and skincare, and enjoy all of them. This particular line looks very promising. Thanks for presenting. We don’t have to spend ridiculous sums of money to look good.

    Posted 3.8.21
    • L’Oreal definitely has their act together when it comes to makeup or skincare. i hope you try the Age Perfect line.

      Posted 3.8.21

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