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another month has come and gone.  gulp! the holidays are upon us. can you believe that?  i hope all of you are enjoying the changes here at Style at a Certain Age. mr. style was behind every decision that we’re implementing. it warms my heart to see his hand in all of the behind the scenes action that junior style and my daughter-in-law Kelly are helping me bring to life. i hope you’ve had a chance to subscribe to our opens in a new windowYouTube channel. lot’s of action over there with beauty, skincare and style tips.  

but before heading into november, i wanted to give you all a recap of where we’ve been this past month. below, i’ve compiled by top 5 posts of october as chosen by you, my readers. as an extra bonus, i’ve also put together a top 10 list of my favorite items from this month.  

1. weight loss tips by healthy eating

today, i’m sharing weight loss tips by healthy eating. i know, i know, our generation was taught that in order to lose weight, we had to cut calories and exercise more. or choose low-fat options like using margarine over butter, or substituting low-fat sour cream over the real deal. 

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

 i cringe at all of the weight loss tips doled out for well over fifty years that just didn’t work. one of the biggest fallacies is that weight gain is just a normal part of aging, which is just plain wrong. if we want to age with strength and grace, we need to face our diet straight on – what we eat on a day-to-day basis. if we want to look and feel healthy and youthful, it’s all about healthy eating. if we get healthy, then we’ll lose weight. not the other way around.

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

another key ingredient to lose belly fat over 50 is intermittent fasting.  opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss first introduced me to this concept. what is intermittent fasting?  

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

read the entire post opens in a new windowweight loss tips by healthy eating to find out more. 

2. monday is the new friday 

when was the last time you played hooky and took a day for yourself? went to a movie? got a massage or a mani-pedi? called up your daughter for an impromptu lunch? self-care is one of the most important things and something we’re all guilty of not investing enough in. today, i’m throwing on on a pair of fall  opens in a new windowflared jeans, a suede jacket (similar  opens in a new windowhere), and my  opens in a new windowsnakeskin boots and heading out for a day to and for myself. come join me.

who thinks the  opens in a new windowflared blue jeans are the star of this outfit? besides me?  i’m just so happy to see a variety of denim silhouettes available this year in addition to our long-time favorite straight legs, boyfriend, or skinny jeans. there’s certain to be a pair of denim that suits you to a T.

heels are the perfect combination with flared denim—not only from an aesthetic perspective, but a functional one as well. this pair of  opens in a new windowhigh rise denim flares from Frame run loooong, so heels are a must unless you want to visit your local tailor to alter the length. i’m wearing a size 29 which translates to my typical size 8.

read the entire post, opens in a new windowmonday is the new friday.

3. france travel capsule | packing tips

for those of you who have followed me throughout the years, i’m no stranger to traveling.  mr. style, and i loved to get away; whether it be local or international.  over the years, i’ve documented our travels extensively and given various piece of travel advice you can find  opens in a new windowhere and here among other places.   if you’re looking for packing tips, specifically how to fit your travel wardrobe comfortably into your luggage, make sure to check out the video below. 

i’ve broken my items down by type and provided links for (at least) similar items.  stay tuned all week to see how i wore each outfit, both on the blog as well as  opens in a new windowYouTube.  

putting together your travel wardrobe can be daunting.  and like with anything, you can save yourself a lot of headache and frustration by going into it with a game plan.  a lot of us have a tendency to overpack and choose things we think we might want if...  and that’s fine, no doubt.  but that means that oftentimes we’re over our weight limit; or we check an oversized bag instead of a medium, or we bring 2 checked bags instead of 1.    

read the entire post opens in a new windowfrance travel capsule

on YouTube we recently introduced a new series called Friday Fives, where i share five skincare, makeup, beauty, and style tips with you.

here are five of my favorite lipstick shades.

4. fashionable career women

i made the jump to full-time blogger almost five years ago.  my job, in part, is to put together and model outfits in the hopes that it provides you inspiration in your daily lives—both personal and professional. as women, our daily lives are nothing short of robust. 

we are asked to wear a variety of hats and function in a multitude of roles.  so today, i want to encourage and celebrate those amongst us that are career women. and i want to continue to inspire all of us to be fashionable career women.

it’s time.  time to pull our boots from the back of the closet to the front.  whether you’re calf- or knee-high type-of-gal, fall and winter are all about the boots. in case you missed it, i put together a video of my top 10 list of shoes for fall & winter. it should come as no surprise, a large portion of that list was comprised of boots.


read the post opens in a new window fashionable career women

5. how to make your outfits versatile

on the day we took the excursion to Normandy i was on my feet all day, and the weather was chilly. the outfit was kept simple and comfortable:  i coupled a  opens in a new windowred turtleneck from  opens in a new windowJ.Crew with a pair of denim. this fall, there’s been lots of questions and comments from you, my readers, about stylish and comfortable footwear.  well, you’re in luck. this pair of stylish and comfy  opens in a new windowloafers received so many compliments while i was in France. every season i have one pair of shoes that turn into a style crush. guess what? this pair of loafers is definitely leading the footwear pack.

let’s get down to business:  bringing a versatile wardrobe while traveling. before heading out to Château d’Ételan (pictures below), i swapped out my denim ( opens in a new windowhere or  opens in a new windowhere) for a striking pair of  opens in a new windowroaming tiger pants from  opens in a new windowJ.Crew.  i kept the  opens in a new windowred turtleneck and the  opens in a new windowwhite loafers, and i was set.  good to go.  

read the entire post opens in a new windowmake your outfits versatile.

take a look at the YouTube october top five.


top ten items

here’s the latest style secrets video where i partnered with JCPenney for the third time this fall.

happy sunday, ladies!


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    How do I subscribe to your utube site

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    Hi Beth! Perhaps this has been mentioned, but the pop up to subscribe is not a good link and there is no way to opt out of it. I’ve already subscribed. I enjoy your blog posts!

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    • hi jo! thanks so much for letting us know. we’ll have tech take a look at this. xo

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  3. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    Great synopsis of previous posts. I love the different options for jeans right now–so many different looks can be incorporated with just a twist. Years ago we all had to wear the exact same thing. And jeans are so comfortable–you can dress them up or down, which I love. Looking good, Beth.

    Posted 11.5.19
  4. Aleyda wrote:

    Será para mi miejemplo de vestir. Es muy bella y elegante
    Gracias! Por ayudarnos a ser mejores con los años.

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