best way to lose weight fast with FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  1. Susan says:

    Beth I also have done almost 8 weeks of Fasterwaytofatloss on your recommendation. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I am amazed how much food plays a part in our well being! I have not had any gluten or dairy and have done IF and find it all very doable, I intend to adopt this as my new lifestyle. I have not been able to exercise do to a rotator cuff repair, but have still lost weight and inches! Thank you for recommending!

  2. Konda Nietfeld says:

    Beth, I wanted you to know that because of your testimony to the Fwtfl, I signed up in September and am just finishing my 8 weeks. I love the program and am making it my life. I have seen so many positive aspects such as losing pounds, inches, feeling great, sleeping great, and improved health. At 69 I didnt think I could lose inches and pounds, but this program does work, and all done in a positive manner. Thank you Beth!

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