Happy Thursday, ladies! Today, we're talking all things shoes.  I've pulled 25 of Summer's hottest shoes.  (Actually, just 25 of my favorite shoes, but who's counting?)

If you're like me, it's almost impossible to get enough shoes.  So many to choose from, so little closet space to put them.  With Summer in full swing, there are just so many options.  From sneakers to mules to wedges to sandals, the choices are endless and far too vast to cover in one post.

So, I've tried to streamline things a bit today.  I've pulled 5 different shoe types that I'm loving for Summer 2022:

  • slip-ons;
  • slide sandals;
  • white sneakers;
  • braided sandals; and
  • wedge espadrilles.

Ok, I know what you're thinking:  these categories aren't totally independent.  There is some overlap.  A lot of braided sandals just are slide sandals for example.  You're totally right.  But that's OK.  This is just meant as a rough guide for tackling some of the trending shoes of Summer 2022.

Also, for each shoe type, I've pulled together an outfit and recreated it.  I wanted to give you some style inspiration on how to wear these shoes.  I've worked hard to pick timeless, classic outfits that will work well beyond this Summer.  I've gone with a lot of neutrals, some colors---mostly subdued---and a few prints.

So, let's get right down to it and see Summer's hottest shoes.

The Summary

  Today I'm featuring 25 of my favorite shoes for Summer, broken down by category

  For each shoe type, I've pulled an outfit that goes perfectly with that shoe

  Each shoe and outfit is shoppable via a text or image widget

25 of Summer's Hottest Shoes

1. Slip-Ons


Similar outfit

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 2.54.37 PM

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5 of my favorite Slip-Ons

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 2.30.49 PM

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2. Slide Sandals


Shop the board

Slide Sandals

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 3.22.10 PM

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3. White Sneakers


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White Sneakers

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 4.55.28 PM

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4. Braided Sandals

Beth May 2022


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5. Wedges

cropped white denim, striped linen shirt, cornhusk handbag, and wedge sandals

Similar Outfit

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 6.05.42 PM

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In Case You Missed It

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Today, we’re continuing with our Spring fashion preview series.  We’re looking at 5 Spring 2022 shoes that are trendy.  They are:   

  • buckled sandals; 
  • clogs;
  • wedge sandals;
  • architectural heels; and
  • platform sneakers.

For each shoe, I’ve included shoppable widgets of some of my favorite examples of that shoe.  I’ve also rounded up different ways to style that shoe.  

Spring 2022 shoes

Buckled Sandals

Buckled sandals are in this year, and classics like Birkenstock come to mind.  In fact, I’ve already featured them over on Daily Looks.  They pair perfectly with denim and are great for days out and about to days at the beach.

Style tip:  Stick with neutrals, especially black and white to pair with just about any pant or short in your wardrobe.  

Shop Buckled Sandals (click below)




Clogs are back this year in a big way.  We featured them on the blog all the way back in January in our short guide on how to look chic casual.  Just like the buckled sandal, you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of your clogs.  They’re great if you’re lounging at home or are grabbing lunch with the kiddos or grand kiddos. 

Style tip:  Whether you’re gardening, on the go, or looking to up your work-from-home game, there’s a pair of clogs for you.  Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with this shoe.  

front porch life

chico's leopard vest, faux leather leggings, denim shirteasy spirit

easy spirit

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Wedge Sandals

Probably the most versatile shoe on the list, you can find comfy casual wedges to ones that you wear out on the town.  

Style tip:  Go matchy-matchy with your sandal and bottoms for an instant elevated look. 

Shop Wedge Sandals (click below)



Architectural Heels

2022 is the year of the architectural heel. I’ve seen so many fun and interesting heels so far this year already.  Such an easy way to add visual interest to an old favorite. 

Style tip:  The perfect “special occasion” shoe, whether you’re going to a wedding or graduation, the architectural heel is perfect.  

Shop Architectural Heel (click below)



Platform Sneakers

Ah, yes.  This might be my favorite shoe on the list.  We’ve been featuring platform sneakers a lot o the blog, especially over on Daily Looks.   If you’ve been following me regularly, you know I love my Adidas and Chuck’s Platform sneakers—such iconic looks that take a casual outfit to the next level. 

Style tip:  The classics—Adidas, Converse, and even Vans—never really go out of style.  

Shop Platform Sneakers (click below)



Daily Looks 

We just posted a new DAILY LOOK, so make sure to check it out. Daily Looks is a really simple feature:  a dedicated photo feed of my daily outfits. And you can shop those outfits easily through the shop the widget below the picture. 

In case you missed it

Looking to up your skincare regime?  Here are the top 5 skincare products I can’t live without to get you started. 

does fashion still matter in the new “normal”?  it’s hard to believe that in a matter of weeks, our conversations and concerns have shifted so dramatically and profoundly.  the things we were focused on in February are no longer top of mind—not even by a long shot.  as i go through our photo archives, the places junior style and i shot at no more than 6 weeks ago have been totally shut down.  the world, and us along with it, have changed almost overnight.  

it begs the question then, what is the role of fashion?  i continue to believe fashion as a distraction is a unifying force.  it can bring us together as a point of intersection and commonality.  for those of you that joined me on Facebook Live last night, that much was clear.  despite these uncertain times, a group of women were able to gather—separated in some cases by oceans—to enjoy the virtual company of others.  it’s a powerful thing to know that we are united during these uncertain times.  

does fashion still matter?

we’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks shifting our content to accommodate these changing times.  we’ve talked about staying healthy and fit while maintaining social distancing. we’ve also talked about hosting a virtual dinner party—something i wouldn’t have thought to do until recently.  but today, i want to return to the heart of this blog; i want to post a pure OOTD.  a fashion distraction.  i hope you enjoy!  

similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar pants | similar pants 2 | similar sweater | similar sweater 2 | shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar earrings  

easy spirit 

i’m showcasing one of my classic preppy looks.  it’s composed totally of neutrals. and it’s perfect for those cooler spring days which, here in Georgia at least, are still sprinkled in-between more summer-like days.  i’ve paired a (similar) blazer with a (similar) sweater and a pair of white ankle jeans from Talbots.  white jeans are classic and essential for any wardrobe.  they serve as the perfect neutral base that can be matched with just about anything.  

for my long time followers, you know that i’ve served as an Easy Spirit ambassador.  they’re such comfortable and convenient shoes, that i even featured them in one of my latest YouTube videos: top five sneakers for spring and summer. 

today, i’m featuring a pair of bell dress shoes from Easy Spirit.  use the code Beth25 for a discount at checkout.  

similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar pants | similar pants 2 | similar sweater | similar sweater 2 | shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar earrings

fashion as a distraction

in these uncertain times, there’s nothing more important than friends, family, and your health.  the focus right now is rightfully on just those things.  however, let’s not forget what has become peripheral: music, literature, movies, comedy, and of course, fashion.  these things, however frivolous they may seem during times like these, are what bring us together.  they foster conversation.  they bring smiles to our face.  sometimes we just need a distraction.  

similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar pants | similar pants 2 | similar sweater | similar sweater 2 | shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar earrings

yesterday, i spoke to career women.  i want to continue in that trend and talk today about modern women influencers—women trailblazers.  we’re all familiar with historically great women like Marie Curie and Susan B. Anthony  their contributions to the modern science & medicine and women’s suffrage are profound. but what about (potentially) less-known women like Grace Hopper, who profoundly changed computer programming and STEM more generally.  women have and continue to shape the world each and every day in all domains and industries.  and with each and every day, their stories are coming to the forefront more and more. 

i take it we all have women in our lives—some we know and some we don’t—who have influenced us.  i take it that we all have women in our lives who set an example and showed us that, although scary, we too can venture down less trodden paths.  who are those women for you?  your mother?  sister?  Grace Hopper?  someone else entirely? 

modern women influencers

those of us interested in fashion—and i take it all my readers are—are no doubt familiar with the modern female titans of industry:  Vera Wang, Donna Karan, and the like.  women like these not only shape the way we dress, but oftentimes, the direction of our society more generally as Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada reminds us.  


blazer |sweater | boyfriend jeans | similar belt 

denim is one of the most integral parts of our wardrobe.  and it’s difficult to get right.   this fall, i’ve broken out of comfort zones and (potentially) norms and sported everything from wide-legged jeans to skinny jeans.  however, one of the most versatile pieces of denim to incorporate into your fashion repertoire is the boyfriend jean.  you can wear them lounging at home.  or you can roll them up, throw on a pair of pumps, and head out for cocktails. 

fall blazers 

fall is all about the layering. and one of the best ways to layer is with a blazer. you all know how integral blazers are to my wardrobe.  they’ve been featured heavily on the blog over the years.  (see older posts here, here, and here.)  and they’ve also made several appearances on this month’s fashion flash over on YouTube.  (also see the above video.)  

 i’m sporting a regent blazer from J.Crew.  but i’ve also compiled a list of blazers i’m in love with from Ann Taylor and the like below.   

which one is your favorite?  tweed?  plaid?  a more neutral black? 

blazer |sweater | boyfriend jeans | similar belt 

versatility is one of the keys to any wardrobe with longevity.  blazers are perfect because you can throw them over anything from a tee to a sweater like the one from Nordstrom i’m sporting today.

those shoes! 

shoe 1 | shoe 2 | shoe 3 | similar handbag (similar, high-to-low) 

i’m a big believer in neutrals—blacks, whites, grays, and beiges.  but i’m also a big believer in color pop.  oftentimes, as we get older, we stop wearing a lot of colors and err on the side of neutrals.  but there’s a lot of ways to introduce color into your daily outfits.  i’ve chosen to accentuate my black sweater and blazer with a pair of blue-stripped pumps.  (similar shoes here, here, and here.

all right, gang!  tell me about your influences:  personal, professional, or fashion.  who has been a trailblazer in your life?  are you one?  what ways do you like to leave the beaten path and try something new?   

travel summary: new york city

i’m an empty-nester.  all three kiddos have been out of the house for a long time now.  and while two out of the three are here in Athens with me, i’ve got one that lives in New York City.  i try to get out to see him once or twice a year.  as some of you may have seen on Instagram, i went to visit him this past weekend.  and what a fantastic trip.  so many places to go, and so many places to be.  (we went to see Chicago on Broadway!)  but while i was there, it struck me that so many of you are taking similar trips this fall.  i know traveling can be stressful:  packing, getting to and from the airport, and taxiing in an unfamiliar city can be time consuming and overwhelming. whether you’re going with spouses for a weekend getaway, visiting (grand)kiddos across the country, or traveling for business,  i wanted to give you some travel tips & fashion ideas for your fall journeys. so today’s post is all about NYC travel tips and fashion.

travel outfit of the day

deciding what to wear on a flight can be tricky.  overdressing can be uncomfortable, especially on long flights.  but i like to be stylish—even at the airport—so underdressing isn’t an option.  i take the Goldilocks approach and aim for the sweet spot right in the middle.  for my flight to NYC, i sported a denim boilersuit you can grab from Nordstroms and a pair of Tretorn ny lite sneakers.  super easy, super comfy, and super stylish.  not a lot of moving parts in this outfit, which is exactly what we’re going for, especially when we consider going through airport security.    


denim boilersuit sneakers | similar handbag similar Delsey underseat suitcase

when going for a weekend trip, i pack light.  (you can read about how i pack my carry-ons here.) two bags this weekend:  an under-seat suitcase created for Macy’s and a suede satchel you can pick up from Talbots.  bags, including suitcases, are accessories that can take your outfit to the next level and really make it shine.  the red color pop from the satchel contrasts perfectly with the cool denim and really makes the entire outfit pop. stay tuned to how i styled this ootd for nighttime. it’s another NYC travel tips and fashion

night outfit of the day

if you want to keep your weekend suitcase small and are committed to packing light, think about reusing your travel outfit.  swap out your sneakers for heels and spruce up the original outfit with accessories and/or layers.  


denim boiler suit blazer shoes similar handbag

here, i’ve kept the original denim boilersuit, swapped out the sneakers for some Tory Burch pumps and layered the outfit with a perfect-for-fall plaid long double-breasted blazer.

whether you’re heading out for cocktails, dinner, or a movie pair this outfit with this a simply sleek leather clutch, and you’re good for a night on the town. 

denim boiler suit blazer shoes similar handbag

travel tips

traveling alone

with mr. style gone, i have to travel alone.  without someone to help share the load, i’ve got to be prepared.  below, i’ve compiled a list below of the things i think about before, during, and after a trip.  all are obvious, but all are worth reminding ourselves every time.  

  • packing.  packing is planning, and planning is packing. have the right suitcases and bags for the right trips.  are you going for a weekend getaway or a two week stay in Europe?  different locale and durations have different requirements.  and remember always that suitcases are investments—they’re worth the upfront cost.  if you’re in need of inspiration on how or what to pack, check out some of my older posts here, here and here.
  • your wallet.  seems obvious, but how many times have you walked out of the house without your ID, keys, credit card(s), and/or cash?  it happens to all of us.  you don’t want it to happen to you, especially if you’re leaving the country.  always double and triple check whether you have at least your ID—drivers license and/or passport—and a credit card.  that way if you get stranded, God forbid, you can head to a branch of your bank, hotel, and/or embassy and resolve the situation as painlessly as possible. 
  • phone & apps.  you’ve got your phone, but did you forget your charger?  you’ve got you charger, but do you have a backup battery supply?  our phones have become such integral parts of our lives, it’s not only frustrating when they’re out of juice, it can be scary, especially when we’re in an unfamiliar city.  also, it’s worth checking whether you not only have all of the necessary apps for your trip, but that they’re properly configured too.  uber, airb&b, delta, google and/or apple maps, expedia, etc.  apps are there to make our lives easier.  however, don’t get caught in a situation where you’re trying to grab an uber in L.A. only to discover that you’re credit card information is wrong and you don’t have service. 
  • know where you’re going and what’s available to you when you’re there.  are you going to Brazil or some other country that requires a travel visa?  does your cell carrier offer international travel plans, or will you have to buy a burner phone when you land?  does your airb&b have wifi, or will you have to find a local coffee shop to check email?  these are all questions that you should ask your self well before you land in your destination city.  do some research about where you’re going and what they have to offer.   knowing is in fact half of the battle.
  • have a plan.  from the initial stages of packing to a list of bars and restaurants you want to try when you arrive—plan your trip.  some of you are over-planners.  some of you fly by the seat of your pants.  i’m somewhere in the middle but am always on the lookout for new travel tips, tricks and hacks.  do you have any that i forgot?  add them in the comments below. 

more NYC travel tips and fashion outfit ideas 

i would be remiss if i didn’t give you a breakdown of the outfits i wore in NYC.  below, you’ll find i’ve laid them all out—literally on my table—in the hopes that it will provide you with inspiration for your fall travels.  remember, one of the keys to traveling is layering.  temperatures fluctuate wildly, especially in transition seasons like fall and spring.  airplanes are cold, and stepping out of the airport in Atlanta can be extremely hot.  one way to be prepared is to design outfits with multiple layers:  t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and the like.    

outfit 1: marigold tunic & skinny jeans


denim | similar tunic here, here & here | similar shoes similar handbag | similar necklace | similar bracelets

outfit 2: denim jacket & black joggers

similar joggers tee | denim jacket shoes similar handbag | similar necklace similar bracelets

outfit 3: tweed blazer & distressed jeans 

denim | similar graphic tee here, here, & here blazer similar shoes | similar handbag | similar necklace | similar bracelets

all right, gang, it’s wednesday! time to put a smile on someone’s face including your own. 


september has come and gone.  can you believe that?  i want you all to know that we have big things coming this fall and winter.  with junior style and my daughter-in-law Kelly, we’re planning big expansions to both the blog and the YouTube channel.  so stay tuned! 

but before heading into october, i wanted to give you all a recap of where we’ve been this past month.  below, i’ve compiled by top 5 posts of september as chosen by you my readers.   as an extra bonus, i’ve also put together a top 10 list of my favorite items from this month.  

1. lose belly fat over 50 with FASTer Way to Fat Loss 

for the past fifty years, we’ve been told to cut calories and exercise more. right?! wrong. while exercise is key to staying active our diet is the most important factor to aging well. 

lulu lemon leggings, lulu lemon tank, lulu lemon jacket

if you want to lose belly fat over 50 there are a few things to consider. first, balance your macros. many of you might be wondering what macros are. they’re better known as carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Faster Way to Fat Loss

another key ingredient to lose belly fat over 50 is intermittent fasting. FASTer Way to Fat Loss first introduced me to this concept. what is intermittent fasting?  

Faster Way to Fat Loss | Peloton

read the entire post here to find out more. 


2. wide leg jean’s  | what’s on trend for fall

i have been shopping at Banana Republic for all things fall.   it’s been a minute since i’ve purchased anything from this iconic retailer that was a favorite of mine all through the nineties and into the twenty-first century. but in recent years Banana has been hit or miss for me.  but recently i went on a spree.

wide leg jeans, gray turtleneck, red handbag

this shopping spree proved to be a success with several items landing in my shopping cart.  i’m sharing wide-leg jeans that are on-trend for fall. if you are looking to update your wardrobe in a jiff, look no further than an updated pair of blue jeans.

wide leg jeans, gray turtleneck, red handbag

it’s an easy and inexpensive way to look modern and chic because we all know a great pair of denim will take you anywhere in style. personally, i’m loving wide-leg jeans and the high-waist. it’s a refreshing change from the skinny or straight jean.

wide leg jeans, gray turtleneck, red handbag

read the entire post here for more. 


3. update your wardrobe with 5 new items 

on my YouTube channel, i introduced a new series where i select five items from a specific brand. this is an easy way to incorporate trends into your existing wardrobe that helps our outfits stay current and fresh. this week i went shopping at Ann Taylor.  you can watch the YouTube video or read the entire post here to see what i recommend. 


4. first call for fall with Talbots 

it’s first call for fall with one of my favorite brands – Talbots. and let me be the first to say i wanted “one of everything, please,” from their new catalog. 

first call for fall with Talbots

while checks are on-trend this season and i chose a gorgeous check blazer with a muted color palette. there’s something to be said about a tried and true staple. like a pair of indigo navy pants that will serve me well season after season.

first call for fall with Talbots

Talbots spoke to thousands of women and discovered that despite a closetful of options, women only wear the same six pairs of pants. again. and again. and i know why! 

first call for fall with Talbots

‘cuz when you find pants that fit you well you will buy them in every color under the sun. nine-in-10 (90%) women said that when buying a pair of pants, they care the most about comfort. and i quite agree!  read the entire post here to see why. 


5. top ten shoes for fall and winter

it’s full steam ahead into fall which means we’re trading in our flip-flops and sandals for loafers, boots, and booties. today, i’ve put together a list of my top 10 shoes for fall and winter.  but if you only owned one pair of shoes, it would have to be black pumps. they go with everything

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a black cashmere Turtleneck dress, faux leather leggings and suede pumps.

don’t forget there are a variety of heel heights to choose from. so pick a height that your tootsies will thank you for.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears Anthropologie red pants, pink and red shirt, Everlane black raincoat, and black suede pumps

see my entire top 10 list by reading the post here


top 10 items 

  1. Ann Taylor’s bow neck shell blouse
  2. Ann Taylor’s zebra print cardigan
  3. Old Navy’s high-rise, wide-leg, patch pocket jean
  4. Talbots’ piped tweed jacket
  5. Talbots’ suede satchel 
  6. Boden Richmand pants 
  7. Ann Taylor’s short trench coat
  8. Talbots’ checkered mac
  9. Ann Taylor’s high-rise, straight legged jean
  10. Talbots’ chatham ankle pants


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