trailblazing women

  1. Cathy says:

    I love the trailblazers series you have been doing. It’s made me think. I am a trailblazer to part of my family because I was the first member of my Mother’s side of the family to graduate college and then go back for a Masters degree later in life (with a husband 2 kids and a full time job in health care). My mother was a trailblazer to me because she was always encouraging and told me that I could do anything I wanted if I was willing to work hard enough to achieve it. She was right!

  2. Suzanne M Smith says:

    The shoes are perfect with the blue accent at the collar in the jacket. Nice touch! Women role models are so important–so many it’s hard to choose just a few. My mom honestly was an amazing role model for me, (and actually also apparently for a number of other people who’ve told me so over the years.) Professionally, the Notorious RBG is up there. And fashion-wise, my mom pretty much shoots it out of the park there, too–but maybe also I’ll say the elegant Audrey Hepburn.

  3. Elli says:

    Here is an idea for your site. I would like you to choose a friend (or more) of yours that has a difficult to style body. An apple. A large chest. Or quite overweight. Use what they have in their closet and show us a few styles. It will help those of us who may not be slim or tall. So that we will see the potential in our figures and closets. Thanks!

  4. You always look beautiful.
    I just watched Hot & Flashy’s Target Haul.
    Ugh! So thin. Size XS size 2 jeans. That’s ok but you’re a REAL woman. You look awesome in your clothes. No little bird legs sticking out of booties.
    Your appeal is across the board. A gal we can all relate to. Thanks.
    BTW…I didn’t intend this as critical of Angie. I love her makeup tips.

  5. Cathy Cunningham says:

    Love everything about your look. It would certainly meet my needs.

  6. Paula says:

    Beth I have followed your blog for years. I discovered, several years ago, though, that many of your styles do not work for petite women such as myself. However, I do continue to subscribe and often I am drawn to the sweaters and shirts you promote. I also enjoy your recipe and health-related topics. Could you do an update on your hairstyle? I think it might work for me!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      well good news! my daughter-in-law is a petitie size and she will be coming on the blog featuring outfits in the near future. thanks so much for continuing to follow along with me in spite of the size difference. i’ll try to get a hair tutorial up sooner rather than later. xo

  7. Susan says:

    Beth I love your blog and look forward to reading everyday! I always get a tip here and there. I am a lover of unique shoes, so I add a pop of color with shoes , bags and scarfs. I love neutrals. My Nana was always my inspiration, she was elegant, kind, intelligent, she was the entire ball of wax.

  8. Shannon Johnson says:

    What a great question Beth! On reflection I see that I’ve been my own trailblazer. On starting my engineering career 40 years ago there were no known role models beyond Marie Curie…the others weren’t introduced. It has been wonderful to know so many younger women who have come along…what a change from my early days!

  9. Mary Eddy says:

    Don’t forget Eileen Fisher in your list of trailblazing fashion gals!

  10. Julie Fluhr says:

    Love this outfit–I am a preppy gal too–but the shoes are fabulous! Early in my career, I got to meet Commodore Hopper (as she was then known) just before she retired from the Navy. She was a “salty old broad” in all of the very best ways possible. I was so inspired by the conversation that this English Lit loving bookworm chose a STEM career and never looked back. She was brilliant!

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