how to wear blue jeans

it’s safe to say denim plays a large role in my wardrobe. i imagine yours too. and the fashion world does its best to put its spin on this iconic wardrobe staple to keep it fresh and modern. today, there are so many designs available –  skinny, flare, wide-leg, cropped, and embellished. but the fit is the most important factor when it comes to a great pair of blue jeans. the ones you will reach for time and again. so what’s a girl to do when it comes to buying the ‘perfect’ pair? does it even exist? well, my advice is to take an afternoon and try on a gazillion pairs. no kidding! it may feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, but when you find the ‘one,’ you’ll know. it’s all about finding the right fit for your body. when it comes to shapes, we’re a variety pack, ladies, not a ‘one size fits all.’  so let’s take a look at how to wear blue jeans

style tip: before you head to the fitting room, take a pair of blue jeans and wrap the waistband around your neck. if it’s snug, go try it on! 

denim is a key factor when it comes to my style uniform. for those readers new to the blog, i lovingly refer to my go-to uniform as the 4B’s – blazer, blue jeans, button-down, and ballet flats or boots. sometimes i exchange the button down for a tee or the ballet flats for heels. whenever i’m in doubt about ‘what to wear,’ my style uniform comes to the rescue. denim always looks chic with tailored pieces – it’s simple and modern, and it still works. 

style tip: dark rinse denim is dressier than light rinse.

style formula

wild, wild, west

monday, monday



how to wear blue jeans

the easiest way to update your denim wardrobe is with a new silhouette. while skinny jeans have become a wardrobe staple, straight legs and wide-legs are gaining strength. and they look terrific with a beautiful blouse. don’t forget boyfriend jeans with a looser fit or high waist jeans that make your legs look longer even without heels. cropped jeans, stepped hem jeans, hem release jeans, frayed hem, a high-rise with a cropped kicky hem. as you can see, there are choices, ladies, lots of options.

style tip: boot cut and wide-leg denim are flattering to most body types.

so when and where did blue jeans pop into existence? you have jacob w. davis in partnership with levi strauss to thank for this invention. the two businessmen came together right here in the U.S.A. to patent this revolutionary product back in 1873. since then, denim sales have always been robust, but it was the 1950’s teenager that gave this humble pant some traction. and blue jeans, nicknamed by the baby boomers in the 1960s, have been picking up steam ever since.

today, i’m sharing a few ways i wear denim. from the mighty blue jean to jean jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts, and shorts. i guess it’s safe to say i’m a blue jean mama at heart. how about you? 

style tip: it’s okay to venture out of your comfort zone from time-to-time!

neutral navy

denim or chambray shirts look great with skirts, white denim, or shorts. the look is casually sophisticated.



style tip: a perfect fitting traditional jean jacket will never go out of style. and they go with everything. dresses and skirts and chinos, and the list goes on and on. nowadays, jean jackets come in a variety of styles.

memorial day

shirtdress season

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a black pleated skirt, white tee, denim jacket, and gold metallic pumps



how to wear blue jeans | dresses, shirts, or shorts

denim dresses are a great option when the temps heat up. they can fly solo or add a tee underneath for a change of pace. 

style tip: denim shirtdresses easily convert to dusters. but a simple popover dress in chambray is a fantastic summer option.

how to wear a denim shirtdress

how to wear blue jeans

how to wear blue jeans

how to wear blue jeans

how to wear blue jeans

how to wear blue jeans

want some to add some fun to your wardrobe? then grab a pair of colored denim.

how to wear blue jeans

how to wear blue jeans




  1. Christine wrote:

    Your ode to denim is so very practical,pretty and posh ! I am yearning to buy new jeans .
    Hopefully the fitting rooms will reopen soon! Spring offers hope !

    Posted 2.14.21
    • there’s always online shopping! but the fitting rooms will be waiting for us. it’s just a matter of time.

      Posted 2.14.21
  2. Janet wrote:

    Liked seeing all the different combinations 😊

    Posted 2.14.21
    • thanks for stopping by, janet!

      Posted 2.14.21
  3. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Perfect blog! Perfect timing! SE Texas presently hunkered down for an unusual winter storm. Here you are, to the rescue, with denim! Every single point and picture has lifted my spirit. Your hair, makeup, backgrounds, accessories, Oscar! Perfect. Recognize some pics from your days in San Francisco. So beautiful! I learned of you late November 2016. Love your Athens pics, but your Cali pics are stunning. This post reminds me that an all-denim wardrobe could work for me. I feel so good in denim, whether dressed up or down. And I’m a Baby Boomer! Thanks once again, Beth, for all the inspiration you offer~

    Posted 2.14.21
    • you are always so supportive, sylvia! thank you for all the love. the blog is like a diary to me and it’s fun to go back in time.
      miss our days in San Francisco!

      Posted 2.14.21
  4. Maribeth conklin wrote:

    My favorites of this post.
    Jean shirt and purple skirt. Pink tee shirt and black pleated skirt. Absolute favorite are the jeans with the white tee shirt, and colorful scarf. The diamond print jacket. That outfit looks a amazing on you. I notice you don’t wear sneakers get often?

    Posted 2.14.21
    • i do wear sneakers quite often. but they didn’t make it into today’s post. but keep an eye out for them.

      Posted 2.14.21
  5. Jan wrote:

    You look great in all those jeans. So glad you didn’t include those torn ripped jeans .you sometimes wear. I hope they are on their way out.

    Posted 2.14.21
    • awwww, those ripped jeans are still in my closet. and i hate to tell you but i still love to wear them. that’s the great thing about style. we don’t always have to agree.

      Posted 2.14.21
  6. Elizabeth Brown wrote:

    I love the Crystal dog!! Where can we find it?

    Posted 2.14.21
    • that belt is Agnes B. a french brand. i wore it so often that many of the crystals fell out… one of my favorites!

      Posted 2.14.21
  7. karen wrote:

    Where did you find yellow-ish, collarless jacket with zipper in the 2nd picture of this post (how to wear blue jeans)?

    Posted 2.14.21
    • that is a very old leather jacket from Nicole Miller.

      Posted 2.14.21
  8. carole wrote:

    where did you get the DARK wash denim shirt with light buttons/snaps? every one I find including those you list, are light wash, which is not as flattering. thank you

    Posted 2.14.21
    • that is a very old denim shirt from Target. the current trend is a light wash denim so we’ll just have to sit tight until
      dark rinse comes back into vogue.

      Posted 2.14.21
  9. Bren wrote:

    Thanks Beth, for this focus on denim. I’m a long-time reader but have never commented before. Your mention of using a denim dress as a duster brought up a question: my denim dress has a curved hem rather than a straight one, so I’ve wondered about using it as a duster. Is it better to have a straight hem instead, as you do in your example?
    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and all the wisdom you share. I hope you’re having a happy Valentine’s day (and are maybe giving Oscar and Ollie some extra hugs)!

    Posted 2.14.21
    • the denim dress in the post has a curved hem. but i think either a straight or curve would work. happy valentine’s day to you!
      oscar and ollie will adore the extra love!

      Posted 2.14.21
  10. Wow! You sometimes forget how many
    different ways there are to wear jeans
    and/or denim jackets. Thanks for all the
    tips. I wear denim jeans only about twice
    a week, but wear colored ones at least
    once a week.

    Posted 2.14.21
    • denim is one of the hardest working wardrobe staples. see, you’re wearing them two to three times a week. now that’s a closet

      Posted 2.14.21
  11. Leslie wrote:

    Why this sudden. Rust of activity? I’m enjoying it, but it’s unusual to see so many posts in one week.

    Posted 2.14.21
    • ??? are you referring to the times of week the blog is posted or the variety of photos in this post? the blog has always posted five or six times a week for close to six years. and since we have a rich archive of photos we will put together a post like today that
      showcases all the different ways to wear denim.

      Posted 2.14.21
  12. Iaralucia wrote:

    Gosto de ver suas postagens , mas n Sei falar ingles sou brasileiro e so fall portugues

    Posted 2.14.21
  13. MP wrote:

    “style tip: before you head to the fitting room, take a pair of blue jeans and wrap the waistband around your neck. if it’s snug, go try it on!”
    Can you explain this? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Posted 2.14.21
    • take the waistband and wrap it around your neck. if the waistband of a pair of jeans fits snugly around your neck (no gaping) then those blue jeans will fit. it’s an old style hack
      that works.

      Posted 2.14.21
  14. Gloria sutton wrote:

    Amazing outfits!!
    Very up lifting

    Posted 2.14.21
    • thanks for stopping by!

      Posted 2.14.21
  15. Andrea wrote:

    Hope your having a warm relaxing day, Beth. I could sure use a cuddle with Oscar right now, -52 the other day (windchill). Nervous about even going out in the car, in case it stalls 🥶

    Your post is perfect, as denim is a wonderful fabric for winter chills. And always looks great with cardiacs and jumpers. Frigid outside = fabulous inside 💝

    Posted 2.14.21
    • i do not miss the freezing cold weather february loves to deliver. stay warm!

      Posted 2.14.21
  16. Debra A Brown wrote:

    Loved all the outfits!
    You rocked!!

    Posted 2.14.21
    • i so appreciate you being here!

      Posted 2.14.21
  17. carmen wrote:

    Hi, can you tell me where you bought your belt, the one with what looks like to me to be a scottish terrier buckle?
    thank you

    Posted 2.15.21
  18. Adrian wrote:

    Dear Beth,
    What a fabulous picture shoot this time, fabulous outfits I’m loving it, also lovely to see Oscar, lovely clothes. 🌷😘

    Posted 2.15.21
  19. Kate Granado wrote:

    This post is a keeper. But, the thought of a dressing room with stacks of jeans to try on – just me, the stacks, and the dreaded 3-panel mirror!!! You are right. It is the way to find what works.
    Thanks for all the tips. And, I have to compliment you – you are the Queen of the pose. Each one is so good.

    Thanks, Beth

    Posted 2.15.21
    • you are so sweet! and, yes, there is a pair of perfect jeans after the try-on session.

      Posted 2.15.21
  20. Cindy wrote:

    I love the long geometric sweater jacket it looks like a classic piece. Would love a piece like it, where did you find that fabulous sweater/jacket? Thoroughly enjoy your blog.

    Posted 2.15.21
  21. Jodi wrote:

    I love it all! But especially adore the top layer in the 5th photo down from the top. It appears to be a sweater jacket, with a geometric print. Sorry if I missed the source somewhere, but where is it from? Thanks!

    Posted 2.16.21
    • that coatigan is five or six years old from Talbots.

      Posted 2.16.21
      • Jodi wrote:

        Thanks Beth! Hope they bring it back. It’s a classic.

        Posted 2.19.21
  22. Lindsey A wrote:

    Love denim and am on the hunt for the perfect denim dress for this spring.

    Also, a shout out to Levi’s for something completely different – they are partnering with the San Francisco 49ers and Santa Clara County here in the bay area, to make their namesake stadium available as a mega-clinic for Covid vaccinations. Initially they’ll do 5,000 per day there, raising to 15,000/day as more inventory becomes available. From what I’ve heard, they’re helping support logistics etc.

    Posted 2.16.21
  23. Julie Berger wrote:

    Loved this article!!! Jeans are my staple and I loved all the variations you provided. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Posted 2.17.21
  24. Vera Matson wrote:

    Hello, I love this extensive post! I have to ask about the fifth photo. I love that Talbots coatigan, but where is the handbag from? Is it suede? I love simple leather bags like that! Thanks!

    Posted 3.8.21
    • that tote is from Zara. yes, it’s suede.

      Posted 3.8.21

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