loungewear and a look at my backyard

it looks as if Punxsutawney Phil was right. winter is here to stay, and it’s delivering a one-two punch with winter storms stretching from coast to coast. snow, ice, and power outages affect millions, so it’s time to hunker down, stay inside and enjoy a crackling fire. growing up in the midwest and living in Minnesota on three different occasions have me well acquainted with inclement weather. from tornadoes to blizzards, i’ve seen my fair share of storms and freezing temps. february is the most challenging month to trudge through as there’s typically a cold front that blows through town and decides to take up residence. 

even in Georgia, the weather took a turn for the worse. thank goodness no snow in my neck of the woods, but there’s been rain and more rain, and there’s more on the way. if you follow me on Instagram, then you know a major landscape project is underway at casa Djalali. although for the time being, it’s been put on hold thanks to mother nature. but i thought i’d show the progress made thus far. so i’ll slip into my comfy loungewear and a we’ll take a look at my backyard. front yard too!

loungewear and a look at my backyard

today’s outfit couldn’t be comfier or cuter to wear on a dreary day. the knit pants, sweater, and jacket all hail from opens in a new windowBanana Republic. BR has been a favorite retailer for years, with some hiccups along the way. but in the past year or so, they’ve really been on top of their game. all sizes of my ootd are medium, although i should have sized down to a small for the pants. the opens in a new window popover rain jacket is water-resistant with side zip and a ton of pockets. anyone else cuckoo for pockets? this opens in a new window little number will be on style repeat throughout spring, especially on my evening walks with oscar. the opens in a new windowcamo sweater comes in gray or olive green. it couldn’t be softer with a little stretch. but what impressed me is that it feels light as a feather to wear, which doesn’t always happen with a sweater. sometimes, they’re downright bulky. and the opens in a new windowwashable merino sweater joggers are perfect to wear at home or out and about. plus, they come in four colors: gray, navy, ivory, and spice. someone recently commented that i don’t wear sneakers. well, today’s ootd proves that i love opens in a new windowsneakers especially the slip-on style.

a new sidewalk for the front yard. landscaping to follow. the original sidewalk hugged the house, making it feel crowded. it was moved several feet and widened.

opens in a new windowjoggers | opens in a new windowsweater | opens in a new window jacket | opens in a new windowsneakers

the backyard has a new flagstone walkway that connects the new patio to the old one. it’s a complete disaster outside for the time being, and you should see what oscar’s paws look like when he’s ready to come back inside!

loungewear and a look at my backyard

loungewear and a look at my backyard

loungewear and a look at my backyard

my cheeks are still swollen from my second round of IPL (intense pulsated light) treatments. but the second time around, my face faired quite a bit better than the first. this time i included my neck and chest, which look pretty gnarly at the moment. just like my backyard, my face will be looking lighter and brighter when it’s all said and done. both houses and bodies need maintenance as we age. am i right?!

loungewear and a look at my backyard

opens in a new windowjoggers | opens in a new windowsweater | opens in a new window jacket | opens in a new windowsneakers

loungewear and a look at my backyard

loungewear and a look at my backyard

happy Monday, gang! here are a few President’s Day sales.

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  1. Barbara Paul wrote:

    Dear Beth
    I enjoy your posts very much and have learnt a great deal from your style. I live in Devon, South West England and wanted to say I adore your seats on the front porch. It is like something from a very classy and genteel film.

    Posted 2.15.21
    • southern front porches are the best! love those rocking chairs.

      Posted 2.15.21
  2. Katherine wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    You look cozy and very comfortable in your outfit today.
    Your front and back garden will look beautiful when it’s all done down the line.
    I can tell by the materials you are using and what you have described the end result will be fabulous. I so look forward to seeing your landscape design project when it’s all done.

    Posted 2.15.21
  3. Eve wrote:

    It’s going to be beautiful when finished. I think you’ve chosen the perfect outfit for the weather. It’s going to be 17 here on the MS Gulf Coast tonight. We pull in the sidewalks at that temperature.😊

    Posted 2.15.21
  4. Karyn L Gramata wrote:

    I’m eager to see the backyard adventure as it unfolds!

    Posted 2.15.21
  5. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, its looking good, can’t wait to see the end result.
    I agree with Barbara, I too love your front porch and also the screen one at the back, I wish we had things like that in England. We have a friend who lives in Florida and we meet up with her for breakfast when we go over at a place called Crackerbarrel. They have an array of rocking chairs at the front outside which they sell, I think they’re great xoxo Julie from England 🇬🇧

    Posted 2.15.21
  6. Jan wrote:

    Love your comfy outfit. I have been wearing the same fleece clothes for way too long!

    Your backyard looks huge and like a major undertaking! I am sure you will love it though once it is done.

    Take Care,

    Posted 2.15.21
  7. Bonnie Holley wrote:

    Your yard is looking great Beth and it will be so lovely! Spring and Summer are just around the corner and then you will be enjoying your new backyard!

    Posted 2.15.21
  8. I woke you to -24 this morning in Minnesota, so I am wearing my sweater
    joggers in light blue and water-resistant
    barn jacket in black. You showed the
    camel colored joggers and almond jacket
    in one of your blogs recently. I am so
    cozy and warm.
    Good luck with your renovation.

    Posted 2.15.21
  9. Judi Hume wrote:

    How exciting! Both the yard and your face! I’m considering IPL myself, so I’m looking forward to seeing your results! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the pics!

    Posted 2.15.21
  10. Helen wrote:

    Wow, Beth! You have quite a project there . Love the paved path and looking forward to seeing the rest. Cheers

    Posted 2.15.21
  11. Carroll wrote:

    Love that new walkway! Perfect!

    Posted 2.15.21

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