cold weather essentials puffer jacket and boots

if ever there was a time for puffer jackets this is the perfect week. for the first time in weather history, the entire state of Texas is under winter storm warnings. more than 40 states are affected by this winter blast that’s left snow, ice, dangerously cold temps, and power outages in its wake. Seattle reported its snowiest day in 52 years! temperatures nationwide are 50 degrees colder than normal. time to stay home, bundle up, and make hot cocoa. but let’s not forget cold-weather essentials, puffer jackets and boots that come to our rescue if we venture outside.

Georgia has been spared the snow, ice, and freezing temps. instead, we had rain and more rain with a high of 39 degrees. although the sun is slated to make an appearance this afternoon. but that’s chilly enough to don this opens in a new windowpuffer jacket that’s been on style repeat all winter long. first, it was paired with opens in a new windowblack jeans, and opens in a new windowsuede booties read opens in a new windowclassic style series Princess Diana, then it came to the beach with a pair of opens in a new windowred boots read opens in a new window what to wear to the beach in winter. today, the jacket was reversed to black for a completely different look. how’s that for versatility?

cold weather essentials puffer jacket and boots

today’s ootd is perfect for that cold weather that arrived with a vengeance. one aspect of this water-resistant opens in a new window puffer jacket that i love is the detachable hood. hoods are perfect to ward off rain, snow, or sleet and won’t leave you with hat hair. although if i were braving single digits, i’d have a hat and hood on! and a scarf with a pair of toasty warm gloves. i still remember how to brave those blustery days in style.

a opens in a new windowcashmere turtleneck is perfect for a layer of warmth. add a pair of opens in a new windowwax-coated black jeans and a pair of black boots lined with faux fur (old, similar opens in a new window here and opens in a new windowhere), and i’m ready to face the elements. at least in my neck of the woods…

opens in a new windowblack jeans | opens in a new window sweater | opens in a new windowpuffer jacket | similar boots opens in a new window here, opens in a new windowhere, and opens in a new windowhere | opens in a new window earrings | opens in a new windowbracelet | opens in a new windowwatchband

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opens in a new windowblack jeans | opens in a new window sweater | opens in a new windowpuffer jacket | similar boots opens in a new window here, opens in a new windowhere, and opens in a new windowhere | opens in a new window earrings | opens in a new windowbracelet | opens in a new windowwatchband

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stay warm, ladies. stay safe!


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  1. Cute outfit for this cold weather. Has
    been bitter here in Minnesota. Been wearing my puffer coat if I do have to go out. Have those jeans in red, after you did the blog with the classic style series with Princess Diana. Love them.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • aren’t these jeans the cutest?! love the fit.

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
  2. Gloria sutton wrote:

    exccelent combo

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  3. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Appreciate you mentioning Texas today. SE Texas is connected to everyone, everywhere, in the nation experiencing this winter event. The fleece-lined leggings look I chose as my go-to look this season is keeping me toasty warm so far. Your expertise on how to handle extreme cold is of great value, Beth. Your healthy, vibrant look is inspirational, too! Am aiming to look well after this challenge is history. Thanks!~

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • stay warm! i hope you’re not experiencing power outages. xo

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
  4. Eva Popovich wrote:

    Thank you for your wonderful tips and classic looks. I just wanted to mention that, living in St. Petersburg, FL, we seldom have a chance to wear a puffer coat, but I do have two lightweight puffer vests that I put on many times when It’s chilly in the morning or evening. Mine are so light I can tuck them into my purse when the temps get higher.
    I love the boots you wore here, but canvas or that weight shoes work best most of the time. And as to tights, I have my regular tights or leggings, and then the heavier weight that I only wear when I am out of town.
    Can you tell we’re a little jealous here of your cooler temperatures? Hard to believe on a cold day like today.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • i love puffer vests! perfect weight for a chilly Florida day.

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
  5. June wrote:

    I so enjoy your blog! Finally, someone is showing classic styles for ladies of our age!!Love the puffer jacket but the chevron pattern, gray & black coat you were wearing yesterday is fabulous. Who makes this beautiful coat?

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • that coatigan is from Talbots about five or six years old.

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
  6. Carol wrote:

    My problem with a puffer jacket/coat is that I don’t want to look that puffy! They always make me feel like the Michelin man. And a jacket doesn’t really do much to keep me warm in below zero temps with so much (half my body!) left out in the cold.
    The other issue with most puffers is they are too slick and I tend to drop things that I’m trying to hold close to my body (like bags of groceries perhaps).
    The good thing about puffers is that they are virtually weightless, unlike the old wool coats and jackets I wore growing up. Those old coats took forever to dry once the snow or ice melted into them, too. And they didn’t smell all that good while drying.

    Boots are essential since they have thicker soles and nice furry linings (usually).

    Enjoy your Ga. winter………..below zero here in Kansas!

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  7. Kathy wrote:

    Fourteen inches of snow in Olympia Washington over the weekend. Today, it is almost gone and beautiful sunshine. My puffer coat works every couple of years. Your look is classic perfection! Now to pinch back the primroses that got a touch of frost bite!

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  8. Lindsey A wrote:

    Our cabin in the Sierras got a ton of snow a few weeks ago. Several feet of heavy, wet snow. Took down at least one tree on more than half the properties in the development, with several of them onto decks and/or houses. We lost the top half of a 100ft white pine, which landed onto our roof. Thankfully one of the big rafters took the impact and held firm, it does not seem like any structural damage, though we still got a 3 inch hole and had water coming in, and several other small punctures, and the roofing guy is recommending replacement of the whole flat part of the roof (double gambrel style). Lets hope insurance will help! And we count ourselves lucky as pictures we’ve seen show significant damage to other homes. Also, we weren’t there, as that noise of tree snapping, then hitting, and the impact shake I’m sure would have been terrifying. Not to mention loss of power for 8 days. Some streets lost every single power line.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  9. MaryLynne wrote:

    Love the Ralph Lauren boots. So glad I bought them last year after seeing you wear them. They were perfect for my swollen ankle and foot after my surgeries. The red laces are a fun touch. We got our first real snow today that was enough to bring out the serious boots. Thanks so much for all your great fashion ideas

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • one of my favorite purchases! i so appreciate you being here.

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
  10. Lauren wrote:

    Your boots look like Pajar boots from Quebec. Pajar make excellent footwear and jackets….temperature rated for those who live where it is cold and need to know

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
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