assumptions about Style at a Certain Age

  1. Stephney says:

    It was nice to see your assumptions video, very nice way to address readers questions. You seem to be a very lovely person. I enjoy seeing your weekly posts and Oscar too, he is a very handsome guy. I started looking at your site, because I don’t want to be that frumpy old lady and I feel you help me with that.

  2. Tina says:

    I never comment, but I LOVED your video! I thought I’d share something I recently read and put in my notes… might apply here on aging….
    “I am transforming you by the entire renewal of your mind. You will be under construction till the day you die.”
    “Glamour is an energy of mystery and grace, taking us on a beautiful journey into enchantment.”
    Have a great day!

  3. Sangita M says:

    All I’ve ever assumed is that your a warm hearted person with great taste and the ability to bring joy to us all with each post!

  4. Lois J Ewing says:

    So enjoyed your ass u me video and your honesty. Woman after my own heart and you give a fellow widow hope for the future

    • Beth Djalali says:

      it’s definitely one day at a time! take care.

      • Laura Atwell says:

        Loved your video on assumptions! Thought it was interesting that my mom was born in Storm Lake, IA in 1926, the fifth of seven children. She was a Zimmer, and passed away two years ago. Wonder if their families knew each other. Keep up the good work!

  5. Susan Kelley says:

    enjoyed your video presentation. I am way past you in age,but have had several physical challenges in the last few years, so I am not nearly as active as I once was. (Frustrating,to say the least) i am what I call a “southern,flatland Florida girl) born and raised in Miami,have lived in the state most of my life,except a few years in Germany and D.C. courtesy of the air force .and my husband. So I am reading and listening to bloggers trying to find a way to keep myself presentable as I go through this thing called aging! Our middle son spent several years at UGA ,not all at one time, so feel that I am familiar with that area and Atlanta,which I used to love,but the traffic is now so awful it is hard to get excited about it as a destination.But please keep up the informative and good posts and pictures. Your daughter-in-law’s recipes are wonderful. Have tried a number which have all been hits. Hope you enjoy her a lot,seems like a fun person.You both are my morning coffee companions! Best ,stay safe. Susan

  6. Yvonne Crist says:

    Beth, I enjoyed your video on getting to know you very much thank you for sharing part of your life with us. I wish to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your husband I cannot begin to imagine what that is like you are in my thoughts. I really appreciate your style and taste I’m drawn to the more tailored and classic fit . I do need to lose some weight and 50 lbs would be nice to work toward but, I looked over the faster way to fat loss and it doesn’t go with my health problems I have fibromyalgia. I would appreciate it if you would know of any other programs or groups. Sincerely. Yvonne Crist

    • Beth Djalali says:

      thank you. is it intermittent fasting that doesn’t go with fibromyalgia? because FWTFL is all about a balanced diet and exercise which we can easily incorporate
      into our lifestyle.

      • Cathy Chavers says:

        I think it’s more the exercise issue. People with Fibro fatigue easily. However I found the diet helped many of my fibro issues and I modified the exercise to meet my needs. I would encourage her to give it a try.

  7. Carley says:

    Just love your honesty! Such a fun video to watch you answer those assumed ideas we have out here in social media land! I’ve loved every moment and every day that I have been following you! Thanks Beth for being one of my social media friends as my husband calls you!

  8. Julie Greene says:

    Loved your assumptions video. It is always fun have some insight into your favorite blogger. I had to laugh when you talked about working for Bloomingdales. My first job out of college was in NYC. I took the subway at Bloomingdales and needless to say, I spent most of my paychecks in that wonderful store…so much fun!

  9. Nice video. Thanks for the info. I have only followed you for about 4 or 5 months and have really enjoyed your
    style and candor. I think you are classy
    and glad you have had a good life, on the whole. Sorry about your husband. I lost mine 8 1/2 years ago after 32 years together and know what it is like to be by yourself after so many years. I did
    remarry almost 3 years ago, as life does go on and I met someone and we
    are happy. God bless you.

  10. Louise says:

    Thank you.
    You are so candid.
    Surprising how many people want to know or assume so many aspects of your life.
    Keep doing what your are doing.
    I love your blog,instagram and youtube videos.

  11. Pam says:

    Hi Beth,
    Loved the video. I have been following you for a few years and I learned a few new things about you which was fun! But, what I didn’t learn and already knew, is that you are a fabulous woman who openly shares your life with us to help us all expand our thinking and become the best we can be. I enjoy all that you share and am healthier, happier and look better because of you. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

  12. Martha James says:

    I looked to see what kind of Makeup you use….excepting to find a costly Brand I couldn’t afford….to my surprise it was L’OREAL….which I can purchase !! I love it…Thanks so much !!

  13. Katy says:

    I so enjoy your blog, and was surprised to learn of your Iowa roots. I live in eastern Iowa and have 2 daughters that live in Iowa City. Thank you for all of your inspiration!!

  14. Kathye Vance says:

    Enjoyed your video. Interesting and truthful! 👍🏻

  15. Lucy says:

    hi Beth,
    what an enjoyable video! I have followed along your blog for several years and have enjoyed your style, variety of topics and genuine focus on women of a certain age. I love when you mentioned that you think of yourself at times to be 36 until you look in the mirror and say “who is that”. I just turned 70, and still do that.
    It’s a great time to be retired and have the opportunity to make choices that help me be the best I can be! Thanks!

  16. Lindsey A says:

    So you are 20 years my senior, and totally a role model and #AgingGoals for me. Video was so much fun, and while valuing different opinions too, I have to say I agreed with pretty much everything you said!

  17. DoxyLover says:

    Hi Beth! Thank you for sharing so much of your life and thoughts with us. It was really interesting and fun. I think of you often and how hard it was to lose your dear Mr. Style. You are such an inspiration to me with your grace and strength and style. I love your tips and advice and of course, Oscar! :0). Take care!

  18. Mosie says:

    Hey Beth, interesting video. I have a “complimentary criticism” of you (yep, I just coined that phrase). I once saw a wedding photo of yours and you are one of the loveliest and most classic brides I have ever seen……why not have that on your website all the time, in the “about” category? I think readers who haven’t seen it yet would love to. I seem to recall you were posing with your Mom and yes — she was lovely too. Just like mine.

  19. Téa says:

    Love the video! Your mother’s and aunts’ discussions about clothing and the memories they evoke reminded me of a short little book “Love, Loss and What I Wore” by Ilene Beckerman and then turned into a play by Nora and Delia Ephron. I bet you’d love it. Thanks for all you do writing your blog and the knowledge you share – what a gift you are!

  20. SUSAN C TAI says:

    Love you and your style! You are aging beautifully..

  21. Andrea says:

    Fun video, Beth. Have always admired your strength and honesty. My mum was a lot like you, in that she valued education, being informed and good discussions. Also like you, she valued hearing other’s opinions. I agree, that not only would life be boring if we all thought the same, but we would loose valuable perspective. A narrow mind is not a healthy mind. Mum was the one who brought laughter and lively discussions to her care home in her final years.

    I wish all good things for you, Beth, as you are a reliable, honest, humorous anchor for all of us on our journey through ‘a certain age.’ 🥂

  22. Susan says:

    That was a fun video – I am very selective when it comes to following bloggers, and your site is on my list! Love the necklace and blouse in the video, details please(especially the necklace). Thanks for your class act!

  23. Lin says:

    That was fun. Thank you. Since I share your love of style, self-care, decor and travel I found it interesting to compare what else we have in common: raised in the Midwest (Michigan for me), lost our dad’s at a young age (mine died of a heart attack at 54 when I was 19), was widowed at a young age (I was 52). Thanks for your positive spin on aging and your sunshiny disposition.

  24. MaryLynne says:

    I enjoyed hearing your comments about your mom as I had the same relationship with mine. At 80 my mom still was always dressed fashionably. My granddaughter wants me to do wedding shopping with her so I guess she values my sense of fashion even though I am approaching 80 So I guess I am following my mother’s example

  25. Very good, very interesting life!!

  26. Katherine says:

    Hi Beth,

    I so enjoyed hearing your answers to questions people have about you.

    You are truly delightful and I enjoyed you being so transparent.

    It’s nice when you get to hear your life story. You are so spot on in everything you said.

    Sending warm smiles your way,

  27. Debbie Brown says:

    I loved your video. I also liked your definition of assume!
    I have never heard that and now I will always remember that.
    It looks to me that your family has worked hard to be where they are today.
    I guess when you are in the public eye people do assume a lot of things.
    I appreciate that you shared your dad’s story and he overcame his addiction.
    Thank you

  28. Deborah H says:

    I loved the candid video. I have been reading your blog for a number of years now. Being from Canada I can’t always buy the same items, but sometimes I can get the item online if they ship to Canada.
    Interesting that you, your mom and your aunts all recall events and mention clothing…my family all remember food. We all like to travel, my husband and I have been on over 40 cruises, and we joke that if we haven’t gained seven pounds on a trip it wasn’t a good one.

  29. Linda Aulgur says:

    Loved the video, we know you better now! And some must have made those false assumptions by not reading closely!

  30. Dawna Hanavan says:

    I enjoyed your video and how much of a “regular ” person you are, I too am older than you and when I tried to find style phots for 70 year olds I found if you are not “skinny” you only see what I consider dowdy looking photos. I am 5’4 and my legs are not thin but i still have a small waist. You are exactly what I needed to reassure me I am aging gracefully but still being me. The f bomb made us kindred spirits, sometimes its the correct response LOL. Keep up the good work, and I was sorry to hear you lost Mr Style . God Bless

  31. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing your life story with us. I’m just sorry that people have sent negative comments to negate having to do this video. Keep up the fabulous work. You are appreciated.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      don’t worry, mary. people do send in negative comments but the assumption video is a popular video on YouTube so i thought i
      would put one together. thanks so much for the love!

  32. Suzanne says:

    Hi Beth, enjoyed your video, you are a delight and always enjoy your daily blog.

  33. Pat Rabon says:

    I love to look at your fashion blog on my email. It’s great and you give us great ideas. I was disappointed in the “f” word usage. I was hoping you are saved and loved the Lord. I’m not trying to judge but just concerned for your soul after this life. God bless you.

  34. Charmaine says:

    Love your honest sharing Beth! Have followed you for a year, but love everything that you share about your life, food, style and aging.

  35. April Zebrowski says:

    What’s wrong with wearing a wig?

  36. JR says:

    Great video! Read your blog for a long time and love it. You’re gorgeous and your content is spot on. Thank you for honesty and sharing.

  37. RORY says:

    I enjoyed your u tube video. It was nice to hear your voice. For some reason I thought you would speak with a southern accent. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

  38. Brenda N says:

    Hi Beth, I so enjoyed your “assumptions” post and video. It’s really fun to get to know the real person behind the blog. I’m 61 now, love fashion and let my short hair go silver last year, so your blog is a lot of fun for me.
    As you mentioned about your mom and aunts, my love of fashion came from my mom and we always remembered events and occasions by what we wore. Mom lived to 91 and a few years before she passed away I made a photo album featuring her outfits from the 1930’s-1950’s, all in black and white photos. I was thrilled when she talked about each outfit and recalled the colors as we went through it together. Everything from a navy blue wool coat for high school choir to a coral red 1940’s two piece swimsuit. She made them all come to life. Thanks for reminding me of that! 🙂

  39. Pamela says:

    i thought i’d share my assumptions of you before i watched the video to see how close i came. you are an incredibly strong woman who has had to deal with total brokenness. your strength comes from your faith & longtime partnership w/an amazing husband who adored you. your children and daughters in law have cobbled together a system of support for you while you grieve and heal. your desire is to live out your mission by bringing beauty and balance to other women. you work from a place of God’s giftedness but it still A LOT of work. you have natural beauty that you’ve learned to enhance & highlight and want to pass along your knowledge. you’ve lived a full life as wife and mother & entered a new season when you started this blog. you have honed your innate good taste in many areas – appearance, decorating cooking, healthy living. your dog is a faithful friend, warm companion, & member of the family. you are a private person on a public platform that longs for intimacy with your readers & this is a tricky balance. you desire to age gracefully and healthfully without tossing out being a pretty girl.

  40. Deanna says:

    I finally had a chance to watch your assumption video. Loved hearing your memories of growing up, and about your family. You ARE beauty, style and grace. As a 66 year old, I find the elements you incorporate into your blog to be very relevant. Take care and thank you for sharing.

  41. Christi S. says:

    Loved the video! So nice to get to know you better and know that you are so down-to-earth. Thank you for keeping us healthy, stylish and wise. And, I just loved the red pumps in yesterday’s Moto Jacket blog. Loved them so much, I ordered them. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Keep the blogs and videos coming.

  42. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    Thank you for your honesty and openness in this video. I enjoy your daily outfits and inspiration. I have followed you for several years. I like your classics with an edge. We are the same age. I live in Iowa. I have two adult sons. I have been married for almost 36 years. I enjoyed learning more about your family when you were growing up. My Mom and I loved shopping and lunch together. She was an influence on my fashion choices, too. I miss her. I hope you continue your blog for many years to come. Women our age need fashion role models. I am glad to have you in that role. Thank you. Blessings to you and your family.

  43. Sharon says:

    I rarely leave comments, but this was a fun video. I assume you have good fashion taste which is evident from your posts. Have a good week.

  44. Pieranna Rampado says:

    I very much enjoyed your video on assumptions. It’s amazing that I can relate to you on so many levels. I too lost my husband after 34 years and you’re right, being a widow is very difficult. When you are so used to having a social life that involves several other couples and suddenly you are no longer a couple, people look at you differently. I also love good skincare and shy away from procedures. I just want to be the best I can be. Love all the different products you suggest. I’m a bit of a product junkie and love trying different ones. Anyway, love following your blog. Keep up the great work. Love your fashion style.

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