how to wear a moto jacket

  1. I really enjoyed your video yesterday Beth. You have amazing style and I look forward to your emails. I can’t afford a lot of the clothes but a girl can dream. I love to see Oscar as well but I thought you had two German Shepherds.

  2. I’ve loved your commitment to inspiring ‘Style’ for years. I couldn’t agree with you more about a moto-jacket especially for women of a Certain Age!
    I rocked a pink leather moto with black jeans and a black T’neck to a Billy Joel concert in 2016. It simultaneously felt, retro, bold and SO MUCH FUN!
    Thanks for your commitment to inspiring fun in fashion Beth. Cheers to ‘Style’. Long may you moto!

  3. Carroll says:

    Your moto jacket is by far the coolest one I have ever seen. I love it!!!

  4. Linda says:

    Hi Beth, I agree that moto jackets are timeless but they add more style than a staid blazer and they perk up any average outfit to look more up-to-date and jazzy.

    One thing I’m looking forward to is the return of longer pants. They will come around again and I, for one, appreciate having my legs look longer and not having my ankles hanging out all naked. I’m a pale, former redhead (now white/gray) and my skin is so white as to look ghostly. That 4” or so between the hem of ankle pants and the foot makes my legs look so much better.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s Friday with Oscar!

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