what to wear to the beach in winter

some people only go to the beach once those summertime temps roll into town. and i have to agree there’s something magical about blue skies, sunshine, toes sinking into the sand with the roar of waves crashing to shore. but there’s something to be said about beach life after the lifeguards close up shop and summer tans fade away. a beach in winter is quiet and calm that glows with a silvery hue. and who can complain about having the entire beach practically to yourself? if you love solitude, serenity, and peace, then a winter beach is where you will find them. at times the weather can be balmy and mild, but if mother nature changes her mind, be forewarned as the winds can turn brutally cold. with the proper gear and wise wardrobe choices, the chilly temps won’t deter you. “what to wear to the beach in winter?” you ask. today, i have a few suggestions.

last summer, i shared my week-long Tybee beach vacay with long luxurious days spent at the seashore. while there’s something to be said about throwing on your swimsuit, turning the pages of the latest and greatest beach read, and chilling in a beach chair all day – read opens in a new windowwhat to wear on a beach vacation swimsuit edition or opens in a new windowwhat to wear on a beach vacation daytime – there’s something equally therapeutic about donning a sweater, pulling on a pair of Hunter boots and walking the serene shoreline to your heart’s content.

what to wear to the beach in winter

interspersed throughout the post are photos of our family beach house. love, love, love having a home with a pool in addition to the beach. at night, poolside barbecues are a relaxing way to wind down from a busy day at the beach, catching rays and a few zzz’s. it’s a comfy house with four bedrooms so the entire crew can gather together without tripping over each other. plus, it’s a great neighborhood to ride your bike or take a walk – two of my favorite activities besides gazing at the ocean.

originally, i was slated for a week-long vacation at the beginning of the year. but some home renovations didn’t get finished on time (what else is new?), so i had to postpone… but i finally made the trek for a long weekend, and i’m so happy i had the chance. there’s nothing that compares to the solitude you find in a sleepy beach town. so what to wear to the beach in winter? no one wants to miss out on all that glorious fresh air and sunshine. opens in a new windowHunter boots are a non-negotiable for me as they keep the surf and the sand far from your feet. a opens in a new windowsweater is a good idea as you can layer one over a opens in a new windowchambray shirt for extra warmth. i couldn’t resist the patriotic vibe of this opens in a new windowflag sweater from opens in a new windowRalph Lauren, and opens in a new windowblue jeans always work (limited sizes, similar opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new windowhere)! don’t forget your opens in a new windowpuffer coat when those winds start to howl. 

opens in a new windowdenim (limited sizes similar opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new windowhere) | opens in a new windowsweater | opens in a new windowshirt | opens in a new window puffer jacket | opens in a new windowboots



this is my designated bedroom. the screen porch below is located right off the living room. 

opens in a new windowdenim (limited sizes similar opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new windowhere) | opens in a new windowsweater | opens in a new windowshirt | opens in a new window puffer jacket | opens in a new windowboots


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  1. Looks like you all had fun. We have a place just down the road from you in Ponte Vedra , Fla. Love it when the weather isl ike it has been, Xcold and windy! enjoy and stay safe!

    Posted 2.2.21
  2. Wordweaver wrote:

    I always enjoy your posts, Beth! What an inspiring post of your winter beach photos and home — Bravo!

    Posted 2.2.21
  3. Frances Keiper wrote:

    Your family home looks warm & inviting & I love the ‘Miss America’ vibe of your outfit .. hope you had a great weekend!

    Posted 2.2.21
  4. Violet L O'Brien wrote:

    Hi Beth, Love the pictures, they are absolutely beautiful. What a lovely, peaceful place to walk and just relax. Glad you got to finally go, trust you enjoyed yourself.

    Posted 2.2.21
  5. RORY wrote:

    I LOVE the beach in winter! Your home is beautiful….

    Posted 2.2.21
  6. Carol wrote:

    Loooove your Tybee Island home! All the beach houses I’ve ever been in have been decorated with cast-offs, hand me downs and whatever happens to be available. Yours is as lovely and welcoming as your Athens home.

    Posted 2.2.21
  7. Linda L wrote:

    I spent 68 years on Long Island and off season visits to the beautiful beaches were the norm. The only thing I would add to your outfit would be earmuffs! The Ralph Lauren flag sweater has had longevity for sure! Now that I’m in SoCal we enjoy the Pacific coast but I do miss my old stomping grounds on the Atlantic!

    Posted 2.2.21
  8. Dorene Bruce wrote:

    Nice but obviously not a very cold beach!!

    Posted 2.2.21
  9. Julie Greene wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    Loved this post. I love the beach and loved seeing your beach house.

    Posted 2.2.21
  10. Robin Hillyer Miles wrote:

    I love the beach during all seasons! I’m in the Charleston area and can get to any of our five beaches in about 30 minutes. It’s healing.
    Your Tybee house is perfection! MKA keeps showing her cottages and enticing me to rent something. My husband and I spent a long weekend in Savannah last year and drove over to Tybee.
    As per usual, a coincidence happened for me, we were on the pier and this lady almost caught a shark. I took photos of the shark in the water. The shark got away (they were only going to weigh it and set it free anyway) and the lady was super stoked. It was so sunny I couldn’t tell if any of the photos came out so my hubs and I walked down to the swing. I glanced at the photos and saw that they did come out. We walked back to the shark catching lady and I asked if she wanted me to text her the photos for when she tells her “fish story.” When she gave me her area code, it was for the upstate of SC. I told her where my mother lives and found out this lady lives near my mom and is most likely a distant cousin of mine.
    I have small world things happen to me all.the.time (my husband just stands there and shakes his head). Ha!
    Tybee was beautiful! I know you are enjoying your home and the pool.

    Posted 2.2.21
  11. Andrea wrote:

    There is something healing about the sea, regardless of season, calm or windswept. I can see the stress gone from your face 🎁

    You know how to put joy in an outfit, regardless of season – very nautical. Take care, and enjoy the smell of the seaside🥂

    Posted 2.2.21
  12. Kathy Dixon wrote:

    I love your pictures of your beach house! Where did you purchase the lovely white bedspread? It’s so hard to find one long enough for my king size bed.
    Thanks & I love your blog! Stay safe, Kathy

    Posted 2.2.21
  13. Pat wrote:

    Do you go often? Who takes care of it when you are not there ?

    Posted 2.2.21
  14. sharon wrote:

    Beth, Is your beach home on Tybee Island? I have been there , but many years ago, I actually prefer Hilton Head now days, Enjoy your home remodeling.

    Posted 2.2.21
  15. Carol wrote:

    Beautiful! Blogging must be lucrative lol.

    Posted 2.2.21
  16. Susan McBride Wright wrote:

    Love Tybee in the fall after season. Peaceful and tranquil. Wintering in Naples, FL this year so I have a warmer beach to walk. Thank you for sharing.

    Posted 2.2.21
  17. Ellen Riordan wrote:

    Hi Beth, I agree…..the winter beach is so special, quiet and all to yourself! Hardly any traffic and fun to have a surfside dinner all cosy inside. I so enjoy your fashion ideas and Friday recipes!

    Posted 2.2.21
  18. Marilyn Brigman wrote:

    I love your beach home! Your outfit looks so wonderful for beach time in the winter. You are such an inspiration!!💞💞🥂

    Posted 2.4.21

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