what to wear with white denim

  1. Thanks for the tip on how to clean white jeans. I have a pair of off white jeans I wore a couple of weeks ago, but from a small town in Minnesota and most people don’t dress up that much. I still do because I love clothes.
    If you don’t mind, how tall are you?
    You always look so chic and slim. I have to be careful with the really long
    cardigans, as I am only 5’3.
    I love the hounds tooth jackets and

  2. Francesca B. says:

    I love that Sofia Cashmere Houndstooth jacket Beth and I wished I had bought it when you posted it before Christmas! One of those that got away; hopefully they will bring it back. I have an Ann Taylor houndstooth blazer that I use for now but I think it is looking a bit dated, hence the search for a pea coat look.
    Love your posts always, thank you for the inspiration!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      that houndstooth blazer went fast! but it’s absolutely gorgeous in a classic pattern so i can see why. there’s always a ‘next’!
      thanks for stopping by.

  3. Cathy Ogi says:

    Thank you for talking about Girl Scout cookies, thin mints. My favorite, too. I sold many once upon a time. My mother had the God-given idea of hitting a nearby college campus. Knocked on one door–after that, girls were thronging to me. Living in Japan, this is a nice memory to revisit. Enjoy ‘knowing’ you. Cathy Ogi, long ago a KS girl.

  4. Mary says:

    Thank you Beth so much for inspiring me during this long Covid Quarantine time. Love reading your posts and watching your YouTube videos. You combine not only a chic style but a warm caring heart. I am very touched by that. Must be your Midwestern roots.

  5. Lindsey A says:

    Thanks for promoting Girl Scout cookies. My daughter started as a Daisy last March and had one meeting before we all went virtual. She bridged to Brownies over the summer and this is her first cookie season. I’ve been amazed at how much people support – she hit her goal within about 14 hours (and I got her only got site posted about 9.00pm) and has already increased her goal twice!

    Troops are still actively selling cookies this year, though depending on your state and the local Covid numbers, you might not see booths. We can’t do them where we are, but we did contact-less deliveries yesterday in our neighborhood for those who did online ordering. If it is ok to share a link, here is the page with info about how to find cookies local to you. https://www.girlscouts.org/en/cookies/all-about-cookies/How-to-Buy.html

  6. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the tips and link for cleaning, Beth.

    I have my mum’s houndstooth blazer, so it wraps me in lots of warmth- literally and figuratively. So versatile and timeless. Mum’s still looks like new. Never thought of it for casual wear, but looks great with the turtleneck.

    Unfortunately, our town didn’t have Guides, but I have fond memories of Brownies and always buy cookies – yum.

    Savannah looks wonderfully old European. When the dust settles and we can travel, if you are ever passing through Canada, check out Old Quebec City. It’s like going back in time, beautifully preserved and elegant. No need to speak French, but of course they love it if you can do even just please/thank you.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Savannah is one of our oldest cities in the US full of history and charm and some even say – ghosts! thanks for sharing
      your thoughts about Old Quebec City.

  7. Sharon says:

    I love the Savannah and Charleston area. Great place to visit and eat.

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