black and white with Chico’s

  1. Love this total black and white ensemble. You look stunning.
    I live in Canada and do not have many of the stores that you advertise. Wish we did as the cost of duty adds so much to any garments. Love to read your blogs.
    Thank you for your posts. 😊

  2. Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Great outfit! More than half my wardrobe is from Chico’s. I love their jewelry and accessories.

  3. RORY says:

    WOW way cool photoshoot. I really like the black and white today. I like Chico’s but I have lost 10# going for 20# and don’t know what size I would wear.

  4. Love your black and white combo.
    You are right a pop of color, like red
    shoes would be so cute also.
    I love polka dots. So cute!

  5. Carolyn says:

    It’s official. You look absolutely stunning in anything you wear. You have great style and you are definitely my inspiration.

  6. Janet says:

    Today’s post is so timely! The other day I was wondering why you don’t promote Chico’s—and here you are! While I don’t regularly shop Chico’s, I do find a gem once in a while. The Brigitte shorts are the best-fitting shorts around, in my opinion, and I’ve turned friends into fans, too. Chico’s fits the demographic you target very well and I’ll look forward to seeing some more posts.

  7. jackie says:

    Gorgeous madam. Ruana is beautiful but wish it was natural fabrics. The whole look is fabulous and they even send to Australia now by the look of it . Takes some time though but worth the wait……I just love black and white and also I just saw a Navy shirt with white trim…………. gorgeous……….. By the way that belt…………. who would have thought Chicos. Stay safe and well

  8. Carroll says:

    I love the polka dot shirt! Chico’s has lots of pretty things.

  9. Sangita Madan says:

    Looking great as always Beth! Love Chicos.

  10. Linda Miller says:

    Love this outfit! The drama and the practicality of it all, too…The hat is the perfect color to go with your hair and the shoes are perfect…not too high, but sexy with the sling back and two tone and the lacoste belt is to die for. Looks like fun out there in Santa Barbara! Love that little city <3

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