cute Valentine’s Day outfit

  1. Cute outfit! All in keeping with Valentines weekend. Love the sounds of the St Germaine cocktail too! Mmmmmm. Enjoy your weekend. Freezing cold and will snow here! Ugh. Nursing a fractured hand….what a pain. Lol. Literally and metaphorically too

  2. Carroll says:

    The purple sweater with the fringed sleeves has my name on it!! Did you get it this year?

  3. Donna J Idell says:

    Please let us know what kind of ring you are wearing on your right hand.

  4. Katherine Ann Allan says:

    Hi Beth,
    Fun, it sounds like you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day too. I love, love, love
    Valentine’s Day. I celebrate in a big way.
    Today I am delivering cupcakes to ladies in the neighborhood to celebrate Galentine’s Day tomorrow (Saturday) also handcrafted Galentine’s Day cards to go along with the cupcakes. It was so much fun. We need more love in our country so I adopted LOVE as my operative word all year long. Our country needs more LOVE.
    I love that you will be celebrating. Your fur baby Oscar is so regal looking.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. RORY says:

    You look wonderful! So does Oscar. I always like your recipes! Thank you. Happy Valentines day from one of your reader. I appreciate you.

  6. Ezell T Bell says:

    Hi Beth,
    I love the sweater, very fun for Valentine’s Day. Oscar looks happy and ready to celebrate too!

  7. Susan Kelley says:

    Gotta love that Oscar!

  8. Kate Riley says:

    Nice blog

  9. I cannot sign up for your blog every time I get failure notices with a bunch of Greek letters. Help

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