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  1. Sue says:

    You’re brave, sitting on a stone wall in white jeans. I love white jeans but I have to choose the places I wear them carefully. For travel I prefer clothes that don’t show coffee spill stains and Items I can count on being able to wear multiple times.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      for me i’ve always had success wearing white denim anytime and anywhere. plus, there’s always a bleach pen tucked inside my handbag for any occasional spill. you’re lucky coffee stains don’t show on your clothing. whenever coffee splashes from my cup onto my clothes it always makes a mess! i always make a mad dash to cold water to see if i can salvage my garment.. xo

  2. Karen says:

    Well, that top certainly looks a heck of a lot better on you than the model in the ad posted below your post. LOL. That looks very comfy and casual. Love it. Nothing like nautical in the summer! Thx.

  3. Cyndi says:

    Those jeans are so cute with the detailing on the cuff! I’m glad that there’s finally some lo cost stylish alternatives. I would shop online, but I don’t go into Walmart often. Thanks for styling some of their offerings for us.

  4. Nancy Bailey says:

    One of my favorite outfits you’ve worn. Love the shirt. White jeans are my favorite. I’ve never worn espadrilles..gonna have to try them.

  5. Barbara Courson says:

    Are you ordering all online? Haven’t seen these in the store

  6. Diana Shelton-Echols says:

    I love with denim it’s so fresh, and great for travel. I have about 4 pair. I’m not at all familiar with Sofia Jean’s do they run true to size? I generally wear a 12, and I don’t like tight fitting pants.

  7. Diana Shelton-Echols says:

    Oops Hey Beth, was trying to say I love white! Didn’t catch the error before I hit send😏

  8. Nina Elizabeth McDaniel says:

    Hi Beth- Love your style! I was wondering if you could do a blog on Fancy/Frilly Summer Whites…we attend the Minneapolis “Diner en Blanc” every year and it would be wonderful to have some fresh ideas! The event is in late June. Thanks for your consideration.

  9. Cindy Mitchell says:

    Your information is wonderful. I have lumbar problems so I always check my 30+ year Hartmann garment bag. I wear business formal business suits and dresses when I fly to week long conferences. How do you pack your more formal business attire? Do you roll up business skirts and jackets?
    It is time to replace my garment bag. The 22″ Hartmann Tweed Legend Voyager Spinner Garment Bag is on sale for $859.99. Is there a better way to pack?

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