front porch decor for spring

  1. Linda Ebright says:

    Would love a source for the good looking window box planters?

  2. Janice says:

    Wow, wow, that front door wreath is gorgeous! Everything looks fantastic. Here in Ohio our frost date is May 15, so I have a couple weeks to wait to plant much. I also love a fern hanging on my front porch. Love your blog and the variety in it! I love your elegant style!

  3. Chris says:

    I love that you do fashion for the house and tablescapes! Great outfit and love that you are pulling from the “already-have-in-my-closet” too! I know that this blog is a full time job for you, but I, like many others, look forward to your blog everyday! I love the series of “classics” – who doesn’t want to look like Jackie “O” or many of the other style icons, but can you do a series on how clothes should fit? Many times I get a pair of pants/jeans, jackets, shirts, etc., and the clothes just don’t seem to hang right, or because of my 5’4″ frame, the crops and ankle pants don’t fit me like what’s shown. Also – how does a person know if they should buy petite or not?

    Thank you Beth!

    • Jayne walker says:

      Dear Chris,
      I am 4’10’’ I buy petites because I’m so short wasted. I’ve notice other shorter ladies don’t have to buy petites because their waists are longer. I just end up with a ton of fabric at my middle!

  4. Love your outfit, Beth. People don’t wear much orange these days, but I love color. I love all the shots of the plants and flowers. I have been able to plant a few flowers and had eight old boxwood pulled out. It’s a small beginning to what I need to do but we have been deluged with rain and more rain, so the planting has been put on hold. Have a great week.

  5. Gray says:

    Guuurl! You look way better than I do when I go to the nursery. 😮
    Thanks for the great sources…

  6. Mary says:

    Those garden shoes are great! They last a long time, have a little arch support, are warm in fall and spring, and cool in summer. So cute, too.

  7. Becky Tompkins says:

    LOVE your blog with all the variety! I love ferns on my porches as well. However, I find that the Kimberly Queen ferns do much better in my South Georgia sun and heat than the Boston ferns.

  8. Jeanne says:

    Saw the boxwood dog in a recent catalog. Could not tell does the wire show & is it sturdy wire?
    Thank you,

  9. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, the door wreath is beautiful, I guess we always think of a wreath at Christmas I never thought of having one good the season’s all year round, what a fantastic idea. Looking forward to seeing your porch.

  10. Linda rice says:

    Source for over-the-railing window box please?

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