turtlenecks and blue jeans

  1. Kay says:

    Please do a feature on wearing (or not) wearing stockings, sheer stockings, tights, from nude to black to colors. I am a 60-something and am comfortable not wearing them in the summer when my legs are tan, but come fall/winter I’m not sure what is appropriate. For example, can I wear black tights with leopard pumps?

    • Robyn says:

      Hi, I’m not Beth but I’ve wondering when we stopped wearing hose. Until the last 10 years or so wearing hose in colder months was just what was done. At one time hosiery was considered a luxury. Here’s the thing, at 61 if I want to wear hose I’ll wear them. If the color is flattering I think hose look very elegant. I always wear black hose sheer and opaque. My goal for dressings is function first then form. Even if it means swimming against the mainstream.

  2. Laura says:

    LOVE, LOVE the shoes…and the whole outfit!!

  3. Pam Snow says:

    Beth, your hair cut looks really good on you. It’s the perfect cut for you. I wish I could find a hair style that I like that looked as good on me as yours.. really nice!

  4. Lisa says:

    I love turtlenecks but unfortunately have a shortish neck now compromised by a falling jawline! I’ve gone the v neck sweater route with a longish scarf for warmth. You look great in the photos. Would love to be able to wear that look.

  5. Lisa says:

    So classic. You look fantastic.

  6. Dear Beth,
    That look is fabulous, the dark top the jeans and those fab red shoes.xxx

  7. anne mosell says:

    what type of shirt are you wearing under the sweater? is it too warm? thanks

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