the sunday brief | 10 best handbags

  1. Shirley Devlin says:

    Loved your video on handbag styles! Here’s an idea for your mid-week show sometime: Caring for shoes and handbags. Dust bag? Polish? Leather care? Suede? What do you stuff inside for shaping during storage? Thank you!

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Great post! I just subscribed to your U-Tube channel so I will be able to comment there as well. Just wanted to thank you for this much awaited video. As always, you did a terrific job with showing all the different handbags and I think, as you said, that they can be bought at any budget level with the shapes in mind.

    • beth djalali says:

      that’s fabulous, rebecca! it’s a lot of fun over on YouTube. completely different than the other social media channels. isn’t it great that style isn’t limited to budget? and it certainly doesn’t have an expiration date!

  3. gd says:

    Excellent post. So many handbags so little time! LOL. I like these types of posts where you discuss particular styles and then it’s up to us on what we want to (or will) pay.

    And I LOVED that outfit with the plaid or maybe tartan scarf? Beautiful fall color!

  4. Sue Smith says:

    Handbags really can change the look of an outfit. I need to store my clutch bags somewhere other than the drawers I usually keep them in, because when I don’t see them, I forget I have them, and I have some nice ones that I really like! These are all great.

  5. Handbags….don’t care. LOL. (Ihave one great black MK tote) but ALL YOUR SHOES here. I know these are ones you have had overtime…and THEY make the outfits for me. PS. Love that outfit with the blue cardigan…sigh. That’s it for me.

  6. Heather Rush Crestol says:

    Hi Beth, I like the plaid jacket with the yellow collar. Can you tell me where you purchased it?

  7. What a great post Beth! I ma not a native speaker so I always had problems with proper names of handbags regarding their shapes and sizes. Now I know:))) Thx a lot! Renata

  8. Beth Harris says:

    Looking for an affordable black satchel or structured handbag. Very informative post. Thank you

  9. Sandy Stewart says:

    I love all of these! Would you share where you got the pink ruffle front shirt? Love your blog–have gotten many great ideas from you.

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